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Do you have an online business? Are you a freelancer or do you offer any kind of service? Well whatever field you are in, you must be aware of the importance of advertising and reaching out to people. Specially when the competition is so high.

Lately, I have been getting a lot of requests for paid reviews where businesses have benefited as they receive fresh traffic, more backlinks and better SE rankings. On the other hand my readers also benefit from the reviews as they come to know about new services, better offers and helps them decide better. I want to extend the benefit for businesses to promote their services via ad banners.

Why Advertise?

You provide a service which helps you earn your bread & butter. The service makes money when you get clients. The clients reach you when they come to know about your services and yet again if they like them. The part where the clients come to know about your service is something that you should effectively manage and work towards getting new clients. New clients not only help your business grow but also spread the word. This can be achieved faster via advertising.

Why advertise on eWebBuddy?

eWebBuddy is an emerging technology blog for non-techies which basically defines your target customer. It currently holding a PR2 on Google and has hundred of pages cached by other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc. The ranking and traffic is gradually increasing. Regular posts on various events, services and news across the web have attracted a regular stream of traffic who not only read the posts but also share it across various social networking sites. Backlink from a high ranking site would help your business rise on Search Results and earn you better traffic.

What ad space is on offer?

Currently there are only four 125×125 ad blocks available for advertising. These blocks are placed on the sidebar towards the top on every page thus garnering attention of every blog visitor. It gets good number of hits everyday and will help gain traffic for your site.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the ad blocks are very low. Each block costs as little as $2/day i.e $60 a month. To buy ad space, please mail your ad banner (125×125) to [email protected]

Do use the Contact Us form in case you have any further questions. All payments will be accepted via PayPal.

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