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Amazon Kindle DX now with global wireless available for Indians

Amazon Kindle! Does the name ring a bell? It doesn’t? C’mon.

Ok..let me take a different approach. Apple iPad! Does the name ring a bell? It does right… See this the kind of popularity Apple products gain. Afterall even I was talking about iPad’s launch on eWebBuddy. You can read about it here.

So, coming back to the point…long before Apple iPad, Kindle by Amazon, the e-commerce giant, started it all.

What is Amazon Kindle?

This is what the wikipedia says,

Amazon Kindle is a software and hardware platform developed by subsidiary Lab126 for rendering and displaying e-books and other digital media.[1] Three hardware devices, known as “Kindle,” “Kindle 2,” and “Kindle DX” support this platform.

Putting the same in simple words, Kindle is a cool tool which started the revolutionary e-book reader phenomena. Its a e-book reader designed and developed by Amazon with the help of which one can read e-books on the fly. Whether its the daily newspaper, or any other book. You can simply connect to the internet bookstore specifically setup for Kindle and download your favorite books. The device has a good memory space which lets you save all the e-books and read whenever you want. You can also connect via USB and transfer data. Though kindle doesn’t boast of a color screen like the upcoming iPad, it had been appreciated and being used by more than 2million users wordwide.

What is Kindle DX?

Kindle DX is the latest in the Kindle series which even has Global Wireless. Now you can connect and download books from anywhere around the world. Amazon has also enabled world-wide shipping for Kindle since 19th January and that makes it available for all Indian Customers too. It’s priced at $489. Whereas, one can only dream and wait for the iPad until it reaches India, you can get your hands over this baby now. 🙂 Also, I am pretty sure Apple iPad’s price tag will make it absolutely outta reach from the masses. Click here to buy kindle now.

Features in the new Amazon Kindle

  • Wireless Delivery of Personal and Professional Documents: Customers can take their personal and professional documents with them around the world with Kindle DX. They can even wirelessly receive personal and professional documents while they’re on the road, saving the hassle of searching for a printer or fax machine.
  • Built-In PDF Reader: Kindle DX features a built-in, native PDF reader using Adobe Reader Mobile technology for reading professional and personal documents. Like other types of documents on Kindle, customers can wirelessly receive their PDF format documents on their Kindle if they have wireless coverage or move them over using a USB connection. With a larger display and built-in PDF reader, Kindle DX customers can read professional and personal documents with more complex layouts without scrolling, panning or zooming, and without re-flowing. Everything from annual reports with graphs to flight manuals with maps to musical scores can be viewed on a single, crisp screen with Kindle DX.
  • Auto-Rotation: Kindle DX’s display content auto-rotates so users can read in portrait or landscape mode, or flip the device to read with either hand. Simply turn Kindle DX and immediately see full-width landscape views of maps, graphs, tables and images.
  • 3.3 GB Memory Holds up to 3,500 Books: With 3.3 GB of available memory, Kindle DX can hold up to 3,500 books, compared to 1,500 with Kindle. And because Amazon automatically backs up a copy of every Kindle book purchased, customers can wirelessly re-download titles from their library at any time.
  • Annotation and Bookmarks: The Kindle DX keyboard lets customers add annotations to text, just as they would write in the margins of a book. Customers can edit, delete and export these notes, highlight and clip key passages, and bookmark pages for future use. Additionally, Kindle DX automatically bookmarks the last page a customer reads of any content.
  • Automatically Syncs With Kindle and Kindle-Compatible Devices: Amazon’s Whispersync technology automatically syncs customers’ last page read, bookmarks, notes and highlights across Kindle, Kindle DX, and Kindle-compatible devices like Kindle for PC and Kindle for iPhone, as well as Kindle for Mac coming soon.
  • Incredibly Thin: Kindle DX is just over a third of an inch thin, which is thinner than most magazines.
  • Adjustable Text Size: Kindle DX has six adjustable font sizes to suit your reading preference. You can increase the text size of your favorite book or periodical with the push of a button. If your eyes tire, simply increase the font size and continue reading comfortably. Now every book in your library can be large print.
  • 3G Wireless, No PC, No Hunting for Wi-Fi Hot Spots: Just like Kindle, Kindle DX customers automatically take advantage of Amazon Whispernet to wirelessly shop the Kindle Store, download or receive new content in less than 60 seconds, and read from their library–all without a PC, Wi-Fi hot spot, or syncing. Amazon still pays for the wireless connectivity on Kindle DX so books can be downloaded in less than 60 seconds–with no monthly fees, data plans or service contracts.
  • Extended Battery Life: Kindle DX now offers extended battery life – read for up to one full week with wireless on and up to two weeks with the wireless turned off.
  • Text-to-Speech: Kindle DX offers the experimental read-to-me feature “Text-to-Speech” that converts words on a page to spoken word so customers have the option to read or listen. Customers can switch back and forth between reading and listening, and their spot is automatically saved. Pages turn automatically while the content is being read so customers can listen hands-free. Using the read-to-me feature with books, newspapers, magazines, and personal documents, Kindle DX can read to you.
  • No Setup Required: When customers order a Kindle DX, it arrives from ready to use. There is no software to load or set up. Customers are immediately ready to shop, purchase, download and read from Kindle.
  • Built-in Dictionary and Wikipedia: Kindle has built-in access to The New Oxford American Dictionary, which contains over 250,000 entries and definitions, so readers can easily look up the definitions of words within their reading. Kindle customers also have seamless access to the world’s most exhaustive and up-to-date encyclopedia– With Kindle DX in hand, looking up people, places, events and more has never been easier. It gives whole new meaning to the phrase “walking encyclopedia.”

What more?

There are more than 320,000 titles available for Kindle and its growing everyday. Also, the wireless connectivity is free for all customers, even non U.S. There’s a lot more. So what are you waiting for. Get one today.

Note: Apart from the usual Kindle Cost, for Indian customers usual Customs applicable.

Thanks to Wikipedia, Amazon and for some information.

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