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Have fun with SketchPad – Online Free Drawing Tool

The past few posts have been a little towards the serious note with Indian Paypal Issues and Paypal Resolving it with Purpose Code, so I thought that its time to have some fun. And I was more than happy to have stumbled upon SketchPad.


What is SketchPad?

With a sleek and cool interface, it is exactly what is seems from its name. Its like a drawing board with controls similar to that of Photshop/Gimp. You can just access the site and paint your imagination out. Its quite funky with a lot of features and surprising super fast. That is because it is not flash based at all.

The Technical Side

Sketchpad is based on Canvas which was developed by Apple for their platforms. Its a HTML5 product and current works with only on the modern browsers. IE users will have to wait a little longer, as the IE version is still under development.

The application has been designed by a team ColorJack and it seems they are currently also working on a cool photosharing tool, MugTug.

Gooooo Paint

So, what are you waiting for. Simply go and paint your heart out. You can save and share your creations. Do share your designs here. Don’t feel shy! 😛

Also, take this post as a late Holi treat from eWebBuddy….after all whats life without colors!

Piyush Agarwal
Piyush Agarwal is a part-time freelance webdesigner who loves to play with design and the web around. You can check out his designs on Technix Designs. He is also into Theatre and Photography.

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