Add Facebook Emoticons, Smileys and Icons for Status messages and FB Chat

Adding  Facebook emoticons, smileys and symbols for status messages and FB Chat is very easy. With Facebook now being a part of our daily life and average time spent increasing day by day, it only makes more sense to learn it language. Without going much technical, if you have wondered how to get the heart icon or the music symbols in your facebook status messages or the keyboard shortcut to get those emoticons in your fb chat, then this post will come handy. Bookmark it. 😉

Shortcuts for Symbols in Facebook Status message (ASCII Codes)

  1. Hold ‘alt’ then press 1 – ☺
  2. Hold ‘alt’ then press 2 – ☻
  3. Hold ‘alt’ then press 3 – ♥
  4. Hold ‘alt’ then press 4 – ♦
  5. Hold ‘alt’ then press 5 – ♣
  6. Hold ‘alt’ then press 6 – ♠
  7. Hold ‘alt’ then press 7 – •
  8. Hold ‘alt’ then press 8 – ◘
  9. Hold ‘alt’ then press 9 – ○
  10. Hold ‘alt’ then press 10 – ◙
  11. Hold ‘alt’ then press 11 – ♂
  12. Hold ‘alt’ then press 12 – ♀
  13. Hold ‘alt’ then press 13 – ♪
  14. Hold ‘alt’ then press 14 – ♫
  15. Hold ‘alt’ then press 15 – ☼
  16. Hold ‘alt’ then press 16 – ►
  17. Hold ‘alt’ then press 17 – ◄
  18. Hold ‘alt’ then press 18 – ↕
  19. Hold ‘alt’ then press 19 – ‼
  20. Hold ‘alt’ then press 20 – ¶

Basically these characters will work with any rich text editor and online applications like Google+ and Twitter

Emoticons and Smileys for Chat (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Emoticons have been a part of our life since Yahoo Messenger and most common shortcuts work with mostly any chat tools. But still here’s a list to make sure you know all of them.

The list is in an image format so that the shortcuts do not get converted by my blog editor. Hope you find these fun and handy.

List of Facebook Emoticons

Written by Piyush Agarwal

Piyush Agarwal is a part-time freelance webdesigner who loves to play with design and the web around. You can check out his designs on Technix Designs. He is also into Theatre and Photography.

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