AERO India Show 2019, Bangalore – Dates, Registration, Ticket cost, Timing and Rules

Aero Sjow Breitling

Aero India is easily one of more sought after events that happen in Bengaluru, India. A biennial event, it happens every 2 years at the Yelahanka Air Force Station and is quite a visual spectacle. This year, after quite a political struggle of moving the aero show to a different city, it was decided to continue holding it in Bangalore/Bengaluru itself. So be prepared to witness the best showcase of aerial military strength and skill from 20th Feb 2019 to 24th Feb 2019 at Aero Show 2019.

Vaccination Schedule in India 2019 – Price & More


As responsible parents, you want the best for your little one. You want to protect him/her from any illness and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure this. One of the most vital steps to keep your child disease-free and healthy is regular vaccination. And yet, vaccination is marred with many unfortunate myths and untruths. While some people may tell you vaccines are “evil” and “unnatural”, others believe they lead to autism! But the only truth about vaccinations is that they are CRUCIAL to keep your child safe from potentially life-threatening germs.

House Rent Agreement in Bangalore – Format and Tips

Rental Agreement Conditions and Format

Are you planning to move to Bangalore? The cosmopolitan capital of the state of Karnataka attracts several migrants every year. As per a recent census, Karnataka is among the top multilingual states of India with 40% people speaking two languages. If you too are planning a move to Bangalore, chances are you’re scouting for homes to rent. You have dozens of things to attend to at this time, one of the most important of which is drawing up a formal rent agreement.

Top Ways to Rent a House in Bangalore – With or Without Broker


Are you new to Bengaluru? Looking for a bigger place to move into the city? Work is too far from home and shifting to a new house is the only option? Well, we get you. Looking for a 1 bhk for rent in bangalore without brokerage can be quite a pain. We all have wasted quite a few weekends canceling plans and compromising sleep because of extensive house searches. Finding a good abode is a big priority for the urban population. However, when you do start to look for ways to rent a house in Bengaluru, you can get confused. Let us give you a quick guide to kick off your search on a flat for rent in Bengaluru.

New Gas Connection in India – Process, Cost and Time

indian gas cylinder booking

Whether you’re changing homes or moving to a new city, one of the biggest tasks on your to-do list will be getting a new gas connection. You need a cooking gas connection (LPG or liquefied petroleum gas) even to make instant Maggi noodles unless you’re willing to inflate your electricity bill with the cost of running an induction cooker. Many cities in India now have the “pipeline” system which does away with the need to book new cylinders when you exhaust the old one. However, whether you’re requesting for a gas pipeline or the traditional cylinder, you must be aware of the required documents to be submitted, the timeframes, and the costs involved.

Best Gadget Gifts for Men

best gifts for men 2019

Have you ever felt at a complete loss looking for a suitable best gift for a man (friend or family)? Well, you are not the only one. Buying gifts for men is not an easy task considering they are not to be pleased with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. However, it is not that hard a code to crack either. We know one thing they love, Gadgets! This piece of information is crucial and offers us a little direction. So, let’s embark on research before you decide on the best electronic gadget as a gift for a guy best friend.

Best Ways to Transfer Money Online In India


The advent of online shopping and the effects of demonetization has increased the importance of digital payments in India. From wire transfer to online instant fund transfer, payment and settlement systems in India has adopted a lot. Today online fund transfers can be done through many channels that are more secure than we could think of. Knowing some of them will save your time and reduce your work burden. Most digital wallets support the below online payment methods and provide an easy interface to access.

Best Online Bus Ticket Booking Sites in India


The world has been reshaped by the Internet in a number of ways. It has shrunk down to fit into your mobile devices. Be it ordering groceries, getting dinner or fever and cold medications delivered right to your doorstep. Even ordering your latest electronic gadget to replace your current electronic gadgets. Everything is literally at your fingertips. It doesn’t just stop there. What if you wanted to transport yourself instead of the goods? Although there’s no technology yet to do the same, you can surely get your train, flight or bus tickets booked online in a hassle-free way. You may not even have to carry your printed ticket or fear losing it. A quick SMS of your online bus ticket booking to your phone is all the confirmation you need.

Cycle on Rent in Bangalore – Cost and Process


We as humans have become quite a forgetful species. Living a sedentary lifestyle and wonder why our immune system and health isn’t keeping up with us. We have forgotten our instincts to keep our bodies healthy, fit and wise. Not only do we need to be educated on our occupations, but also on the very basic essentials such as nutrition and exercise. For instance, cycling is an exercise we have almost forgotten. Our roads have been reconstructed to favor the fast and the heavy, and it seems cycling has become a relic of the past and replaced by our need of comfort and saving time. And that too when getting access to a set of wheels is so easy. Now you can get cycle on rent in Bangalore! Read on to find out.