Google Play Launched – Download Music, Books, Apps and Movies

Well, Google has finally launched an all-inclusive online store – Google Play – which will not just have the various apps for android phones but will also have movies, music and books. A user can purchase content from the store and have everything stored on the cloud to ensure that you will have never have to sync and will have the content available anytime on any device. There are several small but nifty features like a Share Listen option which will let you invite 1 of your friends to listen to a song for free. There are various other cool ways of sharing your purchases on say Google +. Here is a full list of Google Play’s features.

Though it tool Google quite a lot of time since it envisioned a cloud based book store couple of years back, but still its a good start. Go ahead and Play! The complete store will still take some time to get available though.

Google Play Homepage (2)

Google Play Homepage


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