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iPhone 5 – Will it look like this?

iPhone 5 SJ Concept Design

iPhone’s design is I believe the most discussed design in product history and many were surprised when Apple launched iPhone 4s with Siri last year instead of the speculated iPhone 5. Now there are rumors that iPhone 5 will be launched this year along with the next generation iPads. How much truth is there in those stories I do not really know but what I do know is that it will be quite something. Well for now check out the concept design of iPhone 5 created by designer Antonio De Rosa. It does look ultra-slim and quite an eye-candy. Reminded me of the latest Motorola DROID RAZR 4G Android Phone though. What do you think?

Have fun with SketchPad – Online Free Drawing Tool


The past few posts have been a little towards the serious note with Indian Paypal Issues and Paypal Resolving it with Purpose Code, so I thought that its time to have some fun. And I was more than happy to have stumbled upon SketchPad.


What is SketchPad?

With a sleek and cool interface, it is exactly what is seems from its name. Its like a drawing board with controls similar to that of Photshop/Gimp. You can just access the site and paint your imagination out. Its quite funky with a lot of features and surprising super fast. That is because it is not flash based at all.

The Technical Side

Sketchpad is based on Canvas which was developed by Apple for their platforms. Its a HTML5 product and current works with only on the modern browsers. IE users will have to wait a little longer, as the IE version is still under development.

The application has been designed by a team ColorJack and it seems they are currently also working on a cool photosharing tool, MugTug.

Gooooo Paint

So, what are you waiting for. Simply go and paint your heart out. You can save and share your creations. Do share your designs here. Don’t feel shy! 😛

Also, take this post as a late Holi treat from eWebBuddy….after all whats life without colors!

45 Basic Rules of Creating a Great Logo Design

A Logo is one’s identity and I believe the most important step when one is intending to grow in a brand, recognized all around. Designing a logo is both simple and tough at the same time depending on what exactly you have in mind. Identity design is one of the most challenging fields and demands your creative juices to keep on flowing all the time. But that does not mean you cannot pull off a unique and cool logo for yourself. Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, in this post there are 45 very basic guidelines which you should keep in mind when creating a design. I stumbled upon this one and thought it would be a great help for all my friends here. The credit to these steps go to Tanner Christensen for his post…

Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

So here’s the list:

45 Basic Rules/Guidelines of creating a great logo design

1. Do not use more than three colors.
2. Get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary.
3. Type must be easy enough for your grandma to read.
4. The logo must be recognizable.
5. Create a unique shape or layout for the logo.
6. Completely ignore what your parents and/or spouse think about the design.
7. Confirm that the logo looks appealing to more than just three (3) individuals.
8. Do not combine elements from popular logos and claim it as original work.
9. Do not use clipart under any circumstances.
10. The logo should look good in black and white.
11. Make sure that the logo is recognizable when inverted.
12. Make sure that the logo is recognizable when resized.
13. If the logo contains an icon or symbol, as well as text, place each so that they complement one another.
14. Avoid recent logo design trends. Instead, make the logo look timeless.
15. Do not use special effects (including, but not limited to: gradients, drop shadows, reflections, and light bursts).
16. Fit the logo into a square layout if possible, avoid obscure layouts.
17. Avoid intricate details.
18. Consider the different places and ways that the logo will be presented.
19. Invoke feelings of being bold and confident, never dull and weak.
20. Realize that you will not create a perfect logo.
21. Use sharp lines for sharp businesses, smooth lines for smooth businesses.
22. The logo must have some connection to what it is representing.
23. A photo does not make a logo.
24. You must surprise customers with presentation.
25. Do not use more than two fonts.
26. Each element of the logo needs to be aligned. Left, center, right, top, or bottom.
27. The logo should look solid, with no trailing elements.
28. Know who is going to be looking at the logo before you think of ideas for it.
29. Always choose function over innovation.
30. If the brand name is memorable, the brand name should be the logo.
31. The logo should be recognizable when mirrored.
32. Even large companies need small logos.
33. Everyone should like the logo design, not just the business that will use it.
34. Create variations. The more variations, the more likely you are to get it right.
35. The logo must look consistent across multiple platforms.
36. The logo must be easy to describe.
37. Do not use taglines in the logo.
38. Sketch out ideas using paper and pencil before working on a computer.
39. Keep the design simple.
40. Do not use any “swoosh” or “globe”symbols.
41. The logo should not be distracting.
42. It should be honest in its representation.
43. The logo should be balanced visually.
44. Avoid bright, neon colors and dark, dull colors.
45. The logo must not break any of the above rules.

Hope that was helpful. Do comment and tell me if you do not agree with any of these or whatever you think. Image credit Chris Spooner, SpoonGraphics

Logo of the Day – New site Launched for Logo Design lovers

Hi buddies…

Logos are what makes up for an identity, it can build a reputation or destroy the same. Because of this reasons logo designs are required to be worked out with high precaution putting in a lot of ideas and thoughts. Not all logos work, and the ones that do, should be rightfully acknowledged.

To award Logos & their designers, Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design and Jeff Fisher of LogoMotives have launched a new website Logo Of the Day (LOTD). The abbrievation at first reminded me of LOTR, Lord of the Rings, one of my favourite movies…

So what is Logo of the Day? This is what Jacob Cass says in his blog..

Logo Of The Day LOTD) is a logo design gallery that gets updated daily with only high quality logos, which is ensured by the “judges” who are myself & Jeff Fisher.

LOTD is also a high-profile logo design award scheme that rewards the best professional logos and trademarks designed throughout the world. I won’t say much more because you can read more about it on the LOTD about page.

Logo of the Day Website Homepage

Logo of the Day Website Homepage

Currently Jacob is also running a contest in which one can win the following exciting prizes…

Do check out this blog article for more details…

To know more about the Judges…click here

If I am asked which logo do I like the most, the JCD logo by Jacob Cass will win a thums-up.. I just love the simplicity yet complex and beautiful design…

Just Creative Design Logo by Jacob Cass

Just Creative Design Logo by Jacob Cass