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Best Bangalore Airport Cab or Taxi Pickup/Drop Service – Fare, Booking and Contact

Kempegowda International Airport or simply Bengaluru Airport as we know is great. Touted as one of the few airports with the fastest transit time, it has other issues to deal with like people reaching on time. The airport is about 45km outside the city and based on your starting point, you may need to travel an extra 10km on an average. So how do you reach? Today you are left with mainly two kinds of public transport for this journey – the vayu vajra airport bus service and the multiple Bangalore airport cab services available in the city.

If you look up ‘Bangalore Airport Taxi’ on google, you will find links to several cab service websites. Over time I have figured out which taxi to book when I am heading to the airport but for a new person landing up here, it’s difficult. So writing this post for folks who do not want to plan around the bus timings and would rather want to call a taxi!

But keep in mind that Airport buses are still the cheapest way to commute to or from the airport. You may have to avail cab services for last-mile connectivity but still, it turns out to be cheapest especially if you are traveling solo.


Multiple kinds of cab services in Bangalore

Now when it comes to booking a taxi for Bangalore Kempegowda International airport, there are multiple options available. There are the metered taxis mostly which can be booked by an app and then there are also private cab services which work on a fixed price model. To deduce the final fare, one should know whether the toll charges are included in the cab fare or is meant to be paid separately.

There is also an option of RideShare which allows you to board a shuttle cab and share the cost of the ride with another traveler. It’s similar to the Pool or Share option available in cities.


Best App-based Cab Services for Bangalore Airport

To use any of the app-based cab services, you will have to be prepared on your phone. These options should not be considered if you are a new user and are running out of time. An app-based cab service requires you to have a smartphone like android and iPhone. You will have to download the relevant app from the app store, register yourself, add wallet for some and only then can you book a taxi. This process can easily take a few minutes to several depending upon your familiarity with the process and internet speed.

So make sure your app is ready for booking before you start planning for your airport pickup or drop. You may avail additional discounts using Coupon codes and digital wallet apps.



Uber is one of the pioneers of app-based cab service and has been quite popular in Bangalore. Their service, GPS accuracy and app user experience put them ahead of all other similar services though when it comes to airport drop they do have a shortcoming. Uber until recently was also one of the cheapest cab services in Bangalore but due to multiple oppositions from drivers, fuel hikes and more they recently changed their Fare structure.

One can board the cab from designated UBER point at the airport. These days, it’s faster to get a cab assigned because one does not have to wait for a particular driver. Simply head to the pickup point and stand in the queue of the cab type you want to opt for. Uber also introduced AirportPOOL sometime back which allows you to share the ride with another passenger. It’s a great feature when you are heading to the airport but ensure you have buffer time for any added delays.

New UBER users can download the app using this link for a special discount.

Fare – Rs.600-1000 based on final destination. Can be higher with Surge pricing

Ola discount offer cab

2. Ola

OLA is India’s answer to Uber and give neck-to-neck competition in the on-demand cab market across the country. They are to India what Kareem is to middle-east and Lyft is to the US. OLA wide network and a massive fleet of cabs promise you ease of access. Also, their use of OTP to start a ride provides a secure way of starting the cab ride once you hail the cab.

Like UBER, Ola also has a designated pickup point at the Bangalore Airport. In fact, recently they have rolled out a feature which provides you a code as soon as you try to book a cab at the airport. Once at the OLA pickup point, you can board any cab, provide the code and start your ride.

New OLA users can download the app and use the referral code CG4W9F to get Rs.50 off.

Fare – Rs.600-1000 based on final destination. Can be higher with Surge pricing


3. MEGA Cabs

MEGA Cabs is one of the 3 official cab services recognized by the government at Airport Taxi services. What this means is that you can board them from designated easy to access Taxi stands at the Kempegowda Airport. You can also book the app from anywhere in the city using their app. They claim to be the first GPS enabled cab services in India having started in 2002.

Fare – Rs.800-1500 based on final destination

4. Meru Cabs

Meru Cabs is one of the earliest Airport cab services provided at Kempegowda Airport. Recognized as an official cab provider, they have always been known for professional cab drivers, service and higher fares. However, some recent reports have also claimed that the service is not delivering on this promise as consistently as they used to. Despite the reviews, I would recommend you use the cabs if money is not a question or you are going to expense it as a corporate spend.

You can board the cab from the Taxi Stand at the airport or anywhere in the city using their app.

Fare – Rs1000-1800 based on the final destination. Fixed price, no surge.

  • Telephone: 4422 4422 (one number across India)
  • SMS: MERU to 57575
  • Website:

kstdc airport taxi

5. KSTDC Airport Taxi

KSTDC Airport Taxi service is provided by Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation which is the largest tour operator in the state. The service can easily be identified across the city due to their distinct Airport Taxi logo across their fleet. Mainly comprising of Sedans, the cabs can be easily boarded at the Kempegowda airport from Taxi stand.

Fare – Rs800-1500 based on final destination.


Airport Taxi Fare as prescribed for Official Airport Services

Air Conditioned Taxis

Minimum Per km.
Hire Charges A/C Taxi Rs,80/- (4km) Rs.19.50
Waiting Charges Free for first 20 minutes and thereafter Rs.10/- per 15 minutes or part thereof.
Luggage Charges No charges for first 120 kgs. (Suitcase, Bedding etc.) And Rs. 5/- for every additional 20 kgs. Or part thereof
Night Charges From midnight 12 O’ clock to morning 6 A.M. 10% extra on the above fare

Non Air Conditioned Taxis (KSTDC ONLY)

Minimum Per km.
Hire Charges A/C Taxi Rs,70/- (4km) Rs.14.50
Waiting Charges Free for first 20 minutes and thereafter Rs.12/- per 15 minutes or part thereof.
Luggage Charges No charges for first 120 kgs. (Suitcase, Bedding etc.) And Rs. 7/- for every additional 20 kgs. Or part thereof
Night Charges From midnight 12 O’ clock to morning 6 A.M. 10% extra on the above fare

Best Private Cab Services

While app-based cab providers have definitely been leading the pack with their ease of access and instant cab services. A lot of people still prefer pre-booking cabs and avoiding the last minute hassle. Its always nice to have a chauffer waiting for you at a predefined time and avoid any wating or surcharge that app-based providers can apply. I you are one of those people, worry not, there are quite a few good private cab services providers as well to choose from:

savaari car rentals

6. Savaari Cabs

Savaari is one of the premium and reliable travel operators across multiple cities. In Bangalore apart from airport services, the cabs are popularly used for out-station services. If you plan to head somewhere away from Bangalore from the airport, Savaari is a great option. They allow you to prebook and reserve your cab. Details of the driver are provided via email and SMS a few hours before the scheduled ride.

Their prices are quite competitive and vehicles are well-maintained.

Fare – Rs.1000-1800 depending on the final destination.

Taxi Type Category Capacity Taxi Price with GST


AC Sedan


₹ 1,059


AC Economy


₹ 1,059


AC Minivan

6 + 1

₹ 2,175


7. uTaxi

uTaxi is quite a new service provider compared to others on this list. While they are not highly rated by the users, they are among the cheapest Taxi providers. Would recommend you give them a try for the airport when you have ample time and can take the risk. Users have complained of cabs not arriving or rude drivers.

Fare – Airport Taxi – Rs. 474/- Pickup , Rs. 674/- Drop

  • Website –
  • Phone – 080 – 41466888


8. RR Cabs – Private Cab Operator

Apart from app-based cab aggregators like Ola, there are multiple other private cab/travel operators who provide airport pickup/drop facilities as well. RR Cabs is a private cab operator that provided cabs for local, airport and out-of-station purpose. I have personally used them a couple of times and found them to be reliable with competitive pricing. You have to call them and pre-book the cab.

Fare – Depends on both the drop point and pickup point. If you stay in south Bangalore, they tend to be cheaper.

  • Phone No: 080 41000000 / 080 26664666
  • Website:


9. Deccan Travels – Exprez Car Rental

Like RR Cabs, Exprez Car Rentals are also private travel operators that are leveraged a lot by corporates. Their cabs are highly maintained and drivers are very professional. They are great to hire on an hourly basis especially if you want a wide choice of vehicle options from the economy and sedan options like Etios to luxury options like BMW. You can even hire cars for self-drive. Check out the list of self-driving car rental options if you like.

Fare – Starts at around Rs.1200 and then depends on usage and vehicle type.

  • Website:
  • Phone: Hotline Number: 080-41263133, 41263155, 41263355


10. Rego

Rego seems to be a new player in this area but seems to have a flashy website. Their site suggests that they focus a lot more on providing services to corporates but one can book airport cabs for their personal use as well. The benefit includes maintained cabs and professional drivers. Like Savaari, simply head to their site and prebook your cab. You will receive an instant quote.

Fare – Starts at Rs.800 and then depends on car type and destination.

  • Website –
  • Phone – 080-45178888

These 10 services have been hand-picked based on popularity, service provided and pricing. Hopefully you found it helpful. This site works on crowdfunded information. So please share if the page was helpful and if we should add anything in the comments below.

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