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Bosch Go Smart Screwdriver – Launch & Review

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On September 12, 2017
Last modified:January 21, 2018


Great innovative product which is easy to use and does the job effortlessly. Recommeded for DIY users and professionals.

Bosch has been creating the most sophisticated yet user-friendly and high-performing power tools for several decades now. Over the recent years they have become a household name with their range of quick tools targeted at every day users along with having heavy duty tools for the professionals. I had the opportunity to experience one of their newest innovation in the space of power tools – Bosch Go Smart Screwdriver. Yes when on first instance, it may not sound like something you really need. But once you lay your hand over the Bosch Go screwdriver, you would definitely want to have one of your own. Keep reading to learn more!!

So on an unlikely Monday afternoon, I was invited along with some other bloggers in the city to the beautiful campus of Bosch Power Tools in Bengaluru. The campus takes its security and safety very seriously which lead us to go through multiple rounds of checks before we could reach the event venue inside the campus. All of us bloggers had been invited for the launch and reveal event of #BoschGo Smart Screwdriver. With no idea on what to expect, we met the folks at the state-of-the-art Powertools training center and started waiting for the event to start. In the meantime, I simply roamed around checking out the various innovations Bosch has created over the years in the Power Tools space. And there are several of them to talk about – mostly targeted at the pros!

What is Bosch Go?

After a little wait and a lot of anticipatory gulps of water, we were ready for the reveal. Since most of the keywords were in the event in terms of the product variant, I was looking forward to understanding what really made the screwdriver SMART! And we were not disappointed. Once the red veil was removed from the product, the Product Manager took the dias to walk us through the revolutionary product features.


Bosch Go Smart Screwdriver

Bosch Go is a super handy and user-friendly screwdriver that’s powered by a 1.5amp Lithium-ion battery. You can charge the battery using an USB cable (included in the kit). This surge of power makes it super easy for anyone to screw or unscrew various kinds of screws at just a push of the device. Yes, you do not really need to press a button. All you need to do in-order to make the screwdriver work is PUSH! Interesting right?

What are the features of Bosch Go?

Bosch Go is a handy screwdriver that fits in your pocket. It has a lot of interesting features, some of them are:

  • Push and Go – Simply place the product on a screw and push. It’s as simple as that.
  • 1-6 Torque settings – There are 6 torque settings that lets you get the job done at a speed you need and based on the surface in question.
  • USB Charging – The battery lasts quite long and unlike other products in marked can be charged via USB. You can every use your external battery pack if you run out of juice. You also get a battery indicator. How cool is that?
  • Multiple modes – It offers you multiple modes to screw or unscrew or simply use the product as a manual scredriver.
  • Electronic cell protection – Safety is crucial for Bosch and they have kept it in mind for their product. Incase Bosch Go gets over-heated, the built in electronic cell protection will automatically stop the product from functioning avoiding any damage.
  • e-Clutch – Make it possible to control speeds and also ensures that the device works as per your command. It stops when you want it to stop!
  • 32 bits and extension – The kits contains 32 different bits to enable usage with all kinds of screws along with an extension to improve visibility along with reach.
  • Lightweight – The tool weighs just 0.28 kg making it super handy and easy to carry around.
Bosch Go Features

What makes Bosch Go standout from competition?

Well, firstly the team at Bosch claimed that they do not have fitting competitive product in the market. They do not really mean that there isn’t an automatic push driven screwdriver but actually keeping in mind all the features in the product, the competition is yet to match up. The following makes the product standout:

  • 4x powerful
  • Push and go
  • Intelligent e-clutch
  • Dual mode – manual and electrical

The device charge is long lasting making it possible for professionals to use it to operate on 300 PCs in a single charge to 150 screws on softboard wood. Which is quite impressive compared to any other product as competition.

Inside the Bosch Go Kit

But how easy is Bosch Go to use really?

As part of the launch, the most fun part was the fact that we got a chance to try our hands on the tool. And I was super impressed by the user-friendliness of the product. It just seemed very natural to use and most importantly – really easy. I can give the tool to a complete newbie and he would get a hang of it in a few mins.

Bosch Go Smart Screwdriver
Trying my hands on Bosch Go
Trying my hands on Bosch Go
At the Bosch Go demo event! Nailed it.

Slide the button forward and you are ready to push those screws in. Slide the button backwards and you can start unscrewing in a jiffy. It’s as simple as that. The only other thing you can do is choosing the torque speed. Makes it a no brainer tool!

One of the Bosch team members showed us a video of how someone came up with an innovative usage of the device. He tied it to a long rod and simple pushed to screw a nail on an overhead panel. Who needs a ladder?! 😀

Ok! How to buy Bosch Go?

That’s as easy as the product. It has been launched this Sunday, 10th Sep on all leading e-commerce portals like amazon and flipkart. You can buy it right away. The product is also available at a steal price of just Rs.2399 (MRP – Rs.4450). So what are you wait for. Go and get one!

My Verdict – A really cool tool to add to your toolkit if you regularly indulge in DIY activities. For the usual needs of tightening that one screw, this purchase maybe an over kill. But if you are a geek like me, you may not mind owning it anyway.

Bosch Go Kit Screwdriver bits
33pcs included in Bosch Go Kit

Finally, below are the tech specs and a fun video from Bosch!

Tech Specs:

  • Voltage – 3.6v
  • Weight – 0.28kg
  • No-load speed – 0-360rpm
  • Max.Screw Diameter – 5mm
  • Battery Capacity – 1.5 Ah
  • Charging Port – Micro USB port
  • Comes with a kit box, 33 pieces screwdriver bits, usb adapter, usb cable

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