Where to register for Aadhaar Card in India for 2015

Aadhaar is a ID card or a number? Well now that its clear that its a number like Social Security number of USA, lets move on and complete registration of Aadhaar. Since I added a blog post on where to register for Aadhaar Card in Bangalore, I have been getting a lot of requests to provide the same information for other cities as well. Earlier I have been holding myself back from providing this information as I was not sure how I will be able to help people in those cities staying here in Bangalore. But then I have noticed a lot of people helping other on this blog via comments and that urged me to provide this information, afterall my motive behind eWebBuddy was always to help people.

So here you go. Below are the links

Aadhaar UID Card

Aadhaar UID Card

to blog posts of Aadhaar enrollment centers across India in all major cities. I would request you to go through the list of your city, find the nearest center for yourself and once you visit the center, come back here and leave a comment on whether the center is operational. Recently I have noticed that a lot of listed Aadhaar Enrollment centers are actually not operational. This small gesture of yours will help a lot of others and save them from hassle.

Make sure you have all your Aadhaar registration documents before you visit the center to avoid any kind of issue. Once you complete the process, it takes about 2-3months for the card to arrive. You can check on the status of your Aadhaar card online.

Indian Cities for Aadhaar Registration (In Alphabetical Order)

Aadhaar Registration in Ahmedabad

Aadhaar Registration in Bangalore

Aadhaar Registration in Delhi

Aadhaar Registration in Jaipur

Aadhaar Registration in Mumbai


Written by Piyush Agarwal

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35 Responses to Where to register for Aadhaar Card in India for 2015

  1. achchhe sahani says:


  2. Ritika says:

    I want to apply for Aadhaar card. Can you please help me out when the centres will be opened in Kolkata(W.B.) or Jammu(J&K). Thank you

  3. abhishek sharma says:

    Hyy. I wanna register my adhar care. Whre r i register this in dilshad garden, delhi. So plz tell me

  4. Vivek Singh says:

    Mera Aadhar card bana h ki nahi

  5. Gautam kumar says:

    Suraj kumar adhar mare rajisatretion in gk gangachak

  6. Sonu Nishad says:

    Sonu Nishad farm kudu Mohammad garb post jagdishpur muslimpur Ambedkar PIN 22 41 22 Enrolment No/1308/30909/18426 Enrolment Agency:Vayam technologies Ltd makan no/212

  7. Sonu Nishad says:

    PIN 224122 mo/no/8009745286. Enrolment No/1308/30909/18426 Vayam technologies Ltd garm kudhmohammadgarh Ambedkar Nagar makan no/ 212 S/N Radheshyam

  8. Sonu Nishad says:


    2015 NPR Rapt Not Given

  9. Apurba kumar Goswami says:

    As the required Forms for registration of Aadhar card was not available with authority,I after down loading the forms for myself and my wife,with all required documents approached to the office who is responsible for making cards but the official refused to accept the forms stating that since our Names are not reflected in NPR he can not accept the Forms for registration for Aadhar card. Please advice me the further course of action to be taken by me to register for Aadhar Card. I have reported this matter only to the authority responsible for maintenance of NPR.


  10. ClaudiaRapy says:

    Really like!

  11. Gulshan Kumar Sharma says:

    mere haath ki 2 fingers nahi hai mera adhar card kahan ban sakta hai mai sect-62 Noida mai hoon

  12. pushpendra sharma says:

    enrolment rasid gum gyi hai usme na hi mob. no.tha na hi mail id ab main kya karu plz help me

  13. Mohan Kumar Paswan says:

    Aadhar card mera pita ka naam nahi hai pita kaa naam Dukhi Paswan

  14. Mohan Kumar Paswan says:

    SR ab mai kiya karu mera aadhar card me mera fathers name chhut be kaarn name nahi aya hai

  15. mera Aadhar card sudhar kijiy mera fathers name chhot giya hai mera fathars name dukhi paswan

  16. parmendar kumar yadav says:

    sir hamra aadhar card kab tak aane ka chansh hai pls sir hamare is number pe massge de dijiye sir

  17. Gulab paswan says:

    Village bajitpur baura pulish s.t pupri d.s.k.sitamarhi bihar

  18. arti sharma says:

    sir hamara aadhar kahan se banega maine dilshad colony maine rahti hoon

  19. naim unnisa says:

    sir mere began ka addha card kab ayega

  20. naim unnisa says:

    sir made behen ka addhar card ka nober hai 2086/10035/00313 05/01/2015 20:29:09 our sir name Naim unnisa Bangalore 560045

  21. dhananjay debnath says:

    my aadhar card name rong

  22. Ratnesh mishra says:

    Hamara phir se banvana hai

  23. Sridhar says:

    Hi Piyush,
    I (and my wife) did manage to register for Aadhar Card through Karvi (a private agency) at Indira Nagar. We had to first take an appointment (they gave us coupons) for a certain date. We went there on that date and the process was pretty easy after that. No hastles. People at Karvy knew what they were doing.
    My advice to NRIs is: go for a professional agency like Karvy. The process is streamlined. You may have to wait a little but it is worth the wait.
    Places like Jeewan Beema Nagar Camp do not have a well thought out process. The person doing the registering is not competent. I would advice people to not go to such a place.

  24. rajendra says:

    I want to resister my computer centre with authorized as adhaar centre .what to do
    Pls email my solution at – [email protected]

  25. Lourdusamy says:

    sir, I am from Tamilnadu visited Bengaluru and I have travelled namma metro. It is very very clean and the people of Karnataka is very friendly and helping tendency .Disciplined people and even the working girls though they are tired and helped the senior citizens to sit in the namma metro by vacating their seats.Here in Tamilnadu I have not seen such a wonderful thing.Hats off to Karnataka people. Thanks for the kndness shown by the people of Bengaluru. Even in Church they have offered seat.

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