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House Rent Agreement in Bangalore – Format and Tips

Rental Agreement Conditions and Format

Are you planning to move to Bangalore? The cosmopolitan capital of the state of Karnataka attracts several migrants every year. As per a recent census, Karnataka is among the top multilingual states of India with 40% people speaking two languages. If you too are planning a move to Bangalore, chances are you’re scouting for homes to rent. You have dozens of things to attend to at this time, one of the most important of which is drawing up a formal rent agreement.

New Gas Connection in India – Process, Cost and Time

indian gas cylinder booking

Whether you’re changing homes or moving to a new city, one of the biggest tasks on your to-do list will be getting a new gas connection. You need a cooking gas connection (LPG or liquefied petroleum gas) even to make instant Maggi noodles unless you’re willing to inflate your electricity bill with the cost of running an induction cooker. Many cities in India now have the “pipeline” system which does away with the need to book new cylinders when you exhaust the old one. However, whether you’re requesting for a gas pipeline or the traditional cylinder, you must be aware of the required documents to be submitted, the timeframes, and the costs involved.

Best Ways to Transfer Money Online In India


The advent of online shopping and the effects of demonetization has increased the importance of digital payments in India. From wire transfer to online instant fund transfer, payment and settlement systems in India has adopted a lot. Today online fund transfers can be done through many channels that are more secure than we could think of. Knowing some of them will save your time and reduce your work burden. Most digital wallets support the below online payment methods and provide an easy interface to access.

Top 10 Ways for Money Transfer to India from USA

Money Transfer From US

With more and more Indians moving to the USA for school and work, the need to transfer money is on the upswing. Whether you’re a professional working in the USA or a freelancer working for clients based in the States, you will need to have a reliable money transfer service so you can send money to friends and family and receive money for your services. It is essential to make the right choice here as money transfers from overseas depend largely on exchange rates, overhead costs, and legal procedures.

Hate Evernote Price Change? Switch to OneNote, Apple Notes and More


Evernote pulled a fast one on its loyal user base earlier today with announcing a change in its pricing. And this has irked a lot of people! If you are like me, i.e. a regular user of Evernote but would like to move away to other alternatives like OneNote, this post can help you!

Finally – Access Whatsapp on Your Desktop via Chrome


Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app today with over 600 million active users. No wonder, Facebook paid big bucks for it. But one thing that was missing was an ability to use your desktop/pc to send messages to whatsapp users instead of your phone. I don’t know about you but I personally have been looking for this feature. So here is how you can start sending those messages from your browser!

5 Minute Tutorial to Pair A Mobile Device With Youtube TV


YouTube is one of the most popular destinations on Internet behind by just the likes of Google and Facebook. With the increase of mobile phone data consumption and better internet connectivity, every one is always watching some video or the other. Channels like Jimmy Kimmel Show, TheViralFever, All India Bakchod, Comedy Central among many others have further started this trend of provide unique content targeted for online viewers.

How to Mute/Unmute Gmail conversations? – Improve Productivity Series

gmail icon

Mark Zuckerberg once predicted that Emails are nearing their death. According to him Social Media will be preferred way of communication in days to come. Looking at the number of emails being sent out every second today across the internet, one can safely say  that Mark’s prediction can never come true. And if you are like me, you get more emails everyday than what you can read. And above that not every email is meant for you. So how do make sure such conversations do not hamper your productivity? Find with this post.