buy sell used mobile phone in india

Top 10 ways to Buy/Sell used mobile phone in India

You should be very careful when buying or selling used mobile phones to avoid online fraud. Don’t transfer online money before getting your product in hand. I would suggest you close the deals after meeting in person.

buy sell used mobile phone in india

Things to be taken care of while buying and selling used mobiles

#1. Safety and security

People become the victim for using stolen phones unknowingly. You should use website (by police network) to check whether the phone you bought is listed on the stolen network by its IMEI number or not.

#2. Originality and authenticity of the store (offline)

There are lots of quality stores but even then you need to check the kind of services they provide and how authentic they are by taking reviews from surroundings.

#3. Price and Payment method

Don’t fall trap of big deals & promises if the price of the second-hand mobile is too good to be true. Something could be fishy if you are getting the second-hand mobile at the deeply discounted rate.

Secondly while selling the second-hand mobile, try to get instant cash or payment for your used mobile when handing over the phone to the second person. It prevents you from the insecurity of getting paid afterward.

While listing 10 ways – research has been done thoroughly considering following things:-

  • The process – Stepwise process to easily understand the procedure for buying or selling the used mobile phones.
  • Payment method– Payment method is a must know; both in case of buying and selling i.e. whether it’s COD, Paytm, Amazon coupon, Account transfer, cheque and thus keeping the track for the same.
  • How to find correct value of your device: – Generally all websites have their own process of quoting the price for used mobile phones.

But there are a few websites, where you can find a correct price for your second hand used mobile phones:-

  1. OBV
  2. Cashify
  3. in

10 Ways for Buying and Selling used Mobile Phones (Offline and Online)

#1. Authorized second-hand mobile dealers stores

Heading to an authorized dealer store is a reliable way to sell/buy used mobiles.

They give you the receipt on their letterhead stating you purchased or sold your used mobile. It gives you assurance and avoids any risk of fraud or getting cheated.


Step 1:Find authorized dealer store

Step 2:- Discuss your interest in buying or selling used mobile with the dealer. Try to give the exact and true details of your used mobile so they can help you quote the best price for your mobile or can help you choose the best used mobile phone.

Step 3:- After the final decision, don’t forget to take the invoice/ receipt on the letterhead of their store with their name and contact details.

Payment mode: – Any payment mode can be used, but it’s advisable to go with credit or debit card so that you can keep a track through fund transfer statements.

#2. Facebook page of authorized dealers, sincere buyer/seller group for used mobiles

There are a few good buyer/seller groups on facebook where you can post your request. You may find group members interested in buying or selling their second-hand mobile.


Step 1:- You can check Facebook groups like “Put me in touch” – where you can buy and sell anything by posting ads with a proper description of your requirement or description of your product.

Other good facebook groups are – UsedMobileDeals, Used Mobile Phones Kerala [sell & buy], Sell and Buy Used Cell Phones.

Step 2:- Connect with the interested person for which you have posted ads. Try to get correct information about the person by checking their Facebook Profile.

Step 3:- Give or ask all required information such as mobile model number, invoice copy, mobile accessories such as charger and earphones, number of years used, defects if any to maintain transparency in selling/ buying process.

Decide if you wish to proceed further with the transaction or not.

Payment Method: – If you don’t know the person personally, its better to go for direct cash or instant account transfer.

#3. Facebook Marketplace and Instagram

You can post regarding your requirements on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Your friends and followers will come to know and will connect with you if they are interested.


The stepwise process is similar to what we described in the previous method i.e. – Posting ad – (not in any group but on your Facebook – timeline wall), searching and contacting interested person & then sharing details and lastly receiving or giving cash for buying or selling used products.

On Facebook and Instagram, there is an option called public or private. Here, keeping your post public means anyone can see your post along with your friends. And, keeping the ad private means only your friends who are following you can see your post.

Payment Method: – If you don’t know the person personally, better go for direct cash or instant account transfer.

#4. Buy Refurbished Phones from the Stores like – Amazon

Refurbished phone are products that have been manufactured again to be sold as a new product by fixing the defects if any. There is no standardised term for this word; you will also come across similar words like recertified, open box and pre-owned.

A refurbished product sells at less or discounted price. Thus people find this deal exciting and useful to buy and sell products- specifically mobile phones.


The buying procedure is same like we order new things from Amazon website and app. You may find refurbished products in the category of Mobile, computers.

Payment method

You can use any mode of buying products from Amazon, i.e. COD, Credit card, Debit card, net banking, BHIM UPI.

Other such websites where you may find refurbished phones are

  2. by Flipkart

#5. Cashify – in three steps

If you want to get rid of your used smartphones then this is the perfect option to sell your used mobiles and make some money out of it.


  1. Check the Correct Device Price that needs to be sold
  2. Free Pick- Up Service shall be provided at your doorstep to pick up your used device
  3. Get Paid Instantly once your product gets evaluated at the time of pick up itself.

Payment mode: – Generally payment mode will be direct cash. But, the team also supports bank transfer and wallet transfer.

The cashify team has FAQs with almost all the details and you may visit their website for more clarification.

Other such websites are and – which work similar to cashify

#6. Exchange Offers from the Website like (as Budli is a Hindi word that means exchange)

Here, you can buy, sell and most importantly exchange your used mobile phones with the assistance provided on the website. Other services provided along with buying, selling and exchange are insurance, buyback, and upgrade.


  1. Check your model number and quoted price for the same on
  2. Plan a pick service for your used mobile phone at your doorstep for verification and evaluation process.
  3. Receive the payment after your device’s evaluation process is done within 7 working days.

You can also find similar exciting offers for exchanging used mobile phones on Amazon and cashify.

#7. Olx and Quikr

Olx, quikr are online platforms where you can post an ad with your own quoted price and the interested person will connect with you.


  1. Post your ad on the platform either for selling or buying
  2. Anyone interested will contact you.
  3. Connect with the person and fix the deal if you find it feasible.

Things to take care while selling/buying on such online platforms:-

  1. Avoid giving a direct home address for the meeting.
  2. Ask for instant payment from Paytm, bank transfer or cash in case if you are a seller.
  3. Check your device before selling and also check device properly in case you are the buyer.

#8.  Quickrbazaar > Refurbished Phones

Similar to Amazon refurbished mobile section, quikrbazaar’s refurbished mobile section provides you with 4 categories of the used mobile phone-

  1. Like new
  2. Fair
  3. Good
  4. Unboxed

With the above categories, quikrbazaar provides you with specification and operating system options to buy used mobiles as per your requirement and filters.


The buying procedure is the same way as we order things from quikr website and app. You may even find a refurbished phone in the category of mobiles & Tablets under Bazaar category on quikr website.

#9. Offline Shops & Stores

You will find many stores that buy and resell used mobiles. Beware they may be unauthorized dealers. The only difference between authorized dealer shops and other stores is that authorised dealers have the authority from a regulatory body to conduct business.

However, you may approach stores where you are their regular customers and have developed some trust with their owners/workers. Generally, the stores will give good services at least to their regular customer to maintain image and reputation among their customers.

Process: – It’s a simple process where you will just approach your regular or known shops and ask for buying and selling your used device.

 #10. Friends & Relatives

This can be one of the best and trusted source because we know the buyer/seller in person. Thus no need for any proof/ agreement or legal procedure. But here; everything depends on trust.


You can check with multiple platforms while buying or selling second-hand mobile phones. This way you would get the best value product.

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