iPhone XR, XS and XS Max in India – Price, Launch date and Specs

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It’s September and that means time for another Apple event. Love or hate Apple products, this is easily one of the most anticipated tech events across the world. After launch the bezel-free iPhone X last year and starting a crazy trend of bezel-less phones across all players, this year was expected for Apple to push the envelope further. Apart from the usual updates around chip, camera, battery life, they had more to offer in their range of iPhone models including a brand new cheaper one – iPhone XR.

Top 5 Ways to Rent a Car in Bangalore

Are you trying to get away for the weekend at the last minute? Is there an important meeting in Chennai and you have run out of flight options? Or whether you have just about any good reason that has led you to rent a car in Bangalore. We have you sorted. Let’s begin with a checklist.

Top 10 Self Drive Car Rental Services in Bangalore

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Here is an interesting Water-cooler conversation: We were at the Pantry having some coffee – the drink of gods. It was early in the morning and hence the first sip of coffee was relaxing enough to start some small talk. “Diesel or Petrol on Bangalore roads?”, I sparked the conversation. Everyone pitched in and started describing their dream cars. However, the crowd was silenced when a street-smart voice added his 2 cents. “Why buy, when you can rent a self drive car? Why settle for just an SUV, a sedan, a Hatchback or one of those exotic and expensive luxury cars when you can get a new car each day of the week?”. That was something unheard of.

Best Drill Machine For Home Use – Bosch GSB 10 RE Smart Kit

Bosch Smart Home Kit

I got married in 2017 and moved to a new house from my bachelor-pad like most people do. I thought I was prepared, not for the marriage, 🙂 but the move to a new place but things are not always the way you imagined. In the past whenever getting something fixed was a rare occasion and there was a simple solution – leave it to the experts. But in this new phase of my life, there was always something that needed to be done in the house. After a few expensive affairs with a carpenter and home services professionals, I got myself the best drill machine for home use – “Bosch Smart Kit GSB 10 RE”. Here is my review of the product.

Bangalore Airport Bus Service – Timings, Fare, Route for Vayu Vajra 2018


BIAL or Bangalore Airport International Limited is considered one of the best and busiest airports in India today. Though its still behind in its grandeur compared to Mumbai or Delhi, it’s quite functional, seamless and easy to use. The airport is 45km outside city limits poses commuting challenges. One of the most cost-effective and convenient ways of commuting to/from the airport is using the Bangalore Airport Bus Service better known as ‘Vayu Vajra’ run by BMTC. These buses operate across the city via various routes and result in over 250+ trips every day. I have been maintaining and updating the timings since 2015 on this blog for more than 3yrs now. Do leave a comment if you found it helpful. Do share this page on facebook to have more people verify the information and keep it updated.

Read Unlimited Magazines online with Magzter

Reading generally is not an activity one associated with Magazines but it really depends on the kind of Magazines we are talking about. [Wink, Wink!] Magazines universally are a great way of grabbing information on various subjects and in quick consumable formats. But with the advent of Google and Social Media platforms one may not find themselves picking too many of these. Worst is that reading magazines focused on a topic of your interest is a great way to unwind and yet learn more regarding an area of your interest. Well, no worries because now you can read all of them online and that too at a fraction of the overall cost. You can also an Amazon Gift card.

Top 10 Digital Wallets in India 2018

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Post the demonetization period India went through, PayTM became a household name. Whether you liked it or not, digital wallets suddenly found space in everyone’s mobile devices. I have been an early adopter of digital wallets because it bears a lot of benefits it used right. Same is applicable for credit cards as well. As with anything, during this phase, a lot of new digital wallets were launched. Now with Whatsapp already planning to roll-out a Peer-to-Peer payment service, this market may head to consolidation. Lets still check out the top 10 digital wallets in India and why you should join more than one.

Challenges That are Ahead Bitcoin in 2018

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2017 was the year of the blockchain with Bitcoin riding the waves of appreciation and attracting a lot of new investors. Suddenly from being a nerd coin, everyone started talking about Bitcoin and the amount of money investors are making. This lead to a lot more investment and also the creation of Altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, and others. But not everything has been rosy this year. While a lot of investors do continue to believe in Bitcoin, 2018 would quite a testing year for the cryptocurrency. If you are an investor, you need to be aware of some those challenges knocking at your door. This post lists 8 challenges that hover over Bitcoin this year.

Auto Expo 2018 Delhi Tickets, Dates, Venue & Price

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Auto Expo in Delhi! If you are someone like me who loves cars and has been reading Auto magazines for years, Auto Expo in Delhi would bring sparkle in your eyes. That’s also a reason, I did not miss talking about the Chicago Auto Show. A biennial event, Auto Expo 2018 will be held in Greater Noida this year and generally attracts some of the best car-makers across the globe, showcasing their upcoming offerings! I used to dream of attending it one of these years and if you are in or around the capital during the Auto Expo 2018 dates, do buy tickets and pay a visit. Details available in this post.