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Bosch Go Smart Screwdriver – Launch & Review


Bosch has been creating the most sophisticated yet user-friendly and high-performing power tools for several decades now. Over the recent years they have become a household name with their range of quick tools targeted at every day users along with having heavy duty tools for the professionals. I had the opportunity to experience one of their newest innovation in the space of power tools – Bosch Go Smart Screwdriver. Yes when on first instance, it may not sound like something you really need. But once you lay your hand over the Bosch Go screwdriver, you would definitely want to have one of your own. Keep reading to learn more!!

Hate Evernote Price Change? Switch to OneNote, Apple Notes and More


Evernote pulled a fast one on its loyal user base earlier today with announcing a change in its pricing. And this has irked a lot of people! If you are like me, i.e. a regular user of Evernote but would like to move away to other alternatives like OneNote, this post can help you!

iOS 9 Launch in India for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – Install Now

Apple Logo

Like every year at this time, Apple released a major upgrade to its flagship mobile OS – the iOS9. iOS9 is now available in India and launched along with several others across the world. The official time was 10am PST and the social media immediately started buzzing with first impressions on the iOS 9 launch. In this post you can find details on some of the new features of iOS9 and how you can install it on your iOS device.

iOS 6 Features & Launch

iOS 6

With the iPhone 5, Apple has also launched iOS 6 which is also available for older products like iphone 4s, 4 and iPads. A lot of feature enhancements have been added which are all listed below. You can upgrade your device today by using iTunes.

Fund a socially engaged art work –

Art has many forms. Though in the mainstream, its more widely recognized in the form of movies, real art is different. For me real art is creativity that strives to bring about a change however small or big is out of question. There are many people and communities across that live and breathe art but sadly art does not bring in the required money for most so it stays as a passion instead of becoming their way of living life.

Make Video Chatting Better and Brighter with Skype Light

iPAD Light by Glowzi

With the launch of Google Plus Hangout and Facebook Video Chat, Video chatting is now getting more common day by day and so are the problems related to it. Skype has been a powerful and popular IM tool which made video chat better and faster. But among the problems faced by all users, one of the biggest one is lack of clarity in picture quality. Most of the times, the blame goes to the camera quality but that’s not entirely true.

250+ Free Online Courses from Top Universities

250+ Online Free Courses from Top University

“Learning is a phenomenon that should never stop..”, something I sincerely believe in. I crave to learn something new everyday and also try to explore never imagined territories. While exploring one of my favorite design communities, I came across this humongous list of courses across various subjects ranging from Architecture to Artificial Intelligence. And the best part is that these courses are delivered from lecturers across the world top universities like Stanford, MIT & Harvard and they are all free of cost.

Find and Share Songs across Twitter, Facebook with TinySong

Music Note

Are you someone who loves to listen to music and also share your favorite numbers among your friends across social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+? Then you are going to love this new site from Grooveshark.

Grooveshark, if you are not already aware is an online music streaming site which allows you to create your own playlists and listen to any song you want anywhere.

Windows 8 Features and Specifications

Windows 8 Start Screen

For past several months, Microsoft has been busy building its new OS codenamed Windows 8, which targets a variety of devices ranging from tablet to desktop PCs. Initial announcement from Microsoft about the OS came in January 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

SMS Mobile App to help you find the correct Auto Fare in India

Auto Rickshaw

Faulty auto meters, rude auto rickshaw walas, getting cheating by auto drivers – something all of us in India have been a victim of at some point in our lives. One always has to haggle with the auto drivers to avoid paying sometimes 300% of the actual fare. And if you are new in the city then you cannot even be sure whether you are being cheated or not.