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Missed call from +231 (Liberia) – Scam Alert

People finding scammy ways to make money and cause harm is nothing new. For ages, there have been always a section of people who make a living by tricking other people and getting away with it. This post tries to save you from one such scam being operated from Liberia based numbers – starting with +231.

Most likely you have landed on this post via Google or Twitter in an attempt to uncover details about a potential missed you received from a number starting with the International code +231. Hopefully, you did not fall victim of this scam and actually call back. But even if you did, I share a tip below to ensure you never get scammed again.

How does the +231 Premium CallBack scam work?

For anyone who hasn’t received such a call, this is how the scam rolls out. You get a missed call from an unknown number. This missed call starts with the international code +231 which is of Liberia and generally comes in at odd hours like late night or middle of the day i.e. a time when most like you will notice the call. Now when you check your phone and see the missed call notification, out of sheer habit you may just call back to understand who had called. And that’s exactly what the scammers want.

These calls mostly come in at odd times to make you feel you truly missed an important call. When actually these calls never last for more than 2 rings! These numbers are Premium numbers and the instant you call back, you get charged at premium rates. The price can range anywhere from Rs45-90 per minute. When you call in, there may be a voice saying something like – “Hello, you have reached the operator. Please hold.” or something else to make you wait longer. This way you end up paying a lot more for every second you hang out. By the time you disconnect you will realize either you are out of precious mobile balance or there is a bump in your monthly bill.

Update – Looks like Europe is the latest target with a lot of users getting calls from multiple numbers. Leave yours in the comment below if its not already on the list.

100+ of the scam numbers that have been reported by folks all over the world are:

  • +231332530487
  • +231330670140
  • +231224203060
  • +231224209787
  • +231332580644
  • +231330670121
  • +231330670150
  • +231330670151
  • +231330670146
  • +231330670149
  • +231330670147
  • +231330670155
  • +231332580695
  • +231330420144
  • +231330420147
  • +231332525733
  • +231332587581
  • +212624840431
  • +231332521499
  • +231330720137
  • +231332580200
  • +231330412643
  • +231330491136
  • +231332260388
  • +231332260642
  • +231332367014
  • +231332500188
  • +231332580390
  • +231332502911
  • +23190864501
  • +231886225151
  • +231332501220
  • +231332593421
  • +231332593852
  • +231332578251
  • +231889960620
  • +23130237894
  • +231777510003
  • +231888171789
  • +21672689904
  • +231332590393
  • +231332553300
  • +231332593844
  • +231332553881
  • +231332580829
  • +231332550125
  • +231330670148
  • +231330235866
  • +231330442798
  • +231330490176
  • +231886815592
  • +231330420145
  • +231330421145
  • +231332525514
  • +231332587593
  • +231332201366
  • +231332595071
  • +231330443301
  • +231330412645
  • +231330490161
  • +231332260735
  • +231332260103
  • +231332260972
  • +231332580118
  • +231330490115
  • +231332201488
  • +231332586893
  • +231332261743
  • +231101222010
  • +231332580471
  • +231332593254
  • +231332593075
  • +231330490116
  • +231332595019
  • +23130237753
  • +231330920810
  • +231770341870
  • +231332588945
  • +231332590461
  • +231332591338
  • +231332587571
  • +23133221385
  • +231332587571
  • +231332250289
  • +231332201266
  • +231880470549
  • +231332540474
  • +265883338501
  • +265882548220
  • +231302375512
  • +231332267512
  • +231880997823
  • +212661159295
  • +212661475960
  • +212610929311
  • +231332578251
  • +231330412641
  • +231330412642
  • +231332260152
  • +231332260871
  • +231332367010
  • +231332467801
  • +231330660159
  • +231332201846
  • +231330235291
  • +231880424613
  • +231330441606
  • +231332240911
  • +231332586573
  • +231332508097
  • +231775282535
  • +23130237294
  • +23130237031

* This list is being updated based on the numbers provided by folks in the comment section of this blog.

This list may not cover all numbers as these keep changing but essentially they are all with the same ISD code. If you have received one such call from a different number, add it here via comments below.

So what should you do?

This goes without saying – Do not call back any unknown numbers starting with +231.

But the bigger problem here is that there are scammers who keep calling from different numbers to trick you in different ways. The scam being one of them. Now how can you make sure that you already find out that the call in not genuine and save hard-earned money?

  1. Firstly, when you get a missed call from any unknown number – do not immediately call back.
  2. Similarly if you get a call from an unknown number who is offering you any kind of deal and congratulating you for being lucky – do not believe them.
  3. Once you get the missed call or you are done talking with the suspicious person, check if someone has reported the same as scam. These people use the same tricks on a lot of people and quite of few of them are reported online. To find out, there are two ways:
    TrueCaller Spammer Check
    TrueCaller Spammer Check
    1. Good old google. Simply google the number or the scheme. In your search string, add the word “Scam”.
    2. The other way is installing TrueCaller. TrueCaller is an app where you can mark any number as scam adding it to a global database and others will find the same. So you can simply search for the number and find details like the potential name, location of the call and if it has been flagged by others.

The above steps will take only a few mins but will save you from a pain and monetary loss. Stay cautious and do not fall for any too-good-to-be-true offers. Definitely, do not call back to that missed call number.

If you have suffered from this scam, please share your experience in the comments below to help others.

Note – This post is shared for information only. Do not treat this blog as a consumer forum for your complaints.

Reference links: ScamCallFighters, SmartNSecure

Piyush Agarwal
Piyush Agarwal is a part-time freelance webdesigner who loves to play with design and the web around. You can check out his designs on Technix Designs. He is also into Theatre and Photography.

376 Replies to “Missed call from +231 (Liberia) – Scam Alert

  1. I have received many such missed calls especially in the odd hours from following numbers:

    I have heard from many others who are using Vodafone and have received such calls as well.

  2. Piyush,

    Thanks for the information.
    Even i have got many missed calls especially in the odd Hours from the following numbers.


    i am using Vodafone.

      1. I also got missed calls from this number
        Mostly between 12-02:00pm or at night on same time

      2. No Piyush,it isn’t affecting just Vodafone!I’m from the island of Malta,Europe and Liberia have tried scamming me through another company we have on our island,Melita Mobile ,yesterday,Monday 13.11.17 @ 12.08! Luckily it only rang 3 times and I didn’t pick up.The number was:
        231 33 233 6218.

  3. Thanks for the info.. I have received quite a few of such calls, very recently from +231. Earlier, I had received calls from a different isd code.. And I use Vodafone too… Is there any way to block such calls altogether?

    1. You can use Truecaller to report spam and block the caller. You can also block calls on your phone by adding the number to a blacklist though the functionality depends on what phone you are using. Don’t think its possible to block all such calls in a direct fashion.

  4. I also received in odd hours

    From the same number
    Tried to call back call is not getting connected luckily

    I might have searched before calling

    Need to check how much I have charged


  5. Same here. Getting missed calls in the middle of the night form these numbers:


    IM using Vodafone as well.

  6. hi Guys..

    Even i have been receiving these missed calls from these numbers.. Which shows as west africa telecoms number from past 3-4 days. This is a spam number.

    +231 – 330670121
    +231 – 330670150
    +231 – 330670149
    +231 – 330670147

    I have been to customer care .. they are unable to help 🙁

  7. Thanks for this info Piyush, I have had subsequent missed call like this almost everyday since December and almost made the mistake of calling back with annoyance as it always upset my mind in those odd hours. Thanks again.
    The No. always calling me is +231332580829

  8. This is really helpful man! One of my friends got a call from +341 (yes, only 3-digit number) and I suggested him not to call back or take the call. Actually, this one was a full call (not a missed call).

    I had read about such cases earlier so suggested him to not to take the call. You can add this number in your lost above.

  9. I have received 10 missed calls from these numbers over the last two days.

    +231 3325 93844
    +231 3325 90393

    It rings several times each go – occasionally I then immediately have a No Caller ID try and call a number of times, again, for 2-3 rings.

    Feel free to add these numbers. I have seen in this feed that some people are with Vodafone in Australia, I’m with Telechoice (Telstra) in Australia so I don’t think it’s just this carrier that is receiving these types of calls.

    Thank you!

  10. Got a one ring from this number today. Call originated in Liberia! Don’t even know where that is let alone want to talk with anyone who chooses to live in such a cess pit of a country. Dirty scamming grubs don’t deserve to own a telephone.

    1. Nobody chooses to live in Liberia Peter. It was founded by repatriated slaves from America on the west African coast and has been among the poorest and most violent countries on Earth ever since. They don’t want to talk to you either, Peter. You seem proud of your ignorance. That may be even worse than a “grub” creating a slightly annoying phone scam. If they don’t deserve telephones, then you don’t deserve to have opinions on people or places you know nothing about.

  11. I am recieving numerous phone calls per day from scammers in Liberia, calling from two numbers: +231 33 259 3844 & +231 33 259 0393 An example of the amount of calls from these two numbers has been attached. Calls initially came from +216 72 689 904 and +216 72 689 902. When calling these numbers i suffered high bill charges and the person on the other end was speaking another language and no English. I dont know how to stop these thieves from calling me and dont want to change my number!

  12. I had my first call from +216 72 689 903
    (Tunisia) on the 29th Jan 2016 @ 3:56am. From then on i’ve had at least one call everyday :-
    +231 3325 53300
    +231 3325 53881
    +231 3325 93844
    +231 3325 90393

    Everytime i see a new number i block it, but the nxt day they just call me from a new number …

  13. I am receiving about 20 of there a day. Some days they are numbers, some days they are “no caller ID”, then comes up in my messages as a missed call from a number which is usually like this +231 3325 53881.
    I am sick to death of the 20 missed calls a day. I’ve registered on the “do not call” website, contacted Optus (my telco) and they can do nothing!
    These are the numbers I have blocked so far-

    +216 72 689 904
    +231 3325 90393
    +231 3325 53300
    +231 3325 93844
    +231 3325 53881

    Can’t block “no caller ID”.
    I have no idea where they have got my number from but it’s driving me insane!

  14. I’ve gotten a couple of such calls and it’s really annoying.. Just wondering… Will they end up paying instead if we’ve picked up their call before they ended the call?

  15. Hi I also received a call from +231 3325 80695 at this timing. Hope the readers will take note of this number too 🙂 Thanks and have a great day 🙂

    1. I have also received missed call from +231 332572989 at 7.0 am. I Called back. Luckily my mobile doesn’t have ISD facility.

  16. Yesterday 7.27 pm I received a miss call from the number +231330550456, luckily I didnt call back, but came here to look for this number and got this information of fraud calls… thank you

  17. The reason this is not stopped is because Vodafone shares in the money, probably to the tune of millions of rupees every month. It’s all automatic, probably run by Vodafone employees. I had the amounts (Rs 900, from 247 and 257, Ascension islands and Burundi) taken off my bill, but I had to figure it out and argue with Vodafone, who insisted I made the calls.

    Vodafone needs to be criminally charged by TRAI and the police, and it needs to block these calls. Remember, Vodafone is billing ON BEHALF OF THE SPAMMERS, so they can easily refuse to do it. They should probably refund Rs 500 to every customer, aside from taking off any charges for these “missed calls.”

    Btw, I didn’t call back. I just picked up the phone and the charges started. Second and third time, I blocked the calls – the Rs 900 was mainly on a second number my kids use.

      1. I just got a call from +231 33 252 8213, luckily for me I didn’t call back. But I think Vodafone should do something about it. God save us all.

  18. Well, I won. After ten phone calls, lots of waiting and screaming, three emails to appellate and two visits to the Vodafone Store, all charges plus tax are off my bill and I have a confirming email.

    The email is important because in all correspondence, I referred to the problem as a “Multi-Crore Vodafone Fraud” which was pleasant to see repeated by Vodafone. They refer to dropping charges as “one-time only” but as long as I called it fraud and they agreed, the doors may be open to force them return everyone’s money, whether they ask for it or not, and to stop the practice.

    In fact, Vodafone lied to me every step of the way. It was one woman at appellate – I called her – who understood and had the power to reverse the charges. Everyone else said “48 hours” and did nothing. The number was cut twice, for a total of 3 days, outrageous as I was not at fault and in constant (if annoying) contact with them.

    I will now go to a lawyer and explore options for forcing Vodafone to reverse ALL ‘AFRICAN SPAMMER’ charges on everyone’s bill – and also explore reversing ANY unsolicited and unauthorized charges – for example, for packs, games or software. These are usually Rs 30 to 50 per month, so most people don’t notice. Yet Rs 30 to 10 million customers adds up!

    I have started a web site (similar to this forum) which will be up in a few days. This is Please visit and relate your sad tales. We can connect for details if and when I can get some legal action going.

  19. Thanks for the heads up.

    I use Vodafone and the following numbers are calling from Liberia.


  20. I have had OVER 100 calls from these three numbers since 5:00 on Friday (it’s now 9:20pm Sunday). The numbers are:


    I don’t know how they got our numbers??

    I can’t block them on my phone unfortunately. But it’s ok. I have their call set as no vibrate and no ring. So doesn’t bother me really. But annoys me
    I called them back and got charged. Thankfully vodafone was good and deleted the charges from my bill before I receive the bill.

  21. i had similiar call from this scam +231332580233 out of curiosity i called without reasonable response just to finish my airtime, kindly add that evil number to your list

  22. I’ve just had a missed call from +231 9050 2150.
    I wonder how they get the “victims” phone number.

    Thanks to the author for making this article.

  23. Today I got a missed call from +231 9066 3001
    Any idea how they get the numbers? I’m on 3 Ireland

  24. I got a missed call from this number by 12.10am this morning +231332580956. I just googled and found out the code is linked to Liberia, and luckily I saw this post. Thanks for educating people to avoid falling victim.

  25. Hi, yesturday night I got a Missed call from this number +231332588126
    I did not call back. I do think it is scam caller.

  26. I have received this call on my Ireland number and as per my habit I did call back but quickly cut it after know its something different .
    I was charged 40Cents for 8 sec .. you can imagine…
    call from +231-330552700
    also go one strange SMS from it saying we have selected you for 60000 Euro price sms some code to the number.
    I have blocked the number in true caller and my phone

  27. Got a message from 00231330552707 which says:

    congratulations (Name) (surname)
    your number have been selected officially
    by our company and you won 60,000 euro
    your code is 0389 call this number 00231330552707

  28. thanks for good informations. i have received miss call from number
    +231 332528213
    this is for the informations of all

  29. Very helpful. I have had 3 calls from 00231 9246508. The first 2 days ago was a missed call. The second I answered and got a real person. I informed him that I was on TPS and that he should not be calling me and rang off before he could say any more. He rang back at once but I let the answerphone pick up the call. No message was left.

    At least I am now getting the numbers for International calls now. I also have a 2001 edition of BT’s ‘The Phone Book Companion’ which lists International codes in both numerical and alphabetical by country order, most useful.

  30. Those idiot made me a foul today… Me thinking it was my girlfriend and i called and hearing the language i don even know…

  31. +231330490282 this number just called me almost time: 00:00 I searched on Web found nothing and truecaller just gave me the country which is liberia.

  32. Hi
    I’m from lebanon in the middle east
    I’m receiving such scam missed calls from numbers starting with +231
    00 231 33 049 1002
    00 231 33 055 2959
    +231 33 055 2911

  33. I also too received a call from the code +231,last number 1044 in the night at a time of 11:24pm, and I decided to check the code on line and thanks God I have gotten this information thanks to you all and please becareful

  34. Hi guys,

    Be carefull with these two follwing numbers:

    – 44509705085

    – 231330551546

    It is a scam. they kept texting me asking me to contact them on 231330551546. Before calling them, I researched their number and found notes and warnings regarding the above number.

    Do not call them.

  35. Be careful with these two following numbers:
    Last ten days I am getting miss call from +231 332540474,+265 883338501, +265 883338501, +265 882548220,

  36. I have also received calls from numbers starting from 231 on 04th Janyary 2017.
    Not sure but I have a practice of not calling any number unless its too much familiar to me or not in my phone book history.
    I even have registered my number into the Do Not Disturb (DND) list of Our Country Telecom Department.
    Below is the number I received a call, but the person didnt utter a word also for 5 sec.

    231330235866 – received on 2017-Jan-04 00:39:00 hrs
    447417974943 – received on 2016-Nov-16 05:46:00 hrs
    Request the caller person not to get angry on seeing that We have highlighted his number here. This is just an attempt to save the rest of the world.

    Thanks Piyush.

  37. I get several calls from+ 231 , the latest one from + 231330441498.
    I never call back or respond to such unknown calls and block these numbers in my phone and report them as Fraud calls.

  38. I received a call from 231 33 044 1907 just now
    a girl said muje call kare..awaaz clear nahi hey then disconnected the call
    thankyou so much fr the info

  39. Received call from 231 33 093 0056, 10.26 am-17th Feb 2017 on Idea. Picked up the phone and said hello. No answer. Put the phone down and did not call back.

  40. Received call from +231 33 0720136, 1.13pm-17th Feb 2017 on Idea. Picked up the phone and said hello. No answer. I immediately disconnected.but I am worried is there problem with that call.

  41. Slight change to the scam, but still along the same lines.
    I just got a text message from the following number

    The text message simply said
    “contact me 00231330552700”

    Naturally I didn’t contact them, but worth the mention on the new attack vector

  42. I am getting call from



    Even if i answer the call there no response and gets disconnected at 10 seconds.

    Mine is idea number which i got calls from the above numbers.

    I called 1963 for a complaint on these numbers and there response was pathetic.

    How to identify and block these numbers.

  43. I have these 8 missed calls since feb1st this year
    +381 612080627 & 281819
    +212 624840435, 624840402 and 610929338
    +291 7222962
    +231 330441900 & 720136

    Can you trace the number to owners?
    What will you do if you can
    What if you answer the call, even if it is a blank call? Can someone meddle with information on your phone?

  44. I got several missed calls from the following number
    I never call back for such calls naturally. This is to add this number in the spam list. Thank you for this initiative to alert many people.

  45. I received missed calls from these numbers below at night around 10:30 – 11:00.


    And from this number at noon.


    Only missed calls as you mentioned. Rings twice usually. Take care everyone and thank you Piyush Agarwal so so much for providing this information. It was driving me nuts.

  46. i have recieved calll from +231332587545
    i took the phone call for 10 sec but no one talked i cut the call
    an they hack my personal passwords etc

  47. +231 332595068 – liberia
    +381 621459363 – serbia

    identified as spam through true caller. This guy called me at 2AM and disturbed my sleep. 🙁

    Thanks for maintaining this website.

  48. I have received the call yesterday 3 times and i have not lifted the call +231332595078 , don’t know whether it was scam or not and i don’t even have any person to call me from liberia

  49. I have recieved a call today from +231 3325 95019 and took the call for 7 sec and call got disconnected. I immediately logged out of gmail n icloud ?

  50. The new number they are trying with this.
    I rec’d a call from this no. +231330441901
    Guys be aware, many people lost money, families and their life by getting cheated this way or lottery name, or big funds transfer name etc.. be cool and be clear that no one will give money free…

  51. I has been received missed calls from following numbers. Starting odd hours i got missed calls.Now a days they are calling in day time also.Luckly I didn’t lift the calls yet. +212661159295 +212661475960 +212610929311 +212624840431 +231332201366 and Starting with +214 also.This information is useful to many other people.

  52. I got a missed call from +212661159295 at 7:18 pm luckily I didn’t lift the phone.please take Care your self.

  53. I just had received a call like this. The girl in the otherside said to call back. I put this number in Google search.luckily i found your article. So thanks a lot…

  54. i got a missied call from +231 332525514 at 2.57pm April25 2017, i try to accept the call but it got disconnected immediately. Last week also i got the same call.

    Please be aware

  55. i have just got a missed called, literally 5 minutes ago, and it seemed intentionally to leave me a missed call from this number ; +231 3304 20147

  56. Got a call from +231 33 042 0147

    I don’t? understand how does the scammer makes money from this if it just incurs exorbitant bill on our side?

  57. +231 33 042 0145
    missed call no. received from my 2nd mobile no. published in the internet recently.

  58. +231 33 042 0145

    Liberia. Called at 2am
    I picked up the phone and a womans voice said “ive been waiting for your call” in a sexy manner. Then the scammer hang up.

  59. Thank you so much for this. I’m from Malaysia and just got such a call around 6am today. Google brought me here as I was curious what country code started with +231.

    The number I received was +231 330420147

    Bless you for helping spread awareness!

  60. Got 7 missed calls for the first time, all today.
    Liberia +231 777 510 003
    I didn’t answer or call back.

  61. Got calls from Number

    in odd hours but I didn’t pick up as I know they are scam calls

    It is for information for others, please do not pick call back on number starting with +231


    Please add this number in the list +231 8367 565

  63. Had a call at 3:40am London U.K time
    From this number

    00 231 3325 78251

    The phone rang twice didn’t get the chance to answer
    Good job I didn’t call back…

  64. 00 231 33 257 8251
    I just recieved a missed call this after noon and i didn’t even bother to call back.

  65. I took the call from this number +231 332501220 … do i have any problem…?? What can I do..?? Please tell me…!!

  66. I got a call this morning from an unknown number to me . It’s as follows 231330441606. I will never answer to such calls as I know these could be scammers.

  67. I got a call from +231 88 6225151
    Thanks to your article. It helped me to assess the intention of the fraudsters and take appropriate actions.
    Thanks again to you, Piyush for this blog and initiative of nailing this down.

    To your Success,

    Neeraj Kapoor

  68. iam getting calls from liberia and many other countries.
    Iam from kerala, india
    Last missed call from the spammers was on 19 sep 17 11:40 pm. I have also recieved calls from similar numbers before. i usually sleep late so i noticing these calls for a while. It only lasts for 2 or 3 rings.
    These are the numbers,
    +231 33 258 6893
    +960 951 5914
    +7 840 200 17 81
    +960 954 2021
    +995 592 81 41 07
    +995 592 81 43 98
    +995 591 83 50 45
    +995 591 83 50 46
    +248 2 657 073

  69. I find it is commendable that you took time to write this article. I wonder is there a way at the law enforcement level to control these sleazy people. I got multiple missed call from

    +231 332 502911 (From Liberia)

    and, in addition, I have got miss-calls from another number that begins with the country code of another African country Democratic Republic of Congo. The number from which the call came was

    +243 809 901726

  70. Thank you for this post. With family all over the world, it was obviously concerning to me but glad I can relax now thanks to your post!
    +231 33 066 0159
    6:3pm. South Africa

  71. I just received one of these fake calls on this number, I didn’t ring back as I’m fairly security minded I just entered it into Google and stumbled upon this page, so will add to your list
    00 231 33 226 0972 don’t get scammed people

  72. My daughter is with Tesco and has just received a call from 00 231 33 236 7014 which I believe is Liberia. She rang back out of habit and got a message saying to check the number dialed as the number input was incorrect. Not sure if it was a mistake or the number genuinely is incorrect, but either way waiting to see if she’s been charged. Just to add this number to your growing list as I didn’t find it there. Keep up the good work, sites like this are what make the internet worth while.

  73. I keep getting calls from these numbers

    00 231 3322 60735
    00 231 3322 60871

    It left a short voicemail of an operator.

  74. +231332260735
    Rang 9.30 pm in England I had hold of phone so nearly managed to just answer.
    Rang off after 2 rings as I was just about to press answer.

    If we managed to answer would it cost them money?
    If so will be worth it to cost them money.

  75. I had a missed call few minutes ago….
    I called back but fortunately for me I had only 3 seconds? talk time…
    I use Airtel Ghana…

    I am sure they got my number on my Facebook business page…

    The number is +231330490176
    & It’s already on the scam list above…

  76. Have received calls from
    +231332260152 & at 2.30 in the morning from +231332260388.
    didn’t phone any back and found this site to confirm what I thought.

  77. +231 3304 91136 received call malaysia time somewhere around 3.30pm

    Thank you for spreading the words on this type of scam

  78. I received calls from:


    I have blacklisted both of these numbers and did not call them back

  79. just missed a call from +231330490161.

    Are we safe by announcing our email addresses and names on this page?

  80. I just now received a call from +231330412643 and I answered it and no voice from other end for a while and got disconnected.
    Not sure how they got my number to be honest…as I didn’t publish my number in any social websites etc…..after reading this blog I am assertive its a fraud scam…thanks

  81. I use Vodafone Ireland and I got a call from the number +231 3304 12645. I got it early morning and it rang for like 2-3 seconds. I felt it was odd and didn’t call back as there has been warnings about such calls on radio for some time. Thought I’d add the number here.

  82. Just got call from+231 33 258 0200. Came up as Liberia so clearly knew it was a scam. No blocked all calls from that number.

  83. Got a call at 10:15 am and answered it immediately, but no one there, call had ended as soon as I answered. The number is +231330443301

  84. I also got a call but never replied thanks this blog…..I was nearly about to reply……..but then the lightbulb went off!!!!


  85. I had a missed call before 9am this morning. The number is: 00 231 33 258 0236. I did not return the call. I never return numbers of phones that I do not know. I checked the country code on google and then knew it was from Liberia.
    I am not on any of the social medias, either. Please be vigilant at all times. Thanks.

  86. got 1 call today 1. nov 17 from Liberia, did not look and called back, realised after 10 sek that it must be a scam – Afterwards new the calls have been made to me, from different numbers….

  87. I live in Luxembourg and received this call at 15:00 CET today on my mobile.
    No is +231 3306 60381
    Thank you guys for the alert!

  88. Got a call at 11:30 am and answered it immediately, but no one there, call had ended as soon as I answered. The number is +231 88 650 4684

  89. got late night call from +231330492343 liberia.was preoccupied expecting call from overseas called back voice on the other end hung up before the second run out…scam how exactly they make money on you calling them back?

  90. Hello I too get miss calls from the number beginning with +231 this is the one I get miss calls many times

    +231 28 570 929

  91. +231 33 044 0192
    Hi I am from Yemen,I get miss calls from this number beginning with +231, I get miss call at late night.

  92. I got a call from +231 7441 391 from Liberia. I didnt answer. I’m in the US. There was a message left. The funny thing is was when I listened to the message, it was from my local Walgreens store and this is their phone number. The middle number is 774 not 7441. I dont understand just how that happened, anyway I called the store and alerted them to this.

  93. ?00 231 9528 65983?

    ?00 231 2023 34223?

    Received missed called from these to Liberian numbers in the past week. You’ll be glad to know I’ve not called back!

  94. Got a call from 231856792061. As I don’t have this contact on my phone, I decided to use another phone to call the number. It did not even ring but sounded like a wrong or disconnected number. I then searched and found this scam information. Thank you for your help.

  95. Two calls from
    00231897651837 and
    Don’t know anyone from that part of the world so
    I ignored

  96. I’ve received 9 missed call from +231777….. in the last 3 hours. Never rings more than once or twice. i sure hope it stops.

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