Bangalore Namma Metro – Launch, TimeTable, Fare, Route Map, Stations, Smart Card

Metro has become quite a life line for Delhi today and has always been one for Kolkata. Finally Bangalore or Bengaluru will join the list of elite cities to have metro running across the city. Its called Namma Metro.

Namma Metro Launch

Bangalore’s metro rail service, Namma Metro, after months of wait is finally set to launch on 20th Oct’2011 at 4pm. This launch has been delayed for a long time keeping mind several issues with government approvals. I would have found it funny if anyone was really hoping that the service will be launched on time when the plan was being draft. The launch will make the Route under reach 1 operational which includes 6 stations i.e. M.G. Road to Byappanahalli. BBMP is working on getting rid of all the street dogs for the launch (yes its true!).

Bangalore Metro Logo

Bangalore Metro Logo

The inauguration ceremony will be held at Field Marshal Manekshaw Parade Grounds. More than 40,000 people, including Union ministers and dignitaries from state as well as central governments, are expected to take part in the ceremony.

Namma Metro Timing

The timings of Namma Metro is supposed to be from 6a.m. to 9p.m. with a frequency of 4-8mins depending on the time you opt to travel. The train will be running at a maximum speed of 80km/hr. In case you are not familiar with Bangalore and wondering what does Namma Metro stand for, then well “Namma” in Kannada (language of Karnataka) means OUR. So the name stands for “Our Metro”.

Namma Metro Smart Card or Travel Card Types

Namma Metro Travel Card or Contact-less Smart Cards(CSC) has been introduced to make daily commuting easier and cheaper. There are different types of tickets that can be availed according to the official site:

Stored  Value Ticket (Brand Name : VARSHIK) This is most popular and common form of ticket. The commuter can store any value of currency(Maximum Rs.1500) on this ticket. The card is shown at the entry gate of a station to enter, then again at exit gate to exit. During exit, the fare value is deducted from the card. The card can be topped-up/recharged with any value in multiples of Rs. 50. whenever required. The validity of stored value is 1 year from the last top-up done on it.


Namma Metro Bengaluru

Namma Metro Bengaluru

Trip Ticket (Brand Name : SANCHAR) A regular commuter travelling between two fixed points can purchase advance trips viz., 10, 40, 50 or 100 trips and load them on card. On every trip made on Metro between those fixed points one trip is decremented from the total trip counts stored on card.  Trip ticket offers more discount but less validity than Stored Value Ticket.

Metro-Bus Ticket (Brand Name : SARAL & SARAAG) A commuter who wishes to travel unlimited throught the day on BMTC Bus and Metro can load this Metro-Bus Day pass on the card.

The value can be added to the travel card at any Metro Station presently; through Airtel Retail Outlets,  State Bank of India ATMS, net Banking for SBI Account holders. You can also buy the cards online via this link.

Namma Metro Fare

The minimum fare for a general ticket is Rs.10 which goes upto Rs.15 depending upon your destination. The fare can be further reduced by the use of CSCs as per the chart mentioned below.

Fare table for Tokens in Rs

Station from /  To Byappanahalli Swami Vivekananda Road Indira nagar Ulsoor Trinity Mahatma Gandhi Road
A 10 10 12 12 14 15
B 10 10 10 12 12 14
C 12 10 10 10 12 12
D 12 12 10 10 10 12
E 14 12 12 10 10 10
F 15 14 12 12 10 10
  • Minimum fare is Rs 10 from each station.
  • Fare chart can be read both forwards and backwards (eg.Point A – Byappanahalli, to E – Trinity, is Rs 14; Point C – Indiranagar back to A – Byappanahalli will be Rs 12).
  • Tokens available at counters in stations, are to be touched on pad of entry gates and dropped into slot at gate of exit station.

Fare table for Varshik in Rs

Station from /  To Byappanahalli Swami Vivekananda Road Indira nagar Ulsoor Trinity Mahatma Gandhi Road
A 8.50 8.50 10.20 10.20 11.90 12.75
B 8.50 8.50 8.50 10.20 10.20 11.90
C 10.20 8.50 8.50 8.50 10.20 10.20
D 10.20 10.20 8.50 8.50 8.50 10.20
E 11.90 10.20 10.20 8.50 8.50 8.50
F 12.75 11.90 10.20 10.20 8.50 8.50
  • Minimum fare Rs 8.50
  • Money can be stored in stored value tickets, like prepaid smart-card.
  • Valid for one year, can be loaded with Rs 50 and its multiples.
  • Recharge possible through SBI ATMs, net banking, mobile banking, on BMRCL website, scratch cards via SMS.

Fare table for Sanchar in Rs Fare zones 10 Trip   40 Trip 50 Trip   100 Trip
1 F1 (0 to 2 Km) 80.00 315.00 395.00 765.00
2 F2 (2 to 4 Km) 95.00 375.00 470.00 920.00
3 F3 (4 to 6 Km) 115.00 440.00 550.00 1070.00
4 F4 (6 to 7 Km) 120.00 470.00 590.00 1150.00
  • Trip Ticket (Sanchar) has fixed number of trips (10, 40, 59, 100)
  • Trips can be bought in advance
  • Can be used between any pair of stations having same or less fare.
  • Sanchar 10 valid for 1 month, Sanchar 40 and 50 for 3 months, Sanchar 100 for 6 months.

All you need is Rs 10 for a minimum distance you travel in metro. The BMRC has finalized the fare structure for Reach 1 – Byappanahalli to MG Road. The ticketing system and fares have been made available in the form of Contact-less Smart Tokens (CST), Contact-less Smart Cards (CSC), Group tickets and integrated Metro-Bus tickets.

Namma Metro Station Inside

Namma Metro Station Inside

Namma Metro Stations Info

The various stations under Phase 1 and the classification as per Reach is mentioned below. You can also refer to the route map for further clarity.

The Reach 1 of the phase 1 is expected to make commuting easier by connecting Byappanahalli to M.G Road. The Ulsoor and SV Road station in this reach would come at a cost of Rs.75.77 crores. The cost CMH Road and Byappanahalli station would be around Rs.92.8 crores. Trinity circle and MG Road cost comes to be around Rs.87.22 crores. Hence the main six stations of the reach 1 are Ulsoor, SV road, CMH road, Byappanahalli, M.G road and Trinity Circle.

The Reach 2 of the phase 1 would link Magadi road to Mysore road. This reach is also supposed to have six stations namely Tollgate, Hosahalli, Vijayanagar, Mysore Road terminal, Deepanjali Nagar and Mysore Road.

The Reach 3 of the phase 1 would connect Swastik to Peenya and is expected to get completed by November 2011. The main stations of the reach 3 are Malleswaram and Rajajinagar.

The Reach 4 of the phase 1 would connect K.R Market to R.V Road and is expected to meet its deadline of December 2011. The reach 4 is supposed to have five stations namely South End, Lal Bagh, K.R Station, RV road and Jayanagar.

Click to enlarge the route map below.

Bangalore Namma Metro Route Map

Bangalore Namma Metro Route Map

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