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AERO India Show 2019, Bangalore – Dates, Registration, Ticket cost, Timing and Rules

Aero Sjow Breitling

Aero India is easily one of more sought after events that happen in Bengaluru, India. A biennial event, it happens every 2 years at the Yelahanka Air Force Station and is quite a visual spectacle. This year, after quite a political struggle of moving the aero show to a different city, it was decided to continue holding it in Bangalore/Bengaluru itself. So be prepared to witness the best showcase of aerial military strength and skill from 20th Feb 2019 to 24th Feb 2019 at Aero Show 2019.

Aero Show 2017, Bangalore – Dates, Registration, Ticket Cost, Timing and Rules


Aero Show is back for another spectacular event in Bangalore. Aero Show in Bangalore is a bi-annual affair which is quite a big event and has a lot of fan fare. Who wouldn’t like to experience the latest Fire Power and Aircraft that Indian Defense possesses! Above all its a bonus that you can see them in action performing hair-raising stunts for the crowd. The tickets get sold out pretty fast for this event. So if you have not registered yet, here is how you can register.

Update – For Aero India Show 2019 Tickets – Click here for details