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iOS 9 Launch in India for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – Install Now

Apple Logo

Like every year at this time, Apple released a major upgrade to its flagship mobile OS – the iOS9. iOS9 is now available in India and launched along with several others across the world. The official time was 10am PST and the social media immediately started buzzing with first impressions on the iOS 9 launch. In this post you can find details on some of the new features of iOS9 and how you can install it on your iOS device.

Union Budget 2015 – Income Tax and other Taxation Updates

2015 Budget

The Union Budget was announced by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today and like every year there is some good news and some bad. But the most important section for Income Tax paying Indian Citizens are to understand what changes in their salary structure. So does 2015 budget provide any relief, read on.

IPL 8 Auction 2015 – Player List, Price and Teams

ipl2010 DLF logo

With World Cup matches in full swing and keeping people on there toes, IPL still has a way of grabbing eyeballs. The IPL auction for 2015 in Bengaluru made heads turn with amount of money paid for players. Yuvraj Singh was auctioned off for a whopping 16 Crores followed by Dinesh Karthik at about 14.5 crores. The kind of frenzy that an IPL Auction attracts, I believe can only be beaten by the auditions of MTV Roadies. 🙂

Aero Show 2015, Bangalore – How to register and buy Tickets

Aero India Logo

Aero Show in Bangalore is a bi-annual affair which is quite a big event and has a lot of fan fare. Who wouldn’t like to experience the latest Fire Power and Aircrafts that Indian Defense possesses. Above all its a bonus that you can see them in action performing hair-raising stunts for the crowd. The tickets get sold out pretty fast for this event. So if you have not registered yet, here is how you can register.

Finally – Access Whatsapp on Your Desktop via Chrome


Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app today with over 600 million active users. No wonder, Facebook paid big bucks for it. But one thing that was missing was an ability to use your desktop/pc to send messages to whatsapp users instead of your phone. I don’t know about you but I personally have been looking for this feature. So here is how you can start sending those messages from your browser!

Half Girlfriend – Chetan Bhagat’s 6th New Book

Half Girlfriend Cover by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is back with a 6th book and its called ‘Half Girlfriend’.

Chetan Bhagat, always has a way to make it big with his books. Like him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him! He always has a way of picking simple local stories and make them interesting enough for people to start looking forward to his books. He did that with Five Point Someone and has been doing that with all his books, all the way to the last – ‘Revolution 2020’.

India Election Results 2014 – LIVE Updates by Google


An epic day to come back to my blog and start posting. It is the Lok Sabha Election day in India and an election like this have never been witnessed in this country. Post the Exit poll results which seemed over-ambitious, the results of vote counting have pleasantly shocked every individual in the country. From what it looks like at this point of time, Narendra Modi is leading the pack by a gigantic difference. Congress looks to be in a position where there can be no coming back.

Scam Alert – Volkswagen Polo Contest


With E-Commerce business growing everyday in India, there are always players who would like to lure people in with unbelievable deals. We being Indians are always ready to jump on money-saving deals without giving it a second thought. Its only later we realize that, we should have acted smarter. Here is an example of a possible SCAM that you should be aware of.

Where to register for Aadhaar Card in India for 2013

Aadhaar UID Card

Aadhaar is a ID card or a number? Well now that its clear that its a number like Social Security number of USA, lets move on and complete registration of Aadhaar. Since I added a blog post on where to register for Aadhaar Card in Bangalore, I have been getting a lot of requests to provide the same information for other cities as well. Earlier I have been holding myself back from providing this information as I was not sure how I will be able to help people in those cities staying here in Bangalore. But then I have noticed a lot of people helping other on this blog via comments and that urged me to provide this information, afterall my motive behind eWebBuddy was always to help people.

Where to register for Aadhaar Card in Delhi for 2013

Aadhaar Logo

Aadhaar card or rather the Aadhaar number will become the sole identification for all Indians in near future. The number will be linked to all your documents, banks, transactions thus making it easier to refer any information regarding your existence in India. It also will tend to prove that you are an Indian citizen. In coming years Aadhaar number will become mandatory in everything you do and will behave in the same way as Social Security number does for USA. If you have not registered yourself for aadhaar card, please do so today. Centers of Delhi are listed in this blog post.