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How I hacked Uber for Delivery without UberRush in India

Uber Logo

..And it felt awesome! Uber for Delivery is not something that’s common but hopefully you can remember that time when you needed something urgently or forgot something back home and had to ask a friend to get it delivered? You would have so loved it if there was a way to just pay someone to have it reach you. That’s exactly the situation I was in recently and the idea of hacking Uber struck me. Read on to find the story and also how I think there maybe other ways than UberRush for Uber to really make this an actual service.

Bangalore Namma Metro 2016 – Launch, TimeTable, Fare, Route Map, Stations, Smart Card

Metro has become quite a life line for Delhi today and has always been one for Kolkata. Bengaluru has been managing with a semi-operational Metro for quite a while now. Its called Namma Metro and things are about to change in 2016 with the launch of the full purple line via Majestic.

Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale Offers – Deals on Mobiles

The Flipkart Big Billion Days sale took off with a bang on 13th Oct’15. Every day, the focus was on a different area. While there were some hiccups initially because of high traffic, the sale seems to be progressing positively. This year the focus has been on driving everyone to the mobile app and looks like the team has been successful. Looks like Flipkart will go the Myntra way of becoming app-only in days to come. Coming to the sale, this posts lists out all the Big Billion Days offers and deals for mobiles.

WROGN Auditions Questions – Win Vegas Trip


WROGN (pronounced as WRONG) is a new fashion brand being launched by Virat Kohli with a unique campaign – Wrogn Auditions. Its touted to be a breakaway youth fashion brand which encourages you to do something WROGN tonight. In order to promote the brand and make the launch successful, they have launched a unique marketing campaign which will help you win a Hangover trip to Vegas! Not just for yourself but for 3 of your friends as well – but drunk driving and parallel parking should not be part of your agenda.

Book Vistara for a Better Airline Experience and Earn Points

Vistara Logo

Airline business is one of the most competitive and challenging businesses to manage globally. Further if you are talking about airline business in India, that brings up several additional challenges around price, quality, customer satisfaction and a lot more. Based on the recent buzz on social networks by folks who book Vistara and then experience the service, looks like Tata is getting a lot of these aspects right.

OnHub Wifi router by Google launched – Preorder Now

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With the recent Alphabet announcement, its becomes absolutely apparent that we will be coming a lot of products and projects from Google which do not fit the traditional scheme of things. Some of them will definitely make you question the strategy but if Google is spending time & money on something, it should be worth noticing! OnHub Wifi router is one such launch.

5 Videos That Best Explain Net Neutrality


#NetNeutrality has become quite a hot topic of discussion for everyone across the country today. Like most topics people are coming across this new term and talking their heart out. But still there are a lot of folks who are not very familiar with the concept of Net Neutrality. This  post will help you get a better, broader understanding of the concept along with making you more aware of how a small policy change can be so destructive.

Half Girlfriend – Chetan Bhagat’s 6th New Book

Half Girlfriend Cover by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is back with a 6th book and its called ‘Half Girlfriend’.

Chetan Bhagat, always has a way to make it big with his books. Like him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him! He always has a way of picking simple local stories and make them interesting enough for people to start looking forward to his books. He did that with Five Point Someone and has been doing that with all his books, all the way to the last – ‘Revolution 2020’.

World Without Magnets – Infographic

Magnet Icon

Info-graphics along with being fun are a great way of learning a lot in a very little time. Here’s one that explains the importance of magnets.

As simple as they are, magnets provide us with the ability to do many things. Take your vehicle for instance. A simple means of transportation contains a wide range of magnets. Cars are just one example of how a magnet is used in our everyday lives. What would our world be like without the magnet:

Use WordPress? Take the 2012 Survey

Most of you must already be aware but in case you have not been, this site is powered by the amazing WordPress. Matt and the team at automattic have now for years have been spending time to improve the bloggig platform which now powers millions of site.