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With the recent Alphabet announcement, its becomes absolutely apparent that we will be coming a lot of products and projects from Google which do not fit the traditional scheme of things. Some of them will definitely make you question the strategy but if Google is spending time & money on something, it should be worth noticing! OnHub Wifi router is one such launch.

Wifi has always been tricky technology to deal with not just in India where its slowly creeping into houses, but all other countries as well including USA. In US, having Wifi is now a necessity with multiple home devices connected to the network at all times. This brings in several painful issues around pairing, net speeds, security, calibration and what not.

Google looked into this everyday problem and saw it worth fixing. Before we jump into the product please note that this product is not very far from Google strategy of which Fiber is a big part. Experimenting and growing on the networking front to bring fast internet to homes, having a powerful router with 13 built-in antennas would be an integral part of the overall strategy.

OnHub Wifi Router

OnHub Wifi Router

So what is OnHub?

OnHub has been launched as a Wifi router which boasts of not just looks that could kill but also performance that will make you run to pre-order now. The design did remind me of the Amazon echo though but that’s ok. Will Apple and some many other embracing cylinder-ical shape for hardware, the form factor is not a surprise.

The design does play a key role in the product as its not just beautiful to keep anywhere in your home, it majorly cordless and has a lot of light indicators added to provide relevant information. No more turning the router upside down for codes and what not. Setting up is dead simple and you will not be required to wrestle with the device at all

Yup looks great, but what will OnHub do?

Like I said earlier, OnHub has 13 built in antennas. This allows the device to figure out which channels to use based on interruptions to provide you the fastest connection possible. The device keeps sending airwaves and juggles between channels to ensure all inferences are avoided and you always get the best of network performance. Not just that, you control the bandwidth usage for each device. So you can choose to prioritize access for devices ensuring that the best speed is available for the most important activity like streaming the latest Game of Thrones episode!

OnHub Mobileapp

OnHub Mobileapp

The device has been designed to get automatic updates, stay tuned and provide you details on your network at all times. There is even a mobile app available to control & manage the router. Now, which router today does that? Google is launching this version in partnership with TP-Link and in future plans to launch higher spec devices with Asus as well.

So how much does it cost?

Not surprising that you would want to know that. The device is quite well priced at $200.

Pre-orders have already started and you can buy from any of the online retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Google PlayStore, etc.
The device is currently available only for the residents of US and does not look like will launch in India anytime soon. But still watch out, you never know.

For more details, check out the official blog post of the OnHub announcement. Watch the launch video:

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