Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Offers – Deals on Mobiles


The Flipkart Big Billion Days sale took off with a bang on 13th Oct’15. Every day, the focus was on a different area. While there were some hiccups initially because of high traffic, the sale seems to be progressing positively. This year the focus has been on driving everyone to the mobile app and looks like the team has been successful. Looks like Flipkart will go the Myntra way of becoming app-only in days to come. Coming to the sale, this posts lists out all the Big Billion Days offers and deals for mobiles.

iOS 9 Launch in India for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – Install Now

Apple Logo

Like every year at this time, Apple released a major upgrade to its flagship mobile OS – the iOS9. iOS9 is now available in India and launched along with several others across the world. The official time was 10am PST and the social media immediately started buzzing with first impressions on the iOS 9 launch. In this post you can find details on some of the new features of iOS9 and how you can install it on your iOS device.

WROGN Auditions Questions – Win Vegas Trip


WROGN (pronounced as WRONG) is a new fashion brand being launched by Virat Kohli with a unique campaign – Wrogn Auditions. Its touted to be a breakaway youth fashion brand which encourages you to do something WROGN tonight. In order to promote the brand and make the launch successful, they have launched a unique marketing campaign which will help you win a Hangover trip to Vegas! Not just for yourself but for 3 of your friends as well – but drunk driving and parallel parking should not be part of your agenda.

Book Vistara for a Better Airline Experience and Earn Points

Vistara Logo

Airline business is one of the most competitive and challenging businesses to manage globally. Further if you are talking about airline business in India, that brings up several additional challenges around price, quality, customer satisfaction and a lot more. Based on the recent buzz on social networks by folks who book Vistara and then experience the service, looks like Tata is getting a lot of these aspects right.

Best Free Coupon Sites in India For Deals and Discount

coupons saving

Online shopping in India has grown by multiple folds since I last wrote the article on sites that let you find deals and discounts back in 2011. The landscape has changed, the sites on that list are quite dated and there are several new, better coupon sites available now that it is time for an updated list. This post will help you save money whenever you shop online. And all it will take you is a couple of minutes.

Email from UIDAI for Aadhaar – Update Details

Aadhaar Logo

UIDAI has started taking advantage of the digital world and has started reaching out the all the people enrolled via emails. I wanted to share this post as I realized how easy it is for any email from UIDAI to be considered as junk and worse case they ending up in your SPAM folder since the email is not in safe senders list. The fun does not end there! Even if the mail somehow is considered SPAM, it can land up in your Promotional or Social tab and get completely missed.

OnHub Wifi router by Google launched – Preorder Now

On Hub icon

With the recent Alphabet announcement, its becomes absolutely apparent that we will be coming a lot of products and projects from Google which do not fit the traditional scheme of things. Some of them will definitely make you question the strategy but if Google is spending time & money on something, it should be worth noticing! OnHub Wifi router is one such launch.

Aadhaar Card Documents List 2015

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Firstly, its not Aadhar card but actually Aadhaar card. Notice the extra ‘a’ in the name.

It’s been four years since I first shared the registration process for Aadhaar card. In these four years I have received 1000+ comments across multiple Aadhaar card posts asking multiple questions around aadhaar card centers, documents and the process. Though its been a while, a lot of people still struggle with registering for this process specially with the issue of opening and closing of centers! This post aims at sharing the latest list of valid aadhaar card documents accepted for registration. Not much has changed from the past but this is my attempting to keep the content current.

Alphabet Launched – G for Google via abc.xyz


Google has always been known for taking unconventional steps but still somehow make sense and standout! This new move is absolutely unimaginable but yet seems extremely tactical. Google get a new parent company – Alphabet which will have Larry Page as the CEO. Shocked? Well read on!