Best Learning App for Kids in India

Top 5 Learning Apps for Kids in India for 2021

It’s 2021 and children across the world have just sailed through the most difficult and unexpected year of their childhood. With schools shifting from classroom to online learning, many parents opted out of virtual schooling. They have vouched on learning apps for kids that emerged as great solutions to bridge the learning gaps.

Today, almost every child has access to quality education through technology that has made the process of learning easy. A lot of these learning apps for kids are a perfect package of edutainment. Here are some ways in which they have made education easy and fun for kids:

How Apps for Kids aid in Learning

Mobile education is one of the fastest-growing trends which people all over the world are accepting with open arms. Learning apps for kids are fast emerging as powerful tools of learning for preschoolers and early learners. The benefits of these apps include:

Easy Access: A child can access the app from anywhere at any time. They can keep the learning process on as against the time-bound school routine. All that is required is a disciplined parental control on the usage of the device.

Constructive Engagement: Children can use their screen time constructively by getting access to the best learning apps . They not only instill good learning habits but also help them utilize their leisure time in a better way.

Interactive Learning: Mobile apps for kids are designed to keep their minds occupied. This is achieved through various interactive learning methods including visual and auditory. This not only helps make learning fun but also helps in their brain development.

Informal Learning: Learning from an app creates an informal educational environment for children. It gives them the confidence to absorb knowledge with ease and comfort. It also gives an opportunity to parents to involve with their children through the process of learning.

Top Education App for Preeschoolers

Best Learning apps in India for 2021

The digital space is flooded with numerous learning apps for kids. Parents often feel baffled to make the right choice. Here are some of the best kids learning apps for early education. These are a must try in 2021 to make the best of your child’s digital hour specially preschoolers.

1. Khan Academy Kids


The pandemic scenario has forced many parents to opt for home schooling for their kids, especially for the younger lot. Khan Academy Kids is one of the best free learning apps for kids. It has given great impetus to preschoolers to kick start their learning process with an ad-free engaging curriculum.

It’s fun based interactive and educational program focuses on early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math. The app also offers effective planning tools for teachers. Also check their innovative weekly planners and off-screen activity printables for parents and children.

Download the app from : PlayStore iOS

2. HeyCloudy – Audio Learning App for Kids

HeyCloudy -Best Kids Learning App

Engaging kids in a screen-free mode is one of the biggest challenges parents are facing today. One of the best learning apps in India, that parents swear by, in 2021 is HeyCloudy. It’s a free audio storytelling app that entertains and educates kids through stories, music, brain teasers and more. What more its screen-free and ad-free. Parents can avail subscriptions to unlock premium stories.

With minimal parental intervention, a child can play and listen to the content. They can switch the screen off without interrupting the listening experience. The concept of learning through stories is centered around brain development, vocabulary enhancement, listening skills, focus and critical thinking.

Download the app from : PlayStore iOS

3. Kiddopia


A totally integrated best learning app for kids, Kiddopia offers interactive games and activities to foster self-expression and cognitive development. The subscription-based app entertains and encourages learning through an array of creative and stimulating activities.

Its curriculum oriented content focuses on math programm, language skills, general knowledge, creativity, role playing, and social-emotional learning. Overall, it provides a safe, inclusive and encouraging environment for learning that helps each child reach their fullest potential.

Download the app from : PlayStore iOS

4. Playbees Play & Learn


Looking for an app that teaches your child the basics of numeracy and literacy in early years? Then Playbees Play & Learn app is the best kids learning app. A fun learning edutainment app, Playbees Play & Learn covers all the fundamentals of shapes, alphabets, numbers, colours, reading and more.

The interactive activities of this app helps keep your child engaged in a fun learning environment. The app helps kids progress from learning the basics of alphabets to reading their favourite story in the same app.

Download the app from : PlayStore iOS

5. ABC Kids

ABC Kids App

If you are skeptical about starting schooling for your little one as yet, why not start with alphabets at home? Alphabets are the core of learning in preschools. ABC Kids app is the best educational app for 3 year olds that makes this learning fun and easy.

It uses stories, activities, games, sounds, shapes and rhymes to introduce the concept of alphabets. Also helps build and strengthen their early literacy skills. This app can be your child’s first off school learning tool and help them prepare for subsequent formal schooling.

Download the app from : PlayStore iOS

Nothing can beat the experience of learning in a school environment. However, the capability of a digital device in rendering a unique education experience is something that parents and educators are acknowledging more and more these days. Apps like HeyCloudy are not just helping kids in learning but also provide a safe space to communicate and open up. While Parents are against giving their children a smartphone or tab as a source of entertainment, the key is to go for edutainment that brings along a learning experience which eventually makes their screen time fruitful.

Do download and try our recommendations! Let us know which learning app your child liked the most.

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