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6 Twitter Marketing and Business Apps to help you Earn Money Online

Tweeeeet, tweeet is all one gets to hear around the internet these days. Never was some so hooked to the internet and also never was being hooked to something online so productive at the same time. Twittertwitter_icons_256 has changed the way people go around the world wide web, something that is undeniable and this has also brought in several online apps to use the platform in every possible way including making money.

Internet has always been one of the most crucial/cheaper methods of marketing your services. The reach and popularity is growing day-by-day and you can cash in further on that through twitter apps. There are several twitter applications for different purposes but in this post is a round-up of 6 apps that will help you market/promote your product and business better through twitter. In short help you in gain more exposure and cater to a broader audience. So here’s the list:

6 5 Twitter apps to help you in business and marketing

1. Twibs – helps you promote your business through twitter. You can also find out others in the field as same as yours, study them, build up competition or befriend. A very useful tool.

twibs - Twitter Business Directory - 15,640 businesses and counting! - Add your business today!

2. Twittertise – This one helps you to advertise your brand on twitter and also track how your promotions have been doing Update: This service is not available any longer.


3. twtQpon – What better way to attract buyers than providing them special discounts. twtQpon allows you to create exclusive coupons to make your twitter followers feel special and at the same time you cashing on that extra buck. 😉

twtQpon   create twitter coupons for your business.

4. twitzu – Give your promotional campaigns that extra push it needs with twitzu. Making twitter promotion smooth.

Promote Your Events On Twitter!

5. Twitpay – This one is very different from the others in this list coz instead of earning this app is gonna help you pay. 🙂 Twitpay powered by paypal will halp you pay and inform a person through twitter. making transactions easier. This apps seems to have a lot of potential.


6. tweetergetter – A marketing guy looking to add tons of followers in no time will love this app coz it can get you around 20,000 followers in no time. tweetergetter is a viral method of adding followers where you follow 5 people who each then follow 5 more each. So wanna do bulk promotions? this is what you should give a shot at.

So, that was a simple yet effective round-up by Piyush Agarwal, your eWebBuddy. Hope you like them and appreciate the effort. Do post your comments and also tell me if there are more apps that could become a part of the list. Earn link love in return!! 🙂

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Piyush Agarwal
Piyush Agarwal is a part-time freelance webdesigner who loves to play with design and the web around. You can check out his designs on Technix Designs. He is also into Theatre and Photography.

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