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Quality Web Hosting is Affordable Again – SpeedHost.in

As a freelance web-designer, in my initial days one of the major concerns of all my clients was hosting their site. Designing and creation of website is mainly a one-time investment but to ensure that you have un-interrupted web presence, no server or bandwidth hiccups and more importantly fast website loading – the web host plays a crucial role. It is not just that the web hosting should be reliable & powerful but also cost-effective.

To ensure that I provide my client’s the best and that they never face web-hosting troubles I am always on the lookout for good hosting companies and various packages that suit individuals of different needs. During this search when I landed upon the review opportunity for an Indian company’s web hosting services, I grabbed it. And I am glad I did.. ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s SpeedHost.in?

SpeedHost.in is an Indian Web Hosting company which offers various packages for hosting your website. Along with hosting packages they also offer domain registration services. You can even become a reseller and set up your own hosting business. The company was founded in 2007 and is located in New Delhi, India.

About their website

Before I head to telling you about their service, let me walk you through their website. As a web designer, its the 1st thing that catches my eye and I was greeted by a simple yet pleasant looking site. The first thing I noticed was their tag line – “Low Cost Web Hosting Service All Over India” which makes it quite clear that their target customers are Indians looking for a low cost web hosting solution. Though a copy-writer can make this hit better, it does make its point. And the hosting packages featured go by this motto.

The design is a simple blue interface that sports a navigation with direct links to their various packages and services. Though this can have its own pros and cons, design wise it looks well placed. In the side-panel, right at the top they have featured a Security & Money-back guarantee which is something Indian users would love. Along with that, logos of various payment options & customer testimonials makes up the sidebar. The Footer is simple and effective. Overall, I would say the site is clean, usable and serves the purpose though does not give a feeling of a big web hosting player like GoDaddy.

What packages are on offer?

The packages are designed keeping in mind the regular user, Mango-people. ๐Ÿ™‚ There are packages which serve the basic purpose of every user. If you need to host one site, you can go for either Starter or Basic hosting. Upto 3 sites can be hosted with the help of Silver package or if you are someone like me then there is also an unlimited hosting package.

All the packages are feature rich and will enable you run any sort of site like a company portfolio or a blog or a e-commerce site comfortably. There are many applications like phpBB, WordPress, Drupal, etc which can be installed with the help of Fantastico. Along with that Database support and Email server. You can get your email ids as you@yourdomain.com and manage them easily. Apart from these there are tools to analyze web traffic & ftp service. Not going further on the techincal side, in a simple sentence – the service has all the features competitive to any of the other contenders. What sets them apart is their pricing and support. Also, according to their FAQs page you can get your web-hosting set-up within minutes of online payment.

If you are looking to host a single-website then I suggest Basic Web Hosting plan as it has better space and bandwidth options.

Reseller Hosting

Along with the various packages for the general user, the company has recently launched Reseller Hosting in India. This enables any user to start their own hosting business by reselling Speedhost’s webspace. You can design your own packages, price it accordingly and promote. Such a service by an Indian provider is rare at this point of time.

Online Chat Support

I did not take this up when I was discussing the design but it is crucial. Something that I really liked on the site was that they have integrated a Zoopim Live Chat feature which let’s you instantly chat with the company representatives and get your queries clarified. No more waiting for emails. ๐Ÿ˜›

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The prices and packages are among the best provided by an Indian web-hosting company and suit the needs of both a regular user and a business professional. The features are beyond expectations of one and match any other hosting company but what sets speedhost apart is their service & support with a long queue of satisfied customers.

If you are looking for an Indian web hosting company, Speedhost.in is a must try. It even appeals to my funda of “Why Pay More?” ๐Ÿ˜€

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