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What GST Means for India? Explained – Tax Rate, Benefits and Impact


After Demonetization, the top trend that has been on every Indian’s mind is GST or Goods and Service Tax. Key question has been to understand what GST means. This indirect tax policy change is expected to be a game-changer for the country. Looking at unification of Tax Rates across states and providing benefits that reaches all citizens is one of the key benefits of GST. This bill has been in the talks for years but its only now that we are closer than ever to have it see the light of the day. With any new government policy, there comes a wave of questions, confusions and doubts. In this blog post, eWebBuddy tries to simplify and explain the various aspects of this new tax reform for India.

Bangalore Airport Runway Closure for 2017

Bangalore Airport Logo

BIAL or Bangalore Airport or Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (BLR) is one of the busiest airport in the country. The traffic does not really match the Mumbai and Delhi airports, Bengaluru (the new name of Bangalore) but still its a big deal for the airport to have runways closed for over 2.5 months. So it may get tougher for passengers to get in and out of the city. Read on to be informed and avoid issues.

Income Tax 2017 Updates as per India Finance Bill


With the recent demonetization program, everyone is keeping a keen eye out for the Finance Bill and any changes that impact the economics of trade for the country. Among many other changes being called out, we have the Indian Finance Minister sharing the changes in the India Finance Bill for this year. This post tries to highlight the Income Tax-specific changes along with few others that impact all of us.

Tutorial: Using EaseUS Data Recovery Software for conveniently restoring deleted files


Have you lost your files because of some virus infections, system upgrades, hard disk being accidentally formatted or you’ve yourself deleted the files assuming that they’re of no use to you anymore, but now you need those deleted files? Well, the solution for your problem is EaseUS Data Recovery software. It’s the world’s best and user-friendly file recovery software and is available for both Mac and Windows, through which you can easily retrieve the data by following just a few simple steps.

iPhone 7 India – Price, Features, Specs and Launch

Apple Logo

Another September comes and brings along another Apple iPhone Keynote. India gets in line with the rest of the world to welcome iPhone 7! Like every year, no one is surprised to find out that 2016 brings the “Best iPhone Apple has Ever made!”. Quite ironic that we make fun of this statement and yet wait all hooked to hear them year after year. Today saw the iPhone 7 being unrelieved in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium by Tim Cook and gang. In this post we round up on what iPhone 7 really offers along with its India launch price and date.

Bangalore Namma Metro 2016 – Launch, TimeTable, Fare, Route Map, Stations, Smart Card

Metro has become quite a life line for Delhi today and has always been one for Kolkata. Bengaluru has been managing with a semi-operational Metro for quite a while now. Its called Namma Metro and things are about to change in 2016 with the launch of the full purple line via Majestic.

iOS 9 Launch in India for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – Install Now

Apple Logo

Like every year at this time, Apple released a major upgrade to its flagship mobile OS – the iOS9. iOS9 is now available in India and launched along with several others across the world. The official time was 10am PST and the social media immediately started buzzing with first impressions on the iOS 9 launch. In this post you can find details on some of the new features of iOS9 and how you can install it on your iOS device.

Alphabet Launched – G for Google via


Google has always been known for taking unconventional steps but still somehow make sense and standout! This new move is absolutely unimaginable but yet seems extremely tactical. Google get a new parent company – Alphabet which will have Larry Page as the CEO. Shocked? Well read on!

Nepal Earthquake – Helpline, Relief, Finder and Donation

Nepal Earthquake Statistics

Nepal experienced one of the worst Earthquakes in the last 60years over this weekend. What seemed like a one-time hit on Saturday morning and resulting in very little damage was followed by more tremors during the weekend. Multiple earthquakes lead to massive destruction and devastation across Nepal. With the reports coming in to say that about 3000 have already been reported dead, most experts say that the actual death toll is really high.