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Cycle on Rent in Bangalore – Cost and Process

We as humans have become quite a forgetful species. Living a sedentary lifestyle and wonder why our immune system and health isn’t keeping up with us. We have forgotten our instincts to keep our bodies healthy, fit and wise. Not only do we need to be educated on our occupations, but also on the very basic essentials such as nutrition and exercise. For instance, cycling is an exercise we have almost forgotten. Our roads have been reconstructed to favor the fast and the heavy, and it seems cycling has become a relic of the past and replaced by our need of comfort and saving time. And that too when getting access to a set of wheels is so easy. Now you can get cycle on rent in Bangalore! Read on to find out.

Why choose Cycling in Bangalore?

Cycling has great health benefits and it completely rejuvenates the body. Firstly, cycling is a very low impact exercise for the body. Not only does it help you commute from one place to another, but it also puts a low strain on your muscles, saving you from the sports-injuries associated with other exercises. The exercise can help to protect you from serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, obesity and arthritis. Furthermore, it is not limited to an age group. Cycles range from kids, teenagers, women to even the elderly.

Cities like Paris, Amsterdam and London boast of their bicycle-friendly tracks. They encourage their citizens to give up their carbon-based transport and take up a healthier alternative. India too is following right in their tracks and giving its two cents to mitigate the pollution problem.


Citizens ought to pitch in and do their part to protect the already degrading environment. However, this can cost anywhere between INR 3000-10000+ as cost for purchasing a new cycle. You can avoid this cost by instead renting cycles as needed. A few services have propagated to solve this problem. It aims to ease transport, is good for health and adds convenience.

Top ways to Rent Bicycles in Bangalore

Just like our previous list of best self drive car rental services, we have collated a list of the best bicycle rental options for you to choose from:

1) PEDL by Zoomcar

Bengaluru’s very own Car-rental start up Zoomcar has been renting out cars since 2012. Since early 2018, they have kicked off a new project aptly named Pedl. Pedl is a bicycle sharing service which allows users to locate the nearest Pedl station (Bicycle storage location), unlock, pay and pick up a bicycle as low as Rs 10 per hour. PEDL cycles are designed keeping in mind the users. These unique features include custom designed aluminum alloy frames and drum brakes, anti-slip chains, airless solid tyres and height adjustable seats for comfort. With the feature of adding your Digital wallet to the app, you can pay on the go. Pedl simply carries all the features of the Zoomcar app and service to it’s bicycle rental service. Because of the ease of use, convenience and the already established Zoomcar service guarantee, Pedl is our TOP pick out of all the mentioned service providers.

Cost: Pay just Rs.3 for every 30mins of usage. This makes PEDL the most affordable option in this list.



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2) Yulu Cycles

Yulu is a smart dockless bike sharing system. They offer smart bicycles to their users, which are supported by GPS, GPRS and Bluetooth technology. These technologies help the user find the nearest cycle and help the rider navigate to their destination with ease. Just download the Yulu app, find the nearest cycle in the map, and scan the QR code through the app and press that unlock button to rent it. Voila! The bicycle is yours. The app can also be connected to your favorite digital wallet to make it even more hassle-free. This makes the entire process of finding and renting a cycle just under a minute.

Cost: Hire and pay based on usage time. Pricing starts at Rs.10 for 30mins and Rs.5 for subsequent 30mins.

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3) Icycle

With the motto of ‘Cycling is fun, Cycling is for everyone’, this is a company with a noble agenda on their minds. They aim to promote cycles as a healthy means of transport and hope to create a greener world. Not only do they provide cycles on rent to cover your daily commutes and errands, but they also conduct weekly cycling events and treks. They also offer team-building activities and provide support to Corporations with in-campus cycles. They can be booked online, however the cycles have to be picked up from location to avoid the drop and pick-up charges.

Cost: Can be hired on a per-day basis. Starts at Rs.400/day for weekdays and Rs.500/day for weekends.

4) Pedals and Wheels

Pedals and Wheels is the go-to place for all your bicycle rental and camping needs. They provide an excellent range of choices on the cycles such as mountain bicycles, hybrid bicycles and road bicycles. Not just that, but you can also get camping tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, lanterns, camping stoves, iceboxes, camping gear and trekking gear on rent. Pedals and Wheels takes care of all your outdoor camping and trekking needs.

Cost: Starts at Rs.500/day and can be higher based on your choice of cycles.


City Cycling

5) City Cycling

City cycling is a venture dedicated to promoting cycling. Hailing a huge range of bicycles to choose from, City cycling also offers a range of accessories as add-ons. Currently, the cycles can only be picked from the pick-up location. City cycling offers online booking facility where a cycle has to be pre-booked before renting. If you are planning to rent a bicycle for later use, this is definitely the service to pick.

Cost: You can rent cycles starting Rs.150/week and have a wide variety of cycles to pick from.


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6) Mobycy

Mobycy is a quick response bicycle rental app. In case you need a bicycle to travel short distances and which is readily available then this App definitely needs to find a place in your smartphone. It follows the same method of accessing a bicycle like yulu. You can find the closest cycle, scan and unlock it using QR code and then pay through your digital wallet for the miles used. It is available in all major cities and has received more than decent customer reviews.

Cost: Rs.5 every 30mins of usage. They also offer affordable 30day packages based on number of rides.




7) Garden City Cycle

Garden City Cycles is another alternative to renting cycles online. With their objective of easing the transport and increasing mobility around the city, they plan to promote cycling among urban citizens and creating accessible and safe roads for everyone. The booking can be made online through their website.

Cost: Starts at Rs.40/hr and Rs.250/day. Also provides weekly and monthly packages.


Cycling services around the city are truly a convenient boon to the city. I hope that our idea of an Ideal Indian city with hassle-free commutes, free and safe roads and a plethora of greenery around the city can surely be achieved. As Captain Planet used to say: The power is yours. Rather, the ‘Choice’ is yours. And kudos to these cycle rental services for making such a choice more accessible to the people.

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