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This is a kickstart to one of the sections I wanted to start long time back – BuddyQuery. This category will have answers to the simplest and smallest of Tech troubles. All you have to do is post the query in the “Skribit” box in the sidebar!

In this post we will talk about how you can Download videos from YouTube the easy way. I will not be talking about various softwares that you will need to download. The solutions present in this post are direct, online and ready to use.

How to download videos to your desktop?

Please find some of the methods that you can use below:

1. – This is one of the first websites that came up and has been my favorite ever since. Its quite simple and gives you the choice of downloading the videos in either .flv or .mp4 formats.

  • Simply copy the URL of the page on the video is there i.e. goto the video on and copy the link from the addressbar. Example –
  • Goto and paste the link in the Textbox on the top of the page, click on download.
  • You will be provided download links  for both the formats. Download the one desired. Simple, eh?

2. Download directly – This option lets you download your video directly from address bar without going to any website. What more, you can download in the format you desire viz. flv, 3gp or mp4. Find the steps below:

Suppose you want to download following video:

Then after adding the OK the url will be like this – Will download it in FLV format.

If you want to download video in 3GP format then the url will be:

If you want to download video in MP4 format then the url will be:

Pretty neat, huh??

Apart from the above mentioned 2 methods there are several more similar sites and options. But why hunt for more when you know the best? 😉

So get going and get all those videos you love on your desktop. Subscribe to eWebBuddy if you still haven’t for more such tips.

Do leave a comment and let me know if this post was useful!

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