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Best Gadget Gifts for Men

Have you ever felt at a complete loss looking for a suitable best gift for a man (friend or family)? Well, you are not the only one. Buying gifts for men is not an easy task considering they are not to be pleased with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. However, it is not that hard a code to crack either. We know one thing they love, Gadgets! This piece of information is crucial and offers us a little direction. So, let’s embark on research before you decide on the best electronic gadget as a gift for a guy best friend.

This article has been put together by Anamika Jha who wanted to once and for-all remove all confusion of picking gifts for her husband. She also clearly understood that the pain is shared by many folks here.

What to Keep in Mind While Looking for Best Gadgets for Men?

best gifts for men 2019

Buying gifts for men can be tricky and what comes handy is a little understanding of their interest areas. Knowing some of the broader interest areas like music, fitness, technology and gears can help decide a suitable gift for a guy best friend. If you know them well or have observed the close enough, it is all the more convenient to find out what they already own and what they aspire to purchase in near future. This way you can be the one fulfilling that wish with one of the best electronic gadgets they love.

Finding the Best Gifts for Men in Various Budgets

We shall not be a stickler to categories of gifts here, however, as promised we will cover best gadgets for men in various price categories and make choices easier for you. We have added direct links to all products to make it quick and easy for you to purchase your gift. Do check out the various digital wallet offers to make sure you can save more.

Gifts Under  Rs.2000

a) Mi Band 3

mi fitness band

First in our list is the Mi Band activity tracker. The price promised on amazon comes just under INR 2000* and sounds perfect as one of the best birthday gifts for men. It comes with 0.78 inches of OLED touch screen. This is one of the best devices for step tracking, sleep cycle and heart rate monitoring. You can receive call notifications and alerts for popular applications  and can also read the messages. The device is water resistant upto 50 meters.

Limitation – The phone unlock feature works only with android and not iPhones. Something to be aware of before you make a decision.

*This is a discounted product. Actual price is INR 2,199.


b) JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL go bluetooth speaker

Let’s make your friend, who is always on the move and cannot do without his groove, really happy. Yes! We have just the best gift for a man and you can get this well under your budget of INR 2000. The JBL Go Portable Speaker is currently available at a discount price of INR 1,799. With up to 5 hours of playtime on rechargeable batteries, this will make for one of the best gifts for guy best friend.

Limitation – No visual display and battery charge time is a minimum of 2.5 hours.


If the guy is into tools and like to get his hands dirty with tools, check out this cool Bosch GO Smart Screwdriver review.

Under INR 5000

a) Fire TV Stick

amazon firestick tv

Do you have a friend whose idea of a perfect evening is Netflix and Chill! Well, then the Amazon Fire TV Stick is your best bet of making him happy. Well under the budget of INR 5000 (costs 3,999/-), the Fire TV Stick is the sure shot way of getting connected to all kinds of entertainment. All you need to do is connect the stick to your television and begin streaming content from various channels. An existing Amazon account can get you easy access. The voice remote facility is an added feature, further enhanced by Alexa.

Limitation – An uninterrupted Wi-fi network or internet connection is required.


b) Morphy Richards New Europa Coffee Maker

murphy richards coffee maker

This is just the gift for a man friend who runs only on coffee. Morphy Richards New Europa Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker is a sweet deal at INR 3, 649 (discounted price). Powered with 800 watts, this coffee wonder can serve up to 4 cups of coffee. A 2-year warranty on the product makes it a safe buy.

Limitation – Equipment size restricts the quantity of coffee.


Gifts Under Rs.10000

a) Amazon Echo

amazon echo

While you are on your search for the best gadgets for men, a smart speaker today would certainly seal the deal. The Amazon Echo devices are the best in their category and are already into their 2nd generation. This hands-free device is voice controlled. You can call, message, play songs, get weather or news update with only voice commands as Alexa (the cloud based personal assistant) listens.

Limitation – Alexa is getting updated on skills everyday. Not all features are available with this version e.g. display screen or video calling. You may like to check out Echo Spot.


b) Google Home

google home india

Well, it would be a shame if we talk about Echo and not introduce you to Google Home. This multimedia smart speaker offering from Google competes in the same category and would serve as one of the best gifts for men in India or abroad. Priced at INR 9,999, Google Home is quite popular in its category.

Limitation – Google assistant is not compatible with all applications, hence, no ordering food on Zomato or booking a ride with Ola.

Before making a decision between the above two, get a comparison.

 Buy from Flipkart

Under Rs.20000

a) Kindle Paperwhite

amazon kindle paperwhite

One of the best electronic gadgets that can impress your male friend or partner is a Kindle. If the said person is a passionate reader, there is no better gift than the all-new Kindle paperwhite. This 10th Gen e-reader comes with 6-inch display of high resolution. The built-in light is an added feature that makes reading in dim or bright environs easy on the eye. The 8 GB version priced rather appealing at INR 12,999, makes for one of the best birthday gifts for men.

If at all, you feel a little more splurgy, go for the 32 GB, priced at INR 17,999. The product is set to release on 5th December, 2018 as per Amazon website update.

Limitation – This version of Kindle is not adaptive of playback of audible audiobooks.


b) Vivo V9Pro

Vivo V9 Phone

Is your guy friend on the lookout for a new smartphone? Here’s one that you can surprise him with. Vivo V9Pro with 6 GB RAM and 13+2 Megapixel camera can serve to be the best birthday gift for a man. This phone is a complete pro when it comes to taking pictures. Equipped with 16 MP AI selfie camera and an equally amazing full-view display screen of 6.3 inches.

Limitation – We couldn’t find any!


c) BOSE SoundLink Mini II

bose soundlink mini

The frontrunner in the category of wireless bluetooth speakers, BOSE Soundlink Mini II is one of the contenders in the under INR 20,000 budget. For your music lover guy friend, this would make for the ultimate gift. Weighing a little over 650 grams and extremely compact to carry, you will find this a steal at INR 16, 200.

Limitation – Does not support USB flash drives to play music. 1 AAA battery required.


Gifts Above Rs.20000

a) BOSE Quiet Comfort 35 II Wireless Headphone


Currently priced at INR 29,363, BOSE Quiet Comfort 35 II Wireless Headphone is found to be the best in noise cancellation. This can be an ideal gift for a guy best friend who is into music and likes to have headphones on him all the time. What more? These headphones being wireless, thus, no hassle of untangling wires. You may find it here or we suggest visiting a nearby BOSE showroom to experience the sound first-hand.

Limitation – 1 AA batteries is the minimum requirement and the device cannot do without it.


b) Playstation VR

Playstation VR Game Bundle

What could be the ultimate gift for your man? Nothing beats the Playstation VR as no man has ever said no to gaming. The new PS VR with Camera bundle is a great buy at a price of INR 41, 990. Wait! There’s a better deal at INR 37, 450 only on Amazon. In the category of virtual gaming experience, this device set brings in the feels with the PS VR headset and camera. It is as easy as plug and play.

Limitation – This set do not come with motion controllers.


c) Apple Watch


Finding the best electronic gadgets for men who are already hooked onto an Apple iPhone is easy. Gift them an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch series 4 priced at INR 43, 900 is a great catch. In the category of wearable smart devices, this spears ahead with features like in-built GPS, larger display, better speaker and swim-proof.

Limitation – The only limitation will be its compatibility restricted to iOS devices.


d) GoPro Hero5

Gopro hero 5

Are you baffled about what to gift your guy friend who is a total photo enthusiast? If your budget is anywhere plus INR 20K, the answer lies in GoPro Hero5. Available at a great discount and priced at INR 25,999 on Amazon, GoPro Hero5 is great at capturing 4k videos and still photos in 12 Megapixels. Known for their waterproof capabilities, this device is safe to use in the limits of 10 meters depth. You can enjoy hands-free control of the camera with only voice commands and can edit and upload photos as you go.

Limitation – Since it is battery dependent, carrying extra batteries is going to be a permanent requirement.


We sum up our list here. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are a plethora of options that you can choose from for best birthday gifts for men or even for a festive giveaway. We say, go explore!



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  1. This is a very helpful post. I definitely agree, the men in the family would all say yes to gaming and wouldn’t say NO to a Playstation VR 🙂
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