Best Online Bus Ticket Booking Sites in India


The world has been reshaped by the Internet in a number of ways. It has shrunk down to fit into your mobile devices. Be it ordering groceries, getting dinner or fever and cold medications delivered right to your doorstep. Even ordering your latest electronic gadget to replace your current electronic gadgets. Everything is literally at your fingertips. It doesn’t just stop there. What if you wanted to transport yourself instead of the goods? Although there’s no technology yet to do the same, you can surely get your train, flight or bus tickets booked online in a hassle-free way. You may not even have to carry your printed ticket or fear losing it. A quick SMS of your online bus ticket booking to your phone is all the confirmation you need.

Cycle on Rent in Bangalore – Cost and Process


We as humans have become quite a forgetful species. Living a sedentary lifestyle and wonder why our immune system and health isn’t keeping up with us. We have forgotten our instincts to keep our bodies healthy, fit and wise. Not only do we need to be educated on our occupations, but also on the very basic essentials such as nutrition and exercise. For instance, cycling is an exercise we have almost forgotten. Our roads have been reconstructed to favor the fast and the heavy, and it seems cycling has become a relic of the past and replaced by our need of comfort and saving time. And that too when getting access to a set of wheels is so easy. Now you can get cycle on rent in Bangalore! Read on to find out.

Best Bangalore Airport Cab or Taxi Pickup/Drop Service – Fare, Booking and Contact


Kempegowda International Airport or simply Bengaluru Airport as we know is great. Touted as one of the few airports with the fastest transit time, it has other issues to deal with like people reaching on time. The airport is about 45km outside the city and based on your starting point, you may need to travel an extra 10km on an average. So how do you reach? Today you are left with mainly two kinds of public transport for this journey – the vayu vajra airport bus service and the multiple Bangalore airport cab services available in the city.

Top 10 Ways for Money Transfer to India from USA

Money Transfer From US

With more and more Indians moving to the USA for school and work, the need to transfer money is on the upswing. Whether you’re a professional working in the USA or a freelancer working for clients based in the States, you will need to have a reliable money transfer service so you can send money to friends and family and receive money for your services. It is essential to make the right choice here as money transfers from overseas depend largely on exchange rates, overhead costs, and legal procedures.

Discover Best Coworking Space in Bangalore – Offering, Pricing and More

coworking spaces in bangalore

India as a country is still getting accustomed to the idea of flexible work modes. However, in the last few years, there has been a lot of acceptance in the work style & spaces that has helped individuals choose an independent way of working. A big support system has emerged in the form of Coworking spaces. Let’s find out more.

Online Marriage Registration in India: Process and Rules

Marriage Registration in India

Marriages, they say, are made in heaven. They are unions of souls—sagas of love impossible to limit to the dotted line. But here on earth, while societal customs/rituals build the bond of holy matrimony, it is essential to document things on paper aka marriage registration.

Top 10 Air Purifiers to Buy in India

Best Air Purifier in India

Air Purifier is slowly and unfortunately becoming a must-have for people. According to the “Air Pollution and Health in India” report by CEH and PHFI, there are alarming levels of pollutant in the air around us. In all, 10 Indian cities are among the world’s top 20 most polluted cities with the highest annual average levels of PM2.5.

If you live in highly polluted areas, Air Purifier is necessary to keep your home filled with clean air and remove particulate matter, harmful chemicals, germs, and toxic gases.

Best UPI Payment Apps 2018 – Download Now

Best UPI Apps Online

Full form of UPI is Unified Payments Interface and it has become the fastest growing method of transferring money online. UPI is a bank-to-bank account settlement mechanism run by the National Payments Corporation of India. A recent article in the Economic Times of India, claims that UPI transactions have crossed 3 crore transactions monthly. That is 10 Lakh transactions daily! That is a very high number for a Banking system, which running quite mechanically until the last decade. UPI is now supported by the best digital wallets in India which has been contributing towards the growing popularity. 

How to get Furniture on Rent in Bangalore- 7 Best Options, Process and Tips


The world is getting smaller by the minute, and it’s no longer farfetched to change cities every few months. Sometimes, its work that takes you to another town; at other times, it’s the need to get away from it all. But one thing that doesn’t like the movement is your furniture! Say, you’re moving to Bengaluru to pursue your Masters or take up your dream job. But your favorite armchair in the living room would much rather stay put. Does that mean you need to sit on your suitcases? Or spend a fortune shopping? Thankfully, no. Enter: the possibility of getting furniture on rent in Bangalore.