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Vaccination Schedule in India 2019 – Price & More


As responsible parents, you want the best for your little one. You want to protect him/her from any illness and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure this. One of the most vital steps to keep your child disease-free and healthy is regular vaccination. And yet, vaccination is marred with many unfortunate myths and untruths. While some people may tell you vaccines are “evil” and “unnatural”, others believe they lead to autism! But the only truth about vaccinations is that they are CRUCIAL to keep your child safe from potentially life-threatening germs.

Aero Show 2018, Bangalore dates?

Aero Sjow Breitling

Aero Show, Bangalore is a great event that is sought after by people across the country. A lot of folks fly in to attend the event in big numbers. Tickets are difficult to get hands on and the information is not readily available. This lead me to create the 2015 and 2017 blog post with all information collated in one spot. A lot of information was made available via people and the post showed how crowdsourcing content can really help several.

Update – Aero 2019 dates and venue have just been announced! Details below.

Aero Show 2017, Bangalore – Dates, Registration, Ticket Cost, Timing and Rules


Aero Show is back for another spectacular event in Bangalore. Aero Show in Bangalore is a bi-annual affair which is quite a big event and has a lot of fan fare. Who wouldn’t like to experience the latest Fire Power and Aircraft that Indian Defense possesses! Above all its a bonus that you can see them in action performing hair-raising stunts for the crowd. The tickets get sold out pretty fast for this event. So if you have not registered yet, here is how you can register.

Income Tax 2017 Updates as per India Finance Bill


With the recent demonetization program, everyone is keeping a keen eye out for the Finance Bill and any changes that impact the economics of trade for the country. Among many other changes being called out, we have the Indian Finance Minister sharing the changes in the India Finance Bill for this year. This post tries to highlight the Income Tax-specific changes along with few others that impact all of us.

Flipkart Big Billion Day All Offers – 4th Oct 2016

Big Billion Day

The third day of the Big Billion Day Sale by Flipkart is in progress and the deals are getting just better and better. The third day unleashed a lot of amazing offers around Laptops, Camera, Electronics and Auto Accessories. Do not miss picking up something for your friends and loved ones. Below is a single page which has the list of all Deals for Day 3.

Flipkart Big Billion Day All Offers – Oct 3 2016

Big Billion Day

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale enter Day 2 with even more amazing offers than Day 1. Some of the day1 offers are still available, incase you want to check them out. Here is the complete list. But for now, check out all the amazing offers of the Day 2 sale below. We have consolidated all offers on a single page for you to save time and make sure you do not miss anything.

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale All Offers – October 2 2016

Big Billion Day

Big Billion Day Sale by Flipkart is back with amazing offers. Check out these offers for Day 1. Top offers on appliances and electronics listed below. SBI Card offers shared below.

Hate Evernote Price Change? Switch to OneNote, Apple Notes and More


Evernote pulled a fast one on its loyal user base earlier today with announcing a change in its pricing. And this has irked a lot of people! If you are like me, i.e. a regular user of Evernote but would like to move away to other alternatives like OneNote, this post can help you!

Missed call from +231 (Liberia) – Scam Alert


People finding scammy ways to make money and cause harm is nothing new. For ages, there have been always a section of people who make a living by tricking other people and getting away with it. This post tries to save you from one such scam being operated from Liberia based numbers – starting with +231.

Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Offers – Deals on Mobiles

The Flipkart Big Billion Days sale took off with a bang on 13th Oct’15. Every day, the focus was on a different area. While there were some hiccups initially because of high traffic, the sale seems to be progressing positively. This year the focus has been on driving everyone to the mobile app and looks like the team has been successful. Looks like Flipkart will go the Myntra way of becoming app-only in days to come. Coming to the sale, this posts lists out all the Big Billion Days offers and deals for mobiles.