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Discover Best Coworking Space in Bangalore – Offering, Pricing and More

India as a country is still getting accustomed to the idea of flexible work modes. However, in the last few years, there has been a lot of acceptance in the work style & spaces that has helped individuals choose an independent way of working. A big support system has emerged in the form of Coworking spaces. Let’s find out more.

What is Coworking?

The idea of coworking space is not exactly new. However, in the most modern sense it is about sharing of work space by individuals (entrepreneur or employed by a company), wherein they not only share the infrastructure i.e. building/ floor, equipment and services but also get to have an open environ for interaction and networking.


Standard Facilities available at a Coworking Space in Bangalore

  • Wi-fi/ Internet
  • Pantry with unlimited tea/coffee
  • Meeting rooms
  • Event spaces
  • Phone booths
  • Lockers/ Storage (on rent/ chargeable)
  • House-keeping staff
  • Security
  • Reception
  • Brand logo feature
  • Common areas
  • Parking
  • Recreational spaces

We went ahead and googled for coworking spaces in Bangalore. A lot of names sprung up. But who are we kidding, one would only seek the best for their need.

We try to simplify choices here by covering a few shared office spaces in Bangalore basis their pricing*, offering etc. As a list, we have tried giving a glimpse of the best available options, featured not necessarily in an order here.

The Best of Coworking Spaces in Bangalore

1. WeWork

WeWork has very easily redefined the concept of shared office space in Bangalore. Currently active with four major locations, WeWork not only gives you a state-of-the-art coworking space but keeps you connected with the city too.

a) Offerings – WeWork comes loaded with options, wherein the space pricing varies as per location and the size of the team/ individual looking for a dedicated space. The options range from hot desk** to custom build-out office spaces.

b) Pricing – A hot desk at WeWork starts at INR 9,999/- per person/month and a dedicated desk at INR 15,000/ – per month. For a private office the price starts at INR 21,000/- per month for a person and goes up to INR 218,000/- for a team of 11-20 people.

c) Key Factor – This one tops our list because of a very unique set of facilities available. WeWork spaces come with a Fitness center, Wellness room (for meditation or privacy), Brainstorming room and Showers too (for people who rush after gym or cycle to work).

2. Cowrks

As of now, cowrks is running with 6 centres across Bangalore. There is cowrks coworking space in Koramangala, Residency Road, Ecoworld (Outer Ring Road), New Indiranagar, Whitefield and Millenia (Ulsoor).

a) Offerings – This coworking space in Bangalore categorises plans under lounge membership, dedicated desk, flexible desk and private studio. Not all options are available at all locations. So, for more details, visit here.

b) Pricing – Pricing at cowrks varies with location and typically starts with INR 10,499/- per month and goes up to INR 31,000/- per month for a private studio.

c) Key Factor – Apart from presence in prime locations, they have the cowrks Connect App meant exclusively for members using the facility. The Connect App helps cowrks community to interact and stay in touch with members globally, based on shared interests.

3. coworkcafe

This shared office space in Bangalore is currently situated in Sarjapura Road, near Outer Ring Road.

a) Offerings – coworkcafe offers ergonomic workspaces with storage facility (chargeable). Laptops and dongles are available on rental. It also assures of power backup in case of electricity fails.

b) Pricing – They have kept the plan very simple to begin with. The package available for now states that a resident coworker pays INR 4000/- per month and avails all facilities, while a guest co-worker will be charged at INR 300/- per day.

c) Key Factor – The facility is modern, but their pricing is what makes them a hit as budget friendly & affordable. Adding laptops on rental offers convenience to workers on the spot.

4. BHIVE workspace

BHIVE is another popular destination for folks looking for a coworking space in Bangalore. Covering prime locations in Residency Road, Indiranagar, coworking space in Koramangala, HSR Layout Sector 2, 4 & 6, BHIVE is a known name in start-up circle.

a) Offerings – BHIVE office space in Bangalore have two kinds of deal on the table. First, where one can go on to rent an office space with customized solutions (bare shell or furnished); second, with shared office space like dedicated desks and hot desks.

b) Pricing – Prices vary according to the location. Yes, real estate can be tricky that way. But here’s the good thing, BHIVE pricing is quite appealing. A day pass in HSR Sector 2 can cost up to INR 350 plus taxes while a hot desk pricing starts at INR 4,200/- A dedicated desk price can go up to INR 7,000/- plus taxes.

c) Key Factor – They customize dedicated rooms/ cabins as per customer requirement. Also, all BHIVE members can choose to work out of other locations for 20% of their total allotted period.

5. Indiqube

Indiqube perhaps is the one with the most outreach in terms of providing coworking space in Bangalore. Yes, in this city alone, it boasts of 22 options spread in a variety of locations, giving choice to each and every.

a) Offerings – Indiqube has divided the shared office space in Bangalore in 4 different types, depending on area and design. One can request a tour to understand the details.

b) Pricing – Pricing for Indiqube can be found by dropping a query here and booking an appointment.

c) Key Factor – MIQUBE, an intranet facility with an exclusive dashboard feature integrates various services offered at Indiqube coworking spaces.

6. Founderscube

Founderscube brings together start-up incubation, coworking spaces and virtual offices. It is a great amalgamation of choices under one roof for people who prefer to go flexible with work timings and environs.

a) Offerings – They have on offer 6 different kind of plans for shared office space in Bangalore. One can choose depending on the required team size and budget in hand. Currently active at Mahadevapura.

b) Pricing – Founderscube spread the plan on the website with detailed pricing and what it covers. So, a virtual office can cost INR 1000/- per month with limited access to facilities. Workstations are priced at INR 4000/- per month and a private cabin can cost from INR 25,000/- to INR 70,000/- per month depending on the size of the team.

c) Key Factor – Mentoring and Business support services are offered for companies that are struggling or seek help in managing a start-up. Paid services here include HR, Accounting, Marketing & IT support.

7. 91springboard

Currently functional in a total of 9 cities across India, 91springboard boasts of 5 very unique addresses in Bangalore.

a) Offerings – Multiple flexi options are available, starting from a private 2-seater to open dedicated workstation, to someone who wants to use the space part time or swing by the day.

b) Pricing – Pricing for all the available options vary and are mostly charged by the month, except in the case of a day pass (valid for 8 hours in the open area) for INR 599/- per day. For a student, the pricing starts with INR 2999/- per person/ month and goes up to INR 10,499/- for a private 2-seater. A suitable pricing for a single person workspace is available at INR 6999/- For more details, check here.

c) Key Factor – As promised, 91springboard have gone to cover some very specific requirements, like a special plan for students, or a plan for people who want to take up the work late in the evening (calling it rightly as ‘batman’).

A Glance at Shared Working Space Aggregators in India and are two very prominent aggregators that give you quick access to coworking space in India. It is important to choose the filters as one seeks information for a particular city. Furthermore, search can be refined basis required space, period and services. The results present an exhaustive list to choose from.

How to Book a Shared Office Space in Bangalore?

Most of the listed coworking space in Bangalore offers a tour of the location, in which they cover everything that is available at the facility. Apart from this, websites have chatbots to help with queries online. Another approach is to call or drop an email to book an appointment with the service provider.

*Pricing listed in the article is as per October 2018. Kindly refer to websites or contact providers for recent updates.

**Hot Desk –

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