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Bloombox by KR Sridhar – Answer to Green Clean Power?

Bloombox is the name of that device which is being touted to change how we get power in future and what’s more inspiring about the device is that its made by an NRI, K.R. Sridhar. Bloombox is the result of the vision and hard work of K.R.Sridhar and his company Bloom Energy. This is one of the first of the many green energy attempts that seems viable to some extent.

What is a BloomBox?

Bloombox is the name of the device or rather a box which produces clean, green electricity and can make the Grid/Power Companies go on a toss. Expected to be priced around $3ooo, this box has the capability of producing constant power for years. Though it’s not like it runs on nothing, to produce the energy, any form of gas fuel like natural gas, biogas, etc is required. All of us know that energy can never be produced out of nothing.

Sridhar says that a small box is capable of running 1 American home or 2 European homes or even up to 4 Indian homes by producing around 1KW of power. Cool, huh?

That too, it produces no sound, needs nothing more, does not give out harmful gases.

How does BloomBox work?

Blookbox has a series of panels separated by cheap metal alloys which are capable of producing electricity with the help of a gas like natural gas, biogas.

The panel is made of beach sand and is then coated with a special green& black ink on either sides. This ink is the secret behind producing power. When it interacts with gas and oxygen, power is generated. The higher the number of panels used, the more is the power generated.

Is there a catch here?

Apart from the bit that it run on a gas form, there is no catch. You can argue that since it uses Gas as a source, hows it good coz we are still dependent on others. Also, to produce the gas power is lost.

But we are looking at how generating power can get cheaper and greener here. Right now oil and nuclear power is the main source of electricity followed by water and wind. Oil and nuclear will not last for long and in producing electricity a lot of harm is done to nature. That is where Bloom scores…

Also, Bloom energy is not dependent on one form of Gas, making it more feasible for use.

Is it being used anywhere right now?

Sridhar unveiled the technology to the world just today via CNET and 60-minutes. It is currently under test by Google, Fed-Ex, and Walmart. There are other biggies being lined up and they are saying that this technology looks quite promising.

Sridhar had raised 400-million-dollars for this project and its success is very important not just for him but also for his vision for a cleaner greener earth.

Though not everyone is positive about the technology, it sure seems that we are taking steps towards making this a better, cleaner and greener world.

Following is a NEWS article of the same. (Click on the article for a better view)

sridhar news article bloombox

Check out the video below for more. Its set to revolutionize the way we use electricity!! 🙂 Cheers!!

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5 Replies to “Bloombox by KR Sridhar – Answer to Green Clean Power?

    1. @rajan – I am sure Sridhar must be receiving endless congratulations. 🙂 Yes, Indians and every other individual in this world can benefit from this technology.
      Though its gonna have a little steep price tag for India.

  1. This development is really promising.

    I actually sent them a mail asking if any other (like clean) fuels can be used. They said that the boxes can use nearly any fuel, especially Hydrogen for sure…

    perhaps this will give the Hydrogen car a revival??


    All you need to break free from the Grip of the Energy Grid and Greed. And btw.:
    Using (rotten) wood for generating energy is the exactly same method already used in Neanderthal.
    Last time I checked they were extinct…
    Bloom Energy expanding Fuel cell energy and creating residential fuel cell, perhaps hydrogen fuel cell car

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