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Google Music now in India – Listen to Songs Online

Google with its different search features apart from Web like Images, Blogs, News has now added what was earlier available only for folks in U.S. – Google Music Search.

Keeping this post short, Google Music lets users search for Bollywood songs online and listen to them. This includes all the new songs. To get this feature up, Google Labs have joined hands with Saavn & What this means is that you can only listen to songs available in the database of these two sites but they are pretty huge, so no worries. Google may collaborate with more such online music libraries in future but for now, get hooked to bollywood music. Recently, they have collaborated with Saregama as well!

People looking to download songs – Sorry that’s piracy! Have a musical online presence. Btw if you are a music junkie and want to carry your playlist where-ever you want, check out Grooveshark – I love it! 🙂

Google Music

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