Aero Show 2018, Bangalore dates?

Aero Show, Bangalore is a great event that is sought after by people across the country. A lot of folks fly in to attend the event in big numbers. Tickets are difficult to get hands on and the information is not readily available. This lead me to create the 2015 and 2017 blog post with all information collated in one spot. A lot of information was made available via people and the post showed how crowdsourcing content can really help several.

Update – Aero 2019 dates and venue have just been announced! Details below.

Aero Show 2018 – When?

Well if you have ended up on this page with the hope to catch the Aero Show 2018, I have bad news for you! Aero show is a biennial event i.e. it will happen once every two years! Due to this, there are actually NO DATES in 2018.

Aero Sjow Breitling

A moment from Aero Show 2015

After a lot of debate this year for the venue of 2019 event, it has finally been announced that Bangalore will host the AERO SHOW 2019 for the 12th time. Lucknow was a close contender that lost.

Aero Show 2019 – Dates and Venue?

The dates for Aero Show 2019 has been announced as 20th to 24th February 2019. Details on tickets and registration are still not available. Like previous editions, I will be share all information regarding the dates and tickets on eWebBuddy once the same is available.

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Aero Show 2017

You can check the details of last years event here – Aero Show 2017, Bangalore.

Do check the comments to get a good understand of what people went through.

Here is a video from 2015 aero show to give you a glimpse of what the event looked like:

Image Source – Financial Express

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