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A. R. Rahman – Do we need to Defend the Music Maestro? – BuddyInspiration


As a person who closely follows him and his music, I don’t think I have to try and defend his music. There’s no point. So to the question of the topic, it’s a straight answer. NO. We don’t have to defend A R Rahman in this situation. Even Rahman never defended his music by talking anything about it. He defends his music by making music and making more music. So in the wake of the CWG theme ‘fiasco’ (that’s what media says!), where the same sections of media which were praising him (which again was unwarranted and without any control!) till now, are trying to reduce him to a mere money-monger who asked Rs. 5 crores for the theme and forget to see some truths behind the man and the music. So I thought I would take a comprehensive look at his career. So, I’m sorry for such a long post.