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hello to all the bloggers out there….especially…in regard with this blog post, Indian Bloggers.

For many Indians out there, blogging is now a part of their life. Indians breathe, eat, sleep and what not through blogs. Whether its personal blogs, travelogues, cooking tips or technical ones, blogs are bringing people together and providing all a platform to share their ideas, thoughts, etc. And the number is rising steadily everyday.

But is a blog about only the freedom to write or people do it also because they want to connect to more people, get views and discuss stuff. In this web jungle with millions of blogs how do you reach out the right people? Well this is where Indian have to look forward to


You may have heard about this website or also be a part of it if you have been in the blogging scene for quite some time. But there are many members I know who are actually not aware of the potential of this platform for social networking and driving relevant traffic to one’s blog. So I will simplify the site and explain its features for you:

What is

In simple words, its a directory of Indian blogs where one can add his/her blog and also find out other’s blogs which match their interest. Along with this there are several other features which makes it a extremely powerful platform.

How to add your blog to

Its as simple as 1-2-3…simply register and get yourself a free account. Submit details of your blog at your dashboard. Indiblogger team will review your blog and if it qualifies their standards, your blog will be approved and added to the directory.

What are the other features of Indiblogger?

So of the features of Indiblogger are:

IndiRank – This provides a ranking to your blog on the scale of 100. The ranking is based on several parameters like alexa ranking, google pagerank, traffic, frequency of posts, etc. The more you rank is closer to 100 the higher it is… This help one analyze how it is fairing against other blogs.

IndiStats – One can check their stats of previous rankings and alexa/google rankings through this feature. Get the statistics…

IndiVine – This is a favorite of many bloggers and is quite popular because of the ability to drive new people to your blog. Also because it helps you promote your blog posts. Once you submit your blog posts, other bloggers get a chance to read them and promote them if they like it.

IndiForum – Just like any other forum, discuss just any of your blogging concerns…

IndiMeets – This is also interesting. Through this feature, members get an opportunity of organizing blogger meets and meet other bloggers face-to-face. Impressive na?

There are a few other things but overall the conclusion is a powerful way of networking with like minded people and reaching out to a lot of relevant bloggers. Try it out today and you will realize what you have been  missing… 🙂

Also, I just received a mail from Indiblogger stating that my blog ranking is 77. Not bad, huh?

Written by Piyush Agarwal

Piyush Agarwal is a part-time freelance webdesigner who loves to play with design and the web around. You can check out his designs on Technix Designs. He is also into Theatre and Photography.

8 Responses to – Bringing Indian Bloggers Together

  1. Renie says:

    Piyush, thanks a ton for the review of IndiBlogger and for spreading the word via your blog. We’re glad you find us useful, and we’re honored to find a place here. Keep blogging!

    – The IndiBlogger Team

    • Piyush Agarwal says:

      Hi renie…your team is doing a great job. Been following the way indiblogger has evolved and I must say I like its current form. It has a lot of potential as a common platform for bloggers and is something everyone should be aware of!! Thanks a lot for dropping by… 🙂

  2. Vinni says:

    Agree with you in everyway! Indiblogger has really evolved over the years. the new look and feel with the features are kick ass and can give anyone the run for their money!
    .-= Vinni´s last blog ..Ride Back Home =-.

    • Piyush Agarwal says:

      @vinni – yup yup yup.. 🙂 you have a nice blog too..

      @Mrpant – Congrats. Keep writing frequently to maintain that rank. I have seen IndiRank fluctuate for my blog drastically because of the lower blog activity. Also better ranking will mean better traffic… Best of luck!

  3. Mrpant says:

    I love indiblogger. My rank just jumpd to 72. Last mnth it was 62.

  4. Ya, I agree with your observations. Ya, Indiblogger rocks… doing a great job there!!
    .-= Soumyaranjan Dash´s last blog ..Facebook’s answer to Twitter’s ‘Retweet’ yet to find a name for itself =-.

  5. Shiva says:

    I am enjoying Indiblogger since I the day I have signed up. It is quite a good network for Indian bloggers.

    • Piyush Agarwal says:

      @Shiva – hi, welcome to ewebbuddy. I love to network with other bloggers, and yes Indiblogger plays a very important part. Happy to know you.

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