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Latest Windows Mobile Phones 7 available in India

Since the launch of the Nokia Lumia range of Windows Mango Phones in India, windows mobile have caught people’s fancy. And why shouldn’t they? After all windows does come across as a great OS is the making and we Indians are always looking out for new. The windows 7 OS has been been quite a sensation since its launch.

It will still take some time for Windows 7 to be available in cheaper variants but there are quite a few options available now though now too pocket-friendly. But that does not mean that you should be waiting for either prices to drop or for cheaper options to be available. The time is ripe to get your hands over one.

Following are the 4 Latest Windows 7 Phones available in India, all sporting the 7.5 Mango OS:

(arranged according to their pricing –  cheapest first)

Samsung Omnia w i8350 Windows Phone
Samsung Omnia w i8350

1. Samsung Omnia W I8350 – Samsung Omnia is the cheapest windows phone available in the Indian market at the time of writing this post. But it is no way a weak competitor. With an SuperAMOLED screen and sleek looks, its quite a winner at the performance aspect as well. The design of the phone is quite aesthetic and eye-catching. With a talk time of upto 14hrs, it supports GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-fi internet connectivity. The phone also come loaded with an accelerometer, gyro scope, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and a digital compass. It has a 8GB internal memory.

– 5 MP Primary Camera
– 0.3 MP Secondary Camera
– 3.7-inch Touchscreen


Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone
Nokia Lumia 710


2. Nokia Lumia 710 –  Nokia Lumia 710 is one of the 2 current releases from Nokia. This is the result of the Nokia-Microsoft collaboration and frankly fails to impress compared to Omnia but sure does have its own charm and will be preferable for Nokia followers who are looking for a cheaper windows phone from the cellular giant. It has a 1.4ghz Qualcomm Scorpion Processor with a capacitive touchscreen. 710 also supports all means of internet connectivity. Its sports a 5MP camera with 4x digital zoom 3x video zoom. Comes loaded with Nokia drive and Nokia Music.
– 5 MP Primary Camera
– 3.7-inch Touchscreen
– 1.4 GHz Processor


HTC Radar Window phone
HTC Radar


3. HTC Radar – The only offering from HTC in the Windows Phone market in India needs serious upgrades to stand shoulder to shoulder with its competitors. The device is far more expensive than Omnia and 710 but still has only a 1ghz processor and 5MP camera. Though radar does lets its users to records HD quality videos and has LED flash. But other than that there is anything that meets the eye. Screen size is 3.8-inch compared to 3.7-inch for others.
– 5 MP Primary Camera
– 0.3 MP Secondary Camera
– 3.8-inch Touchscreen


Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone
Nokia Lumia 800


4. Nokia Lumia 800 – Lumia 800 is the windows phones that caused waves in the Indian mobile market with its stunning yet pleasing sleek look and string colors. The phone sports a SuperAMOLED screen and a powerful 8MP camera. Nokia clear black technology has been infused thus enhancing the display further. Lumia 800 is an ergonomically crafted phone which is easy to use and sits well in your hands. The camera supports 720p HD video recording and is equipped with a dual-LED flash. It comes loaded with Bing Maps, IE9 for seamless browsing, ActiveSync Integration and Nokia Drive among many others. If you have the money to pay the this is the Windows Phone you should go for.
– 8 MP Primary Camera
– 3.7-inch Touchscreen
– 1.4 GHz Processor


Windows still has a long way to go before it get mass-adopted. For that to happen, cheaper options will be required to be launched along with an active app store. Look out for the Nokia Lumia 900 unveiled at the CES 2012. It can be quite a deal-breaker once launched. Do share your experience with Windows Phones here.

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