Where to register for Aadhaar Card in Ahmedabad for 2013

Aadhaar card or rather the Aadhaar number will become the sole identification for all Indians in near future. The number will be linked to all your documents, banks, transactions thus making it easier to refer any information regarding your existence in India. It also will tend to prove that you are an Indian citizen. In coming years Aadhaar number will become mandatory in everything you do and will behave in the same way as Social Security number does for USA. If you have not registered yourself for aadhaar card, please do so today. Centers of Ahmedabad are listed in this blog post.

UpdateFind the latest list for 2015 here

Now as I have noticed discrepancies in the past between what UIDAI provides and what’s happening in real. So I cannot vouch if these centers are actually active. 

aadhaar logo 150x150 Where to Register for Aadhaar card in Bangalore for 2013

In the interest of everyone, if you have visited one of the below centers and found that they are not active any longer, please mention so in the comments. If I receive two or more confirmations on a center not actually enrolling for Aadhaar, I will strike it off the list. If you do find a center which is operational, please add that below in the comment section as well. This way we can really find out which of these centers are active in real!

Also, if the below list turns out to be an absolutely useless one, I will reach out to the UIDAI team for answers. So please support and help find out legitimate enrollment centers for Aadhaar.  I hope this post proves to be helpful.Some more links related to Aadhaar:

Updated on 10th July’13

UpdateFind the latest list for 2015 here

SNO Centre Summary Contact Person Mobile No. Start Date Closing Date
1 Municipal Sub Zonal Office, Kakaria Ward, B/h Parshi Agiyari, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380022 Hasmukh Parmar 7405105525 30/05/2012 31/12/2013
2 Municipal Sub-Zonal Office, Khokhara Ward, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380008 Manish parmar 9725479616 30/05/2012 31/12/2013
3 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – Gomtipur, Munucipal Sub Zonal Office, Nr. Chakodiya Mahadev ,, Gomtipur, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380021 Viral Vekaria 9426709315 05/07/2012 31/12/2013
4 Urban helth center – Nava Vadaj, Nava vadaj, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380013 Prakash Parmar 9714630047 26/09/2012 31/12/2013
5 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – Motera, Motera, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380005 Mukesh Desai 9924623814 26/09/2012 31/12/2013
6 Sub Zonal Office – Ghatlodiya, Near Prabhat Chok, Ghatlodiya, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380061 Vishwash Patel 8511909192 17/11/2012 31/12/2013
7 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – Chandlodiya, Ahmedabad, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380061 Dharmendra Patel 8128853844 18/12/2012 31/12/2013
8 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – Vastral , Vastral, Ahmedabad, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380026 Viresh Shah 7405474948 18/12/2012 31/12/2013
9 AMC – Khadiya, Nr . Anjuman Islam High School, khadiya, Jamalpur, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380001 Solanki Ravikumar 9724617203 01/04/2013 31/12/2014
10 Sub Zonal Office – Sardar Patel Stedium, Sub Zonal Office – , Nr . Sardar Patel Stedium, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380009 Viralbhai Ashokbhai Vekariya 9924696330 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
11 AMC Ward office – Kubernagar, nr. sardar Gram Railway Station, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 382340 Mehulkumar Chauhan 9904413061 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
12 Sub Zonal Office – Vasna, Sub Zonal Office – , Vasna, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380007 Rajan Manoj Ileshchandra 994402123 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
13 Municipal Urdu Shala no.1-2 – Danilimda, Opp. vakunth Dham Temple, Nr. Ambedkar Hall, Danilimda, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380028 Jabir Qureshi 9737376728 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
14 Municapal Sub Zonal Office – Amraiwadi, Municapal Sub Zonal Office, Amraiwadi, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380026 Chirag Parmar 8487913647 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
15 Maha-gar Seva Sadan – Ranip, Maha-gar Seva Sadan, Ranip, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 382480 Sandip Sokhadiya 8401398141 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
16 Chenpur Old Office – Kaligam, Chenpur Old Office, Kaligam, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 382480 Ankit Parmar 7359072552 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
17 Mnicipal Sub Zonal Office – Baherampra, Mnicipal Sub Zonal Office, Baherampra, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380022 Kapadiya Prakash Dineshbhai 9904200957 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
18 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – Sabarmati, Municipal Sub Zonal Office , Sabarmati, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380005 Chirag Lalpara 9624945833 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
19 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – Sarkhej, Municipal Sub Zonal Office, Sarkhej, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380007 Chavda Ajitkumar 9924509756 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
20 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – Jodhpur, Municipal Sub Zonal Office , Jodhpur, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380015 Gohel Ravikant 9725069450 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
21 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – Jamalpur, Municipal Sub Zonal Office, Nr. APMC Market , jamalpur, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380001 Chauhan Dishant 9408878770 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
22 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – BapuNagar, Municipal Sub Zonal Office, BapuNagar, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380024 Jitendra Dalal 8238573400 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
23 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – Dudheshwar, Municipal Sub Zonal Office, Dudheshwar, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380004 Prakash Parmar 9714630047 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
24 Municipal Sub Zonal Office – Naroda, Municipal Sub Zonal Office, Naroda, Daskroi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 382330 SOLANKI RAHULKUMAR AMRUTLAL 8866852341 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
25 Muni. School no. 1,2 – Madhupura, Muni. School no. 1,2 , Madhupura, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380004 Solanki Dhavalkumar 9737996965 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
26 Muni. Guj.School no. 1,2 – Odhav, Muni. Guj.School no. 1,2, Odhav, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 382415 Viresh Dipakbhai Shah 7405474948 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
27 Muster Office – Asarwa, Muster Office, Asarwa, Ahmadabad City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380016 Ritesh Parsottambhai Chauhan 9601047439 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
28 Devpara – Barwala, Devpara , Barwala, Barwala, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 382450 Chavda Kirankumar 8690593102 23/03/2013 31/12/2014
29 Haansalpur – Mandal, Haansalpur , Tal : Mandal, Dist : Ahmedabad, Mandal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 382120 Rathod Sanjaybhai 9725752093 23/03/2013 31/12/2014

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  1. Rajendrasinh K Parmar says:

    We approach for registration Adhar Card 4 times and each time due to rush only few people able get forms including my wife but next day again due rush forms wear not registered after 4 hr waiting and now date is over at Municipal Sub Zonal Office, Kankaria Ward, B/H Parsi Agiyari, Ahmedabad-300038.
    So advise where to register same at new adress it is batter to have token system so time will be saved without creating huge crowd and mesh at site

  2. Hemal says:

    The line for aadhar card is really long at all centres in Ahmedabad. If you are working, then it is a nightmare for you to get an aadhar card.

  3. panchalmaheshmanilal says:

    Aadhaar card

  4. javed says:

    Sir mera adhar cad banva na hai

  5. ravat dilip says:

    mari sadi ho gy ha or mari patani ka aadhar cads bannha to oushma kansh douamant chya vo batevn..



  7. Hitesh Barot says:

    hello sir mera mobile number update karvana hai to kya karana padega pls suggestion.

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