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Top 5 Ways to Rent a Car in Bangalore

Are you trying to get away for the weekend at the last minute? Is there an important meeting in Chennai and you have run out of flight options? Or whether you have just about any good reason that has led you to rent a car in Bangalore. We have you sorted. Let’s begin with a checklist.

This article has been written by Anamika Jha who loves to craft stories with her words, sometimes even while she is transiting through the city in an Uber.

Important queries when you look for car rental in Bangalore

  1. Is the service charging you by the hour or distance?
  2. Are taxes inclusive of the proposed amount? Any hidden charges?
  3. Can the service give you a one-way or return facility?
  4. Do you get the driver with the car? Is it inclusive of the price?
  5. Do they have self-drive cars in Bangalore as an option? If yes, revisit questions a) and b).

We shall now unravel what we promised. Yes, the top 5 ways to get a rental car in Bangalore.

Discovering top options for car rental and self-drive cars in Bangalore

1. Uber & Ola

These are two different app-based car rental options in Bangalore. Why do we say that? Well, other than your regular taxi conveniences offered by these two, Uber also offers UberHIRE for need-based car rentals and so does Ola with their Ola Outstation. More details can be found on the app.

Tip: If you are in the city for the first time and don’t know the local language, request for an English-speaking driver. Also, you may use digital wallets to make a quick booking.

Offer for Ola – Use the refferal code CG4W9F to get Rs.50 while registering for OLA.


2. ZoomCar & Vroom Drive

Both these names are quite popular with people who prefer self-drive cars in Bangalore. It goes like this – sign up with the app/ site, book a car (you may choose w/ or w/o fuel), request door delivery or a nearby pickup location, take the ride and return. Security fee (refundable) is a must in booking a self-drive car, hence be prepared for a charge on your card.

If you are interested in exploring to rent a self-drive car, check out our list of top 10 self drive car rental services in Bangalore.

Tip: Treat the rental car as your own. Your rating with the brand gives you an edge next time you plan to take their services.

3. Savaari

This one gives you 3 categories of car rentals in Bangalore namely, local, airport & outstation. You may choose a one way or a roundtrip with Savaari, depending on your need of the hour. The car comes with a chauffeur (cost included). Car categories vary from sedans to SUVs and so does the price (distance accounted for).

Tip: Compare prices and reviews to make the right decision for your trip.

4. Hire4Drive

This one comes with a unique offering. Here’s the thing, you can have a car rented with them or if you happen to have a car at your disposal, just hire a driver. How about that! Hire4drive offers hourly, outstation or outstation one-way options. You take your pick.

Tip: We suggest you check driver details and verification before taking the trip.

5. Carzonrent

Hop on to this one that precisely defines your need as their categories; Outstation, Local, Airport Transfer, Self-drive or Business travel. We name this as our final option to choose from based on overall reviews and convenience.

Tip: If you are looking for a multi-city trip, they do have an option right there on the homepage. So, check that out.

6. (Bonus) In the Mood for renting luxury

Yes, if you are truly here to splurge on a luxury car rental, Hype and Zenluxe are two places where you may find your pick. The range offered by both is extensive and enquiries can be made through homepage for more details.

We like to believe most of your quick query for a car rental in Bangalore got answered here. If not, comment below. We also invite you to share more information regarding these car rental services. If you want to know more about anything else, still write to us.

Happy rides ahead!

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