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Best Drill Machine For Home Use – Bosch GSB 10 RE Smart Kit


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On April 6, 2018
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Great robust kit with almost everything needed for small home projects. Easy to use and can help save a lot of money for service jobs in the long run.

I got married in 2017 and moved to a new house from my bachelor-pad like most people do. I thought I was prepared, not for the marriage, 🙂 but the move to a new place but things are not always the way you imagined. In the past whenever getting something fixed was a rare occasion and there was a simple solution – leave it to the experts. But in this new phase of my life, there was always something that needed to be done in the house. After a few expensive affairs with a carpenter and home services professionals, I got myself the best drill machine for home use – “Bosch Smart Kit GSB 10 RE”. Here is my review of the product.

When I rented out my current place, it was a newly built flat with bare walls and missing even the basic fittings. So we got a carpenter and started drilling holes across Kitchen, Bathrooms, Rooms for hooks, mirrors, storage space. What I thought was a one-day affair turned out to be way more. This required multiple follow-ups, matching time to meet and finally negotiating a price that makes sense!

At the same time, the fact that even for small things I had to rely on an expert and pay them for something I could do was annoying to the core. Thanks to my recent experience with Bosch Smart Screw Driver, I figured that its time to take things into my own hands. And I the hunt for the best drill machine for home use began.

After a couple of months, we needed to get a new Pujaghar or Worship place at my home. The one we picked needed to be fitted on the wall. So, without thinking further, I went ahead and bought a new Bosch GSB 10 Re Smart Kit.

It may seem slightly far stretched to have bought a complete kit with a drill for one fitting.

But my experience told me otherwise. Based on my Baniya maths, it will just take me 5-6 times of usage to get my investment back compared to paying a handyman. After that its free for life. And the best part, I get to learn a new skill.

The package arrived in immaculate condition and at a good deal. I opened it without delay and started to work.

The Project – Setting up Hindu Worship Place on wall

The Tool – Bosch GSB 10 RE Drill Kit

Bosch Smart Kit GSB 10 RE

Mission – Drill 2 Holes in the wall with the 10mm Drill, hammer the bits that would hold the screw. ensure alignment and screw it in.

Time Taken – 12mins

The drill is quite powerful and extremely robust. The torque provided by the drill is just right for this kind of a job. The most important aspect of this process was to ensure that the holes are properly aligned to each other and the electric switchboard at the bottom.

Bosch Smart Home Kit
Bosch Smart Home Drill Kit Box
Inside the Bosch Kit
Inside the Bosch GSB 10 RE Kit

Features of the SmartKit as advertised by BOSCH

Robust and powerful motor
At 500 W, this drill provides the exact amount of power and support you need in completing tasks around the house.

Compact design
Often the size and weight of drills weighs one down, but not with the Bosch GSB 10 RE. It has been built in a way that optimises working in difficult situations such as small spaces or overhead tasks, making it less tiring for you and getting the job done perfectly.

Lightweight drill
At just 1.5 kg, this drill provides a stress-free experience as it is so light to carry, making it the perfect choice in terms of portability and carrying around.

Features of the kit
Weighing a total of 4.5 kg, this portable toolkit ensures convenience and functionality. Along with the 1.5 kg drill, you also get 100 accessories, all of which are housed neatly in this easy to maintain, the well-designed kit made of superior and long-lasting material.

Back to the Project

So with the kit in hand, the next steps were pretty straight-forward.

First step would obviously be identifying the location of your DIY project. In this case after a lot of pondering, a wall was identified as the victim. The size of the temple was perfect for this wall to provide an aesthetic look. Here is my wall.

The main requirement was to ensure that the drilling was done at the right height and aligned above the switchboard in a way that it did not look sour visually. To ensure this the kit provided a couple of tools which removed any opportunity of guesswork. Check the measuring tape and leveler in the next pic. The hammer can come in handy if at anytime the screw or wall plug needs to be pulled out.

Apart from that 2 screws and wall plugs are required to be put in the drilled holes. The kit comes with screws and wall plugs of different sizes which is super handy. The mention screw size also helps you select the right drill bit to be used for drilling the hole.

Once you have measured and marked your drill points on the wall. Take the drill, choose the drill bit, tighten it and get ready to drill. It’s import to check the direction in which the drill should be rotating along with it being in impact mode.

Easy to hold and use.

Do ensure that your hands are at the same level as the drill when you are using it. Also, make sure the drill in held firmly on the marker because their is possibility that the drill moves when you press the trigger. Once you start drilling make sure your holes are deep enough to take it the wall plug completely. Hammer the wall plug in the wall, put the screws and we are done.

Here is the final result of the project.

From a different angle. In case you are curios, the wall art was picked from Amazon and wall clock from Home Centre.

My Take – Best Drill Machine Hands Down

The drill is actually pretty robust and great to hold. Its design is also quite ergonomic and the sturdiness provides a boost of confidence for a newbie to use. The button of drill direction and impact may take a few tries to get a hang off but nothing that would drastically take you off-guard.

Warning – You may not help yourself from NOT take a selfie. 🙂 Just don’t go for 007 James Bond pose, please.

BOSCH Smartkit Drill
Sturdy & Ergonomic Design

My Take – On the KIT

The kit really looks complete and even slightly overwhelming. It comes with almost everything one would need for small home projects. Apart from the drill, there are various drill bits for metal, wall and wood surfaces. The kit also includes a hammer, spanner, pliers, measuring tape and cutter. It also includes a set of screws and plastic bits to ensure you do not have to make a run to the closest hardware store for the first few projects.

The casing is very impressive and grooved well to fit everything. The case also makes the kit quite portable and easy to carry around.

In Conclusion

This project was covered here to show how effective and handy it can be to have Bosch drill around at home. Also how easy it really is to pull off a project like this. And this really makes it the best drill machine for home use. You can make out from my project details above that I am no carpenter but the final result says it all. You can find this kit on most major online stores. Buy links mentioned below.

Where to Buy and Price?

You can buy the Bosch Smartkit from most stores but the best place to buy is online. You can get a good deal on the leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. It’s MRP is around Rs.4465 but its available at just Rs.3299 now (about 25% discount). available at Rs.2899 during the current Amazon India Sale. Get It Now!!

Click here to buy Bosch Smart Kit 10 RE from AMAZON

Click here to buy Bosch Smart Kit 10 RE from FLIPKART

Do leave your thoughts in the comment section. If you have used or purchased the kit, do share your reviews here as well.


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  1. Hi, Thanks for the coming to me at the right time. Currently, I am looking for a drill for my home projects. I am so glad I found you at the right time. I hope this one is perfect for my work. Can you tell me I am not a professional Can I use it efficiently? What do you suggest?

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