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Online Marriage Registration in India: Process and Rules

Marriage Registration in India

Marriages, they say, are made in heaven. They are unions of souls—sagas of love impossible to limit to the dotted line. But here on earth, while societal customs/rituals build the bond of holy matrimony, it is essential to document things on paper aka marriage registration.

What GST Means for India? Explained – Tax Rate, Benefits and Impact


After Demonetization, the top trend that has been on every Indian’s mind is GST or Goods and Service Tax. Key question has been to understand what GST means. This indirect tax policy change is expected to be a game-changer for the country. Looking at unification of Tax Rates across states and providing benefits that reaches all citizens is one of the key benefits of GST. This bill has been in the talks for years but its only now that we are closer than ever to have it see the light of the day. With any new government policy, there comes a wave of questions, confusions and doubts. In this blog post, eWebBuddy tries to simplify and explain the various aspects of this new tax reform for India.

PAN Card Number – What does it mean?

PAN Card Number

A PAN Card as you might already be aware is a very important identification for a working, tax-paying Indian. The PAN Card number is what helps identify your income and also helps you pay income tax. Most of us have it and also remember our PAN card number as we end up using it for identification purposes while buying railway tickets, bus tickets or opening a bank account. But there are only a handful of us who really know what this number means and what is the different information hidden in it.

iPad or iFail? Is Apple iPad really worth the wait?

Okay, this post may come as a surprise to many of those apple devotees, but its something even they cannot deny completely. Since the iPad was unveiled by Steve Jobs, many have had mixed reviews about the product. We have read and seen what it is all about, how different iPad is or rather how cool it is! But is iPad really a success story?

There are so many short-comings to the iPad, following are a few to name:

  • No multi-tasking option. C’mon guys its the 21st Century!!
  • No support for Flash! Still trying to play the monopoly game??
  • No camera/webcam. Duh!!!
  • Like Kindle even this will have a Store and they will try to make it stuck to only special format pdfs. Monopoly game again..
  • Looks sleek but just a stretched version for iPhone. Do you really bank it to be innovative?
  • No hand-writing recognition or option to take print-outs!
  • And the worst reason, what is so great about iPad? Why so much hype, so much brouhaha..?? What have iPad come up with so good that people can’t stop talking about it..? I would say nothing! Here is an image I found on the net, creator unknown but it says it all:

Here are some posts on other blogs about why iPad is actually iFail:

A 16-year-old’s view of Apple’s iPad: iFail

Netizens dub the Apple iPad as ‘iFail’

So, what do you think??

Buy the tee above. Image source – here

What is Gravatar and how to get one – BuddyQuery

Diff between Gravatar enabled and disabled.

Here’s answer to one of the queries asked by a fellow blogger. Sometimes simple things can confuse us and many of a times we see/use things without even realizing what it is. If you fall in either of the categories when it comes to Gravatar, you will find this post very helpful.

This BuddyQuery post takes along the trend of explaining tech stuff the simple way like earlier I had posted how you could download videos from YouTube directly and also how to stop Google Buzz updates from Inbox. This post is all about “Gravatar”.

Disclaimer– No, this is not an advanced, new-age version of “Avatar-3D”, infact its not connected to that at all.. Sorry if this information was a disappointment but come on, its high time now that you let the Avatar fever pass. 😛

What is Gravatar?

Gravatar in simple words is your online avatar, a visual representation of you for the online world. It stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. And what makes it special is, you can upload one avatar and be sure that it is displayed on every blog that supports gravatar. Sounds confusing? Well, don’t worry, it will be clearer as you read on.

So you can choose an image in jpeg or png format and upload to your Gravatar account. Once you do that, the image will appear on all the blogs/websites that support Gravatar when you leave a comment. For example, though here at ewebbuddy we do not display gravatar, if it would have been used and if you leave a comment to this post and you have set a Gravatar, the image would have appeared next to your comment! Cool, huh?

Why use Gravatar?

If gives a face to the comment and in a way also people start knowing you because of the Gravatar. It’s better to interact the person face-to-face and gravatar tries to achieve the same. Following is example of Gravatar from one other popular site. The images next to the comments are Gravatar.

Incase, you leave a comment on a site which supports Gravatar but you haven’t enabled one for yourself yet, it will look like this:

Diff between Gravatar enabled and disabled.

How does Gravatar work?

Its pretty simple. You goto ‘s Gravatar’s website and upload your image. After that whenever you leave a comment on a blog that supports Gravatar, you need to either use your username or your email id which you had used when registering on Gravatar’s site. If any of the two match, your uploaded image is displayed!

How to set your Gravatar?

  1. Goto to Gravatar’s website
  2. Register yourself an account (takes 2 mins)
  3. Upload your desired Visual Identity
  4. Start posting comments and watch your Gravatar in action.

Hope you found this post helpful and you will not look dumb if someone asks you about Gravatar! 🙂 If you have more queries related to Gravatar, do post a comment below and let me know.

Also, do post your tech queries in the “Skribit” box in the sidebar and I will try to post their answers at the earliest.. Someone has rightly said, “Learning should never stop!”

How to download YouTube videos – BuddyQuery


This is a kickstart to one of the sections I wanted to start long time back – BuddyQuery. This category will have answers to the simplest and smallest of Tech troubles. All you have to do is post the query in the “Skribit” box in the sidebar!

In this post we will talk about how you can Download videos from YouTube the easy way. I will not be talking about various softwares that you will need to download. The solutions present in this post are direct, online and ready to use.

How to download videos to your desktop?

Please find some of the methods that you can use below:

1. – This is one of the first websites that came up and has been my favorite ever since. Its quite simple and gives you the choice of downloading the videos in either .flv or .mp4 formats.

  • Simply copy the URL of the page on the video is there i.e. goto the video on and copy the link from the addressbar. Example –
  • Goto and paste the link in the Textbox on the top of the page, click on download.
  • You will be provided download links  for both the formats. Download the one desired. Simple, eh?

2. Download directly – This option lets you download your video directly from address bar without going to any website. What more, you can download in the format you desire viz. flv, 3gp or mp4. Find the steps below:

Suppose you want to download following video:

Then after adding the OK the url will be like this – Will download it in FLV format.

If you want to download video in 3GP format then the url will be:

If you want to download video in MP4 format then the url will be:

Pretty neat, huh??

Apart from the above mentioned 2 methods there are several more similar sites and options. But why hunt for more when you know the best? 😉

So get going and get all those videos you love on your desktop. Subscribe to eWebBuddy if you still haven’t for more such tips.

Do leave a comment and let me know if this post was useful!

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