Where to register for Aadhaar Card in India for 2013

Aadhaar is a ID card or a number? Well now that its clear that its a number like Social Security number of USA, lets move on and complete registration of Aadhaar. Since I added a blog post on where to register for Aadhaar Card in Bangalore, I have been getting a lot of requests to provide the same information for other cities as well. Earlier I have been holding myself back from providing this information as I was not sure how I will be able to help people in those cities staying here in Bangalore. But then I have noticed a lot of people helping other on this blog via comments and that urged me to provide this information, afterall my motive behind eWebBuddy was always to help people.

UpdateFind the latest list for 2015 here

So here you go. Below are the links

Aadhaar UID Card

Aadhaar UID Card

to blog posts of Aadhaar enrollment centers across India in all major cities. I would request you to go through the list of your city, find the nearest center for yourself and once you visit the center, come back here and leave a comment on whether the center is operational. Recently I have noticed that a lot of listed Aadhaar Enrollment centers are actually not operational. This small gesture of yours will help a lot of others and save them from hassle.

Make sure you have all your Aadhaar registration documents before you visit the center to avoid any kind of issue. Once you complete the process, it takes about 2-3months for the card to arrive. You can check on the status of your Aadhaar card online.

Indian Cities for Aadhaar Registration (In Alphabetical Order)

UpdateFind the latest list for 2015 here

—- Old List —–

Aadhaar Registration in Ahmedabad

Aadhaar Registration in Bangalore

Aadhaar Registration in Delhi

Aadhaar Registration in Jaipur

Aadhaar Registration in Mumbai


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10 Responses to Where to register for Aadhaar Card in India for 2013


    I am staying in Kalyan (East), where should i go for Aadhar Application enrollment appointment????

  2. Ashok Kumar PAndey says:

    kaha hoga addhar ka entrollment
    kirari ka hu mai mujhe kio pass ki jagah baato

  3. manjunath says:

    where to go in mahalakshmi puram

  4. r ray says:

    online registation for the aadhar card should facilitate in all corners of india.Idont know why the delay?

  5. deepak kumar says:

    i want an aadhar card

  6. Prem Kumar Khanna says:

    I am a resident of Dwarka, sector 19, Delhi. To whom should I contact for Adhar card.

  7. Vijesh says:

    Thanks for the information Piyush, hope it helps all those who are in need of an Aadhar card.

  8. shobakishor says:

    hi sar adhar cadr from

  9. Sana says:

    Complete Solution to Aadhaar Card, All FAQ & Queries Answered About Aadhaar Card like Online Customer Care Support of Aadhaar Card http://e-aadhaar-card.blogspot.com/

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