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Top 10 Digital Wallets in India 2018

best mobile wallet in India

Post the demonetization period India went through, PayTM became a household name. Whether you liked it or not, digital wallets suddenly found space in everyone’s mobile devices. I have been an early adopter of digital wallets because it bears a lot of benefits it used right. Same is applicable for credit cards as well. As with anything, during this phase, a lot of new digital wallets were launched. Now with Whatsapp already planning to roll-out a Peer-to-Peer payment service, this market may head to consolidation. Lets still check out the top 10 digital wallets in India and why you should join more than one.

Love Games? Make a career out of Mobile Gaming [Infographic]

With the emergence of smart phones and platforms like Android & Apple, mobile gaming industry has seen a surge in adoption.
It may come as a big surprise but what seems like just a 99cents download actually transforms in billions of dollars because of the sheer magnitude of volume. Roxio of Angry Birds and Zynga are some of the many companies who have made mobile gaming as its core business and is thriving on it.