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How to Mute/Unmute Gmail conversations? – Improve Productivity Series

Mark Zuckerberg once predicted that Emails are nearing their death. According to him Social Media will be preferred way of communication in days to come. Looking at the number of emails being sent out every second today across the internet, one can safely say  that Mark’s prediction can never come true. And if you are like me, you get more emails everyday than what you can read. And above that not every email is meant for you. So how do make sure such conversations do not hamper your productivity? Find with this post.

This post is part of the ‘Improve Productivity Series’  which will help you learn tricks on sites you use daily to help you be more productive. Hope you will find these helpful. To make sure you do not miss out on any posts, make sure you subscribe to eWebBuddy via the links in your sidebar.

Thanks to Gmail for making conversations over mail convenient and readable with its threads. But now I find myself in the center of a lot of mail threads which I do not  really want to be involved in. Have you ever been part of never-ending threads which just hamper your productivity and you will be happier not being part of them? Well, you cannot definitely get yourself out of the conversation but what Gmail allows you to do is – ‘Mute’ them!

What does ‘Muting’ an email mean?

Well its similar to the usual Mute functionality on your entertainment system. Muting a conversation ensures that you stop getting any further updates on the mail thread. It will stop clogging your inbox and affecting your productivity. Just because your friend sent your their wedding invite along with 100 other people, does not mean you need to get the congratulations mails as well! Mute them. Getting the idea?

New conversations simply bypass your Inbox, so they still get archived. In case you want to get back to the thread later or ‘unmute’ it, you will still be able to read the complete thread including the new mails.

How to Mute Gmail thread or conversation?

When you are in your inbox or a priority list, simply select the mails you would like to Mute and then click on the ‘more’ button. Among the list of options you will find the last option being ‘Mute’. Click on it and you are done.

Another way of muting conversation is using Gmail shortcuts. If enabled you can simply click on ‘m’ to mute selected conversations.

How to search for muted mails?

As mentioned earlier, muted conversation simply bypass Inbox but they still arrive in your archive. So incase you would like to read them later or if you have muted a mail by mistake, you can search for all muted mails by typing the following in the search box – is:muted

How to unmute a muted mail?

Once you are done with your work, if you would like to get back to the muted conversation and unmute it, you can do so by following any one of the below steps:

  • Select the conversation, click the More actions drop-down menu and select unmute.
  • Select the conversation and click Move to inbox.
  • Click the X on the ‘Muted’ label.

So get the work rolling and let not new mails take your mind away atleast for sometime. 🙂 What do you think of this feature?

Piyush Agarwal
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