Aero Show 2015, Bangalore – How to register and buy Tickets

Aero Show in Bangalore is a bi-annual affair which is quite a big event and has a lot of fan fare. Who wouldn’t like to experience the latest Fire Power and Aircrafts that Indian Defense possesses. Above all its a bonus that you can see them in action performing hair-raising stunts for the crowd. The tickets get sold out pretty fast for this event. So if you have not registered yet, here is how you can register.

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The tickets even today are unfortunately available through AXIS bank branches. There are rumors of tickets being available in some popular spots like Forum, MG Road, Garuda Mall, Phoenix MarketCity, etc but I cannot confirm the same. Based on the official communication from aeroindia I have listed the branch details of Axis Bank where you can buy the tickets.

Aero India Logo

Aero India Logo

Also listed down the guidelines and registration details.

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Aero India, Bangalore – 18th Feb to 22nd Feb’15

Venue – Air Force Station, Yelahanka

Update – Added more info for visitors and admission policy towards the end of this post. If you have attended the Aero Show already, please provide your experience in the comments to help others.

For General Visitors, here are the guidelines:

It is mandatory for visitors to carry original Govt. issued valid card (Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, Govt ID), photo ID, details of which are provided at the time of online registration, to the venue.
1.Tickets for Aero India 2015 will be sold from selected banks. Details will be intimated later through newspaper advertisements and website.
February 18, 2015 1300 hrs to 1700 hrs
February 19, 2015 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs
February 20, 2015 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs
February 21, 2015 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs
February 22, 2015 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs
2. Entry gates will open one hour before the show timings.
3. Entry will be given against valid photo ID only.
(A) Show your Unique registration ID number
(B) Bring your ID (Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, Govt ID).
(C) Collect your entry pass.
4. All General Visitors will be required to undergo security check. Kindly co-operate.
5. The ticket will be non-transferable
6. Please carry your registration id and / or proof of online payment to facilitate issue of ticket.
7. Food items will not be allowed.
8. Following items will not be permitted: Firearms, weapons, knives (including pocket knives & multi tools), replica or toy weapons, laser pointers, packets of any kind.
9. Registration is not required for children below 5 years old.
10. The Organisers reserve the right to deny access to any individual.
11. Ticket Cost per person per day:
ADVA area only INR 600/- and US $25
12.  Please read Admission Policy
13. Ticket once sold is not refundable / non-transferable.
14. Children between 6 to 16 years old can provide the details of their school issued id card or accompanying parents id card as a proof of verification.
15. General Visitors are permitted in Air Display Viewing area on any day except 18th first half that is upto 1300 hrs. After that ticket is valid for one entry on any of the day.
16. Ticket will be available in all the mentioned axis bank branches from 2nd Feb 2015 onwards.

You need to register online using the link –

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Here are the list of Axis Bank Branches from where you can buy Tickets:

  1. Branch Name: Cox Town Branch ID: 231 Address: MinuthCresent, No.56, Coles Road, Fraser Town, Cox Town, Bengaluru 560005 Karnataka India
  2. Branch Name:Indira Nagar Branch ID: 114 Address: No. 276, HAL II Stage, 100 Feet Road, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru 560038 Karnataka
  3. Branch Name:J P Nagar Branch ID: 333
  4. Branch Name:Jayanagar Branch ID: 052 Address: Sona Tower, #8, 32 E Cross, 4 th T Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru 560041
  5. Branch Name:Koramangala Branch ID: 194 Address: No. 119, 80 Feet Road, 7Th Block, Industrial Layout, Koramangala, Bengaluru 560095
  6. Branch Name:M G Road Branch ID: 009 Address: No. 9, Esquire Centre, Block A, M G Road Bengaluru 560001
  7. Branch Name: Malleswaram Branch ID: 227 Address: 233, 2nd Main, Between 15th and 16th Cross, Sampige Road, Malleswaram, Bengaluru 560003
  8. Branch Name:Sahakaranagar Branch ID: 561 Address: No.19, 60 Feet Road, Sahakaranagar, Bengaluru 560092

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Update – 18th Feb 2014

A lot of questions coming in are around admission policy and tickets. So adding some more information I found below. A lot of people are saying that Tickets are NOT available at AXIS banks any longer and can be collected directly at the venue. If some can confirm this, that would help others.


  •  Aero India 2015 is open to Official Defence Delegations, Ministry of Defence visitors (India and overseas), Exhibitors’ Invitees, Media and Trade Visitors from the industry. It will be open to general public on the last day of the show as per promulgated timings.
  • Persons who are interested in attending the exhibition or are invitees to the event are requested to apply via the online registration system on the website
  • During the show days, there will be a limited onsite registration facility. Please carry your passport type photograph on digital media. Kindly expect and bear delays.
  • All Exhibitors, visitors, guests, contractors, service providers and invitees acknowledge that admission to Aero India 2015 will be allowed only against a valid admission badge / invitation / ticket issued by the organisers and carried by the person named on it. The Badge remains the property of the organisers.
  • All badges and invitations are non-transferable. All persons attending the exhibition should carry and produce on request a supporting personal photographic identity document at the exhibition / related event venues. This ID should be the same as indicated at the time of registration and must be any one of the following :- o Passport ( *Mandatory for all overseas visitors/exhibitors/invitees) o Government Photo ID o Armed Forces ID o Voter ID o Driving License
  • Children below 16 years will not be permitted on business days ( 18 -20 February 2015).


  1. Rights of admission are reserved by the organiser. Admission is restricted and is only against valid invitation /entry badge issued by the organisers.
  2. Any unauthorised individual /entry if observed will be removed from the exhibition. Such un-authorised entry may also lead to prosecution.
  3. The Organisers reserve the right to conduct identity checks as a condition of entry. Any person found to have registered or registering to attend Aero India 2015 using false / misleading information or credentials or deliberately with-holding information will have their application automatically rejected and entry denied. Such un-authorised actions or entry attempts may also lead to prosecution.
  4. Dress Code : All persons attending the exhibition must wear business dress, lounge suit, national dress or service dress.
  5. Any person(s) attending Aero India 2015 must not take part in any canvassing, leafleting (exceptasauthorisedformedia), demonstrations, objectionable behavior or any activity which may disrupt the show.
  6. The Organisers reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone from Aero India 2015 who does not comply with this admission policy or who they reasonably consider are likely to break any of the policy rules.

Information for Visitors:

  • Business Visitors A business visitor can access the exhibition area and up to a certain area around the static display from 18 to 22 February 2015. They cannot access the chalet area of the exhibition. The cost of the ticket is INR 2500 and can be purchased online by clicking on the below link: After registration visitors will get a confirmatory email from our side. If they do not receive the same they can email at [email protected]
  • General Visitor (ADVA – Air Display Viewing Area Only) A general visitor can access only the ADVA (Air Display Viewing Area) area from 18 to 22 February 2015 except for the first half on 18th upto 1300 hrs. The cost of the ticket is INR 600 and can be purchased online by clicking on the below link: After registration visitors will get a confirmatory email from our side. If they do not receive the same they can email at [email protected]
  • Visitors Exhibition Area (Only weekend) A visitor can access all area excluding chalets and ADVA only on weekends. The cost of the ticket is INR 2500 and can be purchased online by clicking on the below link: After registration visitors will get a confirmatory email from our side. If they do not receive the same they can email at [email protected]

Payment and Collection and Validity of Visitors Tickets

  1. All three types of visitors can collect tickets (purchased online) from the selected branch of Axis Bank(Address and Dates are available on website) as well as from onsite ( Date will be published very soon) .To collect the ticket visitors need to bring the printout of confirmatory email sent from our side and original ID proof used during the registration.
  2. If you have not booked ticket online, still you can purchase ticket directly from selected branch of Axis Bank Click here
  3. If you are booking ticket online, our system will redirect you to online payment gateway and you can use credit/debit card to make payment online only. If you are purchasing ticket from the branch then you have to pay over there by credit/debit card only. d) Validity of each ticket of each category is only for one day and for one person i.e. single entry single day.

Facilities and Show Highlights for Visitors:

  • There are some food courts inside the camp for visitors where they can get their food and beverages etc.
  • There is no sitting arrangement for any visitors, we have huge vacant space and you can enjoy the Air Show by standing in that space.
  • There are five fantastic acrobatic team is coming to perform their show. They will perform their stunt all five days , so you can enjoy the show any one of the day.

Note – Aero Show 2017 – Click here for details

Note – The above information is based on what I could find and learn about the show. Being a government managed initiative, getting information is not easy and things might not go as mentioned above. So treat this information as good guidance but be prepared for surprises. And do not end up holding it against me if things don’t go as planned! Hope this helps. 🙂

Written by Piyush Agarwal

Piyush Agarwal is a part-time freelance webdesigner who loves to play with design and the web around. You can check out his designs on Technix Designs. He is also into Theatre and Photography.

144 Responses to Aero Show 2015, Bangalore – How to register and buy Tickets

  1. ramnath says:

    Are the children required to buy the tickets?

    • Registration is not required for children below 5 years old.

      • Ramada's kv says:

        I have booked ticket in I even got registration id and dey hv dedected amount of ?618 I am not able to get my registration form plz transfer my money back when I showed my id dey wrnt able to get my registration form and server has been locked

      • Ramada's kv says:

        I have booked ticket in I even got registration id and dey hv dedected amount of ?618 I am not able to get my registration form plz transfer my money back when I showed my id dey wrnt able to get my registration form and server has been locked

  2. Prashanth K says:

    I have registered in the aero india website and have paid Rs.600/-…Can I go to the venue and get the ticket there itself?? Also if that is the case, in which entry should I get the ticket??
    Or should I get the ticket from Axis Bank by showing the registration copy?

  3. srn says:

    can i buy tickets directly from the mentioned axis bank without registering in the aeroindia site.

  4. varadharaju.v says:

    thanks for ur service and support

  5. Suresh B.M. says:

    Sir I would like to go on 20th feb aero india2015 show and even I have not registered,where shall I get the tickets,is it available in forum mall and garuda mall? Wii you please guide me.

  6. Goutham says:

    Do you knw anything about student discount?
    what are the documents required?
    Can we get tickets on spot?

  7. Padmapriya says:


    i have registered and paid for the tickets online. axis bank in sahakara nagar says, we can collect the tickets at the venue only from today. Called the aero-india number but it is busy.
    i would like to know if we can collect today and go for the show later. please llet me know. Thank you.

  8. Mayilsamy says:

    I have been registered the General Visitor at Aero India 2015 under ADVA area only, can I take my 3 year old son on 20th Feb 2015, Please confirm so that I can take my son for the Aero show

  9. david says:


    Is it availability that I can get the tickets directly onsite, bcoz in whitefield branch the tickets are sold out.
    Please let me know the possiblity to avail tickets.


  10. amith bc says:

    Do 3 yr kids r allowed for general entry aero show. . Plz let me know do dey allow on all days. .

  11. Karthik says:

    can i get the tickets directly at the air base entrence gate?
    I enquired in electronic city axis bank branch, they are saying issuing tickets at the bank is closed and we need to collect it near the entrence gate, Is this inf is true?

    • This seems to be the experience of some other folks as well. Unfortunately, I do not have information on this. Please do update here based on what you experience so others can find it helpful.

  12. hemalatha says:

    In this site it is written that “” children under 5 years are not required for registration and you are saying 6 years which one is correct

  13. Ajith says:

    Hi Piyush,

    Thank you so much for sharing the info and answering queries. Could you please answer this too?

    I would like to take my family (wife and kid (7 years)) to the airshow. Do we need to puchase separate ticket for each person by registering each of them seperately? If so, what can be entered as the identity proof for daughter since she dont have any of those listed?

    Thank you

  14. ganesh says:

    can you please tell what are the timings for aero acrobatics. It says 9am to 5pm but i know it happens in the evening once, does it happen once in the morning also? if so whats the timing?

    • The day-long schedule is not available. The only info provided is:

      There are five fantastic acrobatic team is coming to perform their show. They will perform
      their stunt all five days , so you can enjoy the show any one of the day.

      If someone can update here after watching the show, that would help!

  15. ganesh says:

    can you please me the timings of the acrobatics show? i know it happens once in the evenings. does it happen in the morning also? thanks.

  16. pankaj says:

    dear sir when i click on final step of registartion it is showing 2500/- to pay but i seen it is only 600/- whats d matter

  17. rashmi says:

    what are the show timings and what time should we be there before the show starts.
    Thank you

  18. andre says:

    I have gone through the link for payment for the business tickets on your website,
    I have finished registering and the entire payment procedure.
    The axis bank page at the end of the transaction also acknowledged a successful transaction and my bank balance has also been deducted,
    however the page redirected to the aero india page where the page says transaction not successful, please try again.
    Please confirm status.
    I have not selected the timings or the day as well.

    • Hi Andre… I have already responded to this on the messenger. But for other’s sake, I believe you need to treat this as any other online payment. If the transaction fails, the bank will revert the payment ideally in a few days. You on the other hand need to retry in order to complete registration. The final success page is what you will need to carry to collect the ticket.

  19. deepak says:

    I did register….for myself n paid..i wanted to buy some of my friends too…is it possible for me in the same name???

  20. ravi malur says:

    I plan to go tommorow just a quick question is the registration instant or does it verify and take time?

  21. pradeep nagaraj says:

    I have registered for the show today. But there was no option to pick a date of my interest . So, does that mean I can go on any one of the dates mentioned above ?

  22. Rajesh says:

    call [Number Deleted] for Business Visitors at Rs 2000

  23. Murugeshan says:

    I visited Air show last time in Bangalore and visiting this time as well. we can book online and collect the tickets at the venue.Even if u have not booked online, u can get the tickets directly at the venue by paying the money. Acrobatic teams and other aircraft’s will perform at regular intervals in a day, may be 3 to 4 times. so even if u not booked online or not bought from banks, u can directly go to the venue and buy tickets.

  24. Nitish says:

    Hi,Can somebody who have attended the aero show today confirms if we can collect the tickets at the venue ,and there is no need to go to axis bank.I have booked business visitors ticket today morning and got to know from this blogs people saying its not available in Axis banks…Kindly somebody reply asap.

  25. pradip says:

    i want to to this air show …….can i directly go to the venue and register their itself and get the ticket ……

    i have been to axis bank today and on enquiry they said u will get ticket at venue itself

  26. bharanidharan says:

    What I need to give in the title ??

  27. dhruv says:

    I did registered n the transction was successfull…i got a mail regarding this..ID number is been given..this alone id number r enough to take print out and along original documents to get a the venue??

  28. dhruv says:

    I got oly small pop up box stating ur registerd..hw wil i take that print out n show…or i shld take my mail…as a printout copy..??plz let me

  29. rajesh says:

    Hi directly I can buy the tickets in airshow

  30. Prasanna Kumar says:

    What is the difference between the 600 and 2500 rupees tickets? Is it worth going for the 2500 ticket? What are the extra things you get to see in 2500 ticket?

  31. sharan says:

    I have booked 2 tickets where unfortunately i gave the wrong name in one of the ticket. Will this be a problem as the person accompanying me doesn’t have his name printed in the ticket?

  32. Manjunatha D S says:

    I need go for aero India 2015,and I need 6 tickets for show, but I have not registered. So called the mentioned above for bulk order. He asked me to come to yelahanka domestic area. So can please provide me the complete address of it.

  33. Soumya Khurana says:

    @ Murugeshan .You are talking about last year..Can u comfirm if we cam collect the ticket form the Venue this time as well

  34. Pratik says:

    is pan card allowed?

  35. Udit says:

    Since online registration is closed, can I directly go to the venue and register and collect the ticket there it self, if yes please also mention what are documents I require to carry

  36. anil says:

    is tickets r available

  37. dhruv says:

    U can buy the tickets of general visit 600 from gate no 8 n 9 directly u can buy any number of tickets the payment mode is only through debit or credit card no cash is entertained…if ppl r registered through online shld have the id number of mail copy…u can take ur tickets..
    And they wont check any specific name of a person..its just lik buying a movie tickets…carry ur original id…600 is oly for the performance view…u wont b accesed through exhibition area.
    2500 is business class u avail entry to all the stall.

  38. deesha says:

    U can buy the tickets of general visit 600 from gate no 8 n 9 directly u can buy any number of tickets the payment mode is only through debit or credit card no cash is entertained…if ppl r registered through online shld have the id number of mail copy…u can take ur tickets..
    And they wont check any specific name of a person..its just lik buying a movie tickets…carry ur original id…600 is oly for the performance view…u wont b accesed through exhibition area.
    2500 is business class u avail entry to all the stall.

  39. ques says:

    What about the dress code. is it mandatory. For general public is casual dress allowed ?

  40. SHAMBHU says:

    not clear
    a) if registration done online and no confirmation mail received and no response from ourganisational email id of itsupport then what ?

    b) we have registration no and I presume that we need to carry this registration no and valid ID card to the site and get the pass

    c) then why is the ticket required as payment already made on line

    d) everytime it is written date will be informed from where the ticket can be collected in lieu of registration – show is half over – when the date will be notified

    too much confusion … total bogus site and the person who put the info on the site does not know how to build the site for public at large

  41. Vishal says:

    Would we know What time the ‘performances’ planned on Sat and Sun?

  42. Ank says:

    Does one have to stand throughout the show or is there any kind of seating arrangement present ?

  43. Shankar says:

    Yes .. Axis Bank have stopped issuing tickets. You need to go and pick up the tickets from the venue

  44. Rahul says:

    I have made the booking using my Adhar card details of which I don’t have the originals with me but have my PAN card original. Will it be fine for their verification??

  45. sowjanya says:


    I have two kids below 5 years of age. Shoudl i take any ID proof for them or not required.

    I just had their school ID cards, One is of 4 years 1 month and other is of 2 years 3 months.

    Can anyone pls reply..

  46. chaitanya says:

    Can you please confirm whether PANCARD comes under Govt ID?

  47. chaitanya says:

    whether pan card comes under govt ID card. Please reply

  48. qvarun gupta says:

    i successfully registered for the event.
    upon registration i was redirected to a page showing my unique registration id and the transaction id
    plus I received a sms stating the same.
    but i didn’t receive any confirmation mail?
    is the sms and unique registration id enough?

  49. Sheriff says:

    I dont understand what is the difference between registeration and booking a ticket?
    It is not friday evening, I dont think that the banks will be open on saturday -I think someone has mentioned that they are no longer issuing tickets-!!
    Also, I cant find the online website!!
    please explain!

  50. varun gupta says:

    hey, please reply to my query:)

  51. rani says:

    Can we wear jeans and shirt for the show..or is it not allowed?

  52. Sheriff says:

    Cant find the online booking ?
    what is the difference between registration and booking a ticket?

  53. janani says:

    can children be allowed without a pass when they are below ten? A scientist of a CABS said so.

  54. reshma says:

    Hi, piyush
    Thanks for all the information u have provided and to all who have shared their. Great job????

  55. Auror says:

    Is der a possibilty of spot registration for the airshow? for General Visitors

  56. prabu says:

    Hi Few tickets are available for purchase , where you can see on sunday

    call 7259509730

    fur further details.

  57. Mrinal says:

    Hi. Does anyone know what time the air display starts? Or do they have them all day between 0900-1700? Also are you allowed to walk around the parked aircraft with the adva only ticket? Or do you have to pay for the general access one?

    Very useful site – thanks for this piyush.

  58. abdul Wahab Shaikh says:

    Do I need to register online, even if I want to buy tickets at the venue???

  59. SR says:

    I would like to take my family to the airshow on 22Feb15.Does 8 years old children has to ticket?.

  60. Rohit says:

    Great site and the only one that pops up when searching for aero show tickets to see user comments. I am writing this for the benefit of those who may want to go on Sunday which is the last day. I did not have any tickets for me or my 5 and a half year old son. I did not do any registration online either. I went there based on some comments on this forum that said you could get tickets at the venue. I left at 1130 and took me 3 hours (from old airport road) to reach gate 5 which comes after a u turn. They asked me to not turn inside gate 8 and forced me to move ahead (to regulate traffic at the cost of inconveniencing me I think) and when I went past that gate that’s when another cop said gate 5 is the one that I needed to go to which came after a u turn. Spent one hour just getting into that gate. Blessing in disguise since after the aero show if I would have had to take a u turn I would have spent another hour or more easily just for that! Rs 600 would have given me a ticket with entry from gate 8 which was 5 km away so I took 2500 one (worth every penny even though I didn’t visit the stalls). No queue at the ticket counter. And they wouldn’t accept cash I think (I paid by card). They didn’t charge for my son even though I told them he was 5 years old. 2500 ticket had the entry that was only about 15 mins walk even though there are shuttles running but there were long queues. At the venue we were at a place where we could see the screen, the live show of course and hear the commentary as well. After the show we walked back and it took us one hour to just get out of that gate 5. Took me 3 hours to get back home. I would strongly recommend carrying food and lots of water in the car. They don’t allow food inside but one can buy food and drinks inside. Carry sun glasses and caps. Umbrellas are irritating given the crowd. They have loos at the venue so we didn’t face any problem but after the long ride and before the long return ride it’s a must to pay a visit to the loo as you are not sure how long it’s going to take getting out of the venue! If I had left early in the morning I probably would not have faced the traffic issue. Hope this has been helpful.

  61. Rohit says:

    Just wanted to add that I went there today (Saturday) so Sunday would be no different in terms of traffic. Leave early if you plan to visit.

  62. Wunwani says:

    I am.planning for today that is 22 Feb , I haven’t registered but my friend has the passes . He just got them . I don’t know if its genuine??
    And could anyone plz help me what’s with dress code ?? I didn’t get it

  63. pooja says:

    Hey thanks for the information. .

    Can you please provide the link for buying the tickets online for 2k16.. (the above link is not working)

  64. amith says:

    PLease let me know the difference between ADVA – Air Display Viewing Area and
    Visitors Exhibition Area.

    And which is good one to see and is it worth to buy ‘Visitors Exhibition Area’, it is bit costly..!

  65. MJ says:

    can I get to know about the schedule on Saturday 18 Feb?
    I’m planning to buy Business visitors pass and leave for the show as early as possible in morning around 8 am. where should I get off from the bus if I’m coming from hebbal ?

  66. Arunyadav.m says:

    Hai I booked the tickets. I got unique number. So I need clarification that whare I can confirm the ticket. In coffee day shop.or any whare else I am in K r Puram. Bangalore.

  67. akanth says:

    Sir, today morning I booked tickets for 2 and I also received my unique number but I guess i was supposed to get an Email conformation regarding it which i did not get. so what should I do? plz help me out.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  68. Chandrika says:

    Hi Piyush, my son is 5yrs n 10 months old. Do we have to buy tkt for him tooo?

  69. Sriram says:

    Hi Piyush,

    I have registered for the visitor exhibition area (Rs. 1500) –

    Can I watch the air show as well with that ticket? The site says “valid for all area excluding chalets & ADVA”. Do you have any info regarding that?

  70. Akshay says:

    I havnt registered online and I’m wondering if I can go to the show tomorrow directly and buy one from it possible?

  71. Xxx says:

    Can we collect the tickets at the venue today?

  72. Gopi Geet Katha says:

    very nice post, i surely love this web site, keep on it

  73. […] my post from previous year edition in 2017 and 2015, I have tried to cover all aspects of Aero India 2019 in one place. Being a government run event, […]

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