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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS Launched – Buddy NEWS

The wait is finally over. Recently Microsoft launched the latest version of its browser – IE9 beta and this launch followed it in no time. Earlier, I had mentioned how Microsoft unveiled its upcoming OS for Mobile Platform – Windows 7. This launch was anticipated to happen long back but I guess Microsoft was busy fixing bugs. 😛

windows 7 series phoneWhy did Microsoft come up with Windows 7 OS?

Microsoft’s earlier version of OS for the mobile platform was outdated and launched at a time when the only other OS people were aware of was Symbian. Microsoft OS did well with many of the major players opting for it like HTC for one. The UI was simple and clearly inspired from its PC OS. But Microsoft lost its market share with the launch of Apple’s Iphone and the very successful Google’s Android. It was made pretty clear that if MS has to get back into the business of Mobile Phones which is supposed to surpass PCs in 2014, it had to start treating the OS differently.

So with Windows 7, MS did away with the Stylus and came up with a finger-friendly UI that supports social networking and tons of other features. How this OS is going to fare against other players is something only time will tell.

Phones powered by Win 7 OS

Microsoft launched the OS with a good line-up of phones from major players. The OS is currently available with the following phones:

  • Samsung Focus
  • Samsung Omnia 7
  • LG Quantum
  • LG Optimus 7
  • HTC HD7
  • HTC Surround
  • HTC Mozart
  • HTC Trophy
  • HTC Pro
  • Dell Venue Pro

Though this line-up is great, it will be currently available only in US via AT&T. These phones will soon be available with T-mobile and Verizon as well.

Win 7 OS has been integrated with several other MS platforms like Zune for Music, Xbox for gaming, OneNote for notes, Bing for Search, etc. Users will be able to update all their social networks with one touch and also get updates in one place. Promising various features, whether this OS will eat up the market of Apple, Google & Blackberry, we will have to wait-n-watch.

Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 7 series – Amazing Phone for Social Media

windows 7 series phone

Its been a couple of days but still if you are not aware yet, eWebBuddy is here to rescue. Everyday we hear of one or the other company launching new mobile phones. Some come and fizzle in no time, and some come to stay. If you have been drooling over the HTC Touch HD or Nexus One or even the Motorola Droid, here’s more for you.

windows 7 series phoneMicrosoft unveiled its latest phone based on the Windows 7 platform and boy-o-boy doesn’t it looks great. One look at the phone and you will feel like holding it. I won’t say they have come up with ground-breaking design or anything, but it sure does look great. It’s a touch screen (spice of the time) wide screen phone.

Microsoft has paid a lot attention to the software detailing, graphics and as always user-experience bit of the device. It will be shipped with either of OLED or LCD displays. So you can be sure of crisp display quality. Along with having most of the features of a traditional COOL phone today i.e. camera, music/video player, gallery, apps, etc…this phone has a lot of extras. To start with like iPhone comes with iTunes, this phone comes with Microsoft’s music offering Zune which is a cool player and has a great library. If you are a zune subscriber you can listen the tracks in the library for free infinite number of times!

Microsoft has played special attention on Social Media and Networking as that is rising to be one of the most important things for people around the world. With the help of this phone, you can easily sync, share photos over social networks. With a one-time login, you can be always connected to your favorite social network. Chat, update, have fun…that’s  the funda. Not just that you can update your Status over a wide number of networks in one go!!

The touch-keypad is pretty handy and its auto spell check makes it really cool. If auto spell-check fails, you can simply go ahead, click-select-edit! 😉

There are a lot of other cool stuff in this baby and I am sure you must be looking forward to getting your hands on one. For all the updates and NEWS on Windows Phone 7 Series, stay hooked to the official website.

Check out the Windows Phone 7 series promotional video below to drool more on this device.