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Top 10 Self Drive Car Rental Services in Bangalore

Here is an interesting Water-cooler conversation: We were at the Pantry having some coffee – the drink of gods. It was early in the morning and hence the first sip of coffee was relaxing enough to start some small talk. “Diesel or Petrol on Bangalore roads?”, I sparked the conversation. Everyone pitched in and started describing their dream cars. However, the crowd was silenced when a street-smart voice added his 2 cents. “Why buy, when you can rent a self drive car? Why settle for just an SUV, a sedan, a Hatchback or one of those exotic and expensive luxury cars when you can get a new car each day of the week?”. That was something unheard of.

A new car, no driver, cheapest rates, easy pickup and drop – You had to be kidding! Of course, he was not lying. One quick google search and the results were evident. Easy to drive, rental cars you can hire with or without a driver at rates that could beat EMI and added service costs any day of the week!

Self Cars Rental zoomcar

This article has been written by Gaurav Fulmali, a techie by day and writer by night. He loves to go the extra mile for his readers, sometimes in a self-drive rental car. 🙂

Renting out a car has never been this easy. There are services, which allow you to choose the car you want to self-drive. You can either have the car delivered at your doorstep or pick it up from the nearest available pick-up point. Rent it out for a day, a weekend or even a month if not a few hours. And the costs you may ask – just nominal compared to owning a car for your own.

What are the benefits of a self drive car rental?

  • No worrying about Parking Spaces: Some builders charge excessive overheads on Paid Parking Spots
  • No vehicle maintenance cost: Service centers are also businesses. They will charge you for replacements that you may not even need.
  • Daily maintenance and clean up: People have to hire cleaners especially for keeping their cars clean.
  • EMI costs: No need to take huge loans and worry over expensive EMIs.
  • Try new cars: Instead of going through the tedious process of selecting a car, try a new one each time.
  • Insurance: No need to pay for Insurance, RTO or other taxes associated with it.

These services offer self-drive cars of your choice in a hassle-free way, at the fraction of the cost of owning one. Many such services have been popping up in Bangalore city since the concept kick-started in 2012. We’ve collated the best car rental services here just for you. They are ranked below based on ease of use and customer reviews.

How to save money when booking your next rental car?

Now you can connect your Rental Car service to your digital wallet and avail attractive discounts along with rebate points which you can use later on the website to avail freebies and more discounts. It’s like a gift which keeps on giving. Find the best digital wallet which suits your needs and provides you with best offers.

Digital wallets include a host of Introductory schemes where you can avail a hefty discount on your booking to get started with the rental car service. However, in case you have used up those introductory discounts, you can also avail the discounts through coupons. Coupons are a great way to catch up with the latest offers and promotions. Most companies have a series of seasonal and off-season offers running to keep the customers attracted and returning. To find out more about these coupons, do visit our list of the best coupon sites in India and catch your special offer today!

Top 10 Self Drive Car Rental Services in Bangalore

zoomcar Self Drive Cars

1. Zoom Car ( | Website: Yes | App : Yes| User Rating : 3.9 |

Collaborating with the likes of Ford and Mahindra, Zoom car has surely has zoomed past its competitors. In the present day, Zoomcar has over 20 Lac happy customers. Having a customer friendly, easy to use user interface on both their Web pages and App, this self drive rental car service promises one of the best customer experiences. Quick pick-up and drop, along with cheap and affordable rates. Add to it, the weekend discounts, promo offers and coupons and you can even go for the luxury vehicles at reasonable rates. It has the most vocal user base. Zoomcar has been consistently rated as a customer favorite. It has the widest variety of cars and based on the latest news, the range of vehicles is only going to get better in the future. With an impressive fleet of 2200+ Cars, Zoomcar will always have a ride ready for you.

Voler Self Drive Cars

2. Volercars ( | Website: Yes | App : Yes| User Rating : 3.6 |

Hailing from Delhi, Volercars rental service seems to have found its place in the heart of Bengaluru people. With its sharply styled android application and iOS applications and its neat and crisp website, Volercars aims to capture the self-drive rental car market with an iron fist. By offering high-end luxury cars such as Audi, BMW, and Toyota with a 24×7 Customer Support at reasonable prices, Volercars wants to redefine the way Indians own cars. With 53000+ bookings, Volercars is quickly finding itself as Bengaluru’s favorite choice.

mychoize Self Drive Cars

3. MyChoize ( | Website: Yes | App : Yes| User Rating : 4.5|

MyChoize self-drive Cars is a child of Japan’s 2nd biggest self drive car company – ORIX. This company has the know-how and experience of managing a fleet of over 63,000 cars in Japan. MyChoize in India provides Indian users the best in world Japanese service and technology at Indian prices. Currently, India’s fastest growing self-drive brand, Mychoize would certainly be my choice for renting cars if I had to pick one. MyChoize offers self drive cars in Bangalore with Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly plans. Mychoize has the perfect Plans to match your business, leisure, outstation or even your weekend getaway needs.

revv Self Drive Cars

4. Revv ( |Website: Yes | App : Yes| User Rating : 4.2|

Just as the name suggests, with their 2-minute booking guide you would be revving up that engine in no time. With their no limit on kilometers, you can practically own the car for the day. Afraid you might encounter an accident? With their 10,000 Rs cover policy and a hefty insurance to back it up, one can drive stress-free.

Vroomdrive Self Drive Cars

5. Vroom Drive ( |Website: Yes | App : Yes| User Rating : 4.4|

Everyone promises no hidden charges, but how many of them deliver? Not only do you bear the Petrol costs, but you also have to pay the toll charges in case you are going for a weekend getaway. With Vroom’s fasttag service and prepaid Toll taxes, say goodbye to those brief pauses along the highway. With well-maintained cars and the option to choose a with Fuel or without Fuel model, Vroom promises a one-stop-one-shop experience to its customers.

Drivezy Self Drive Cars

6. Drivezy ( |Website: Yes | App : Yes| User Rating : 4.4|

Drivezy – own the experience, not the car: the motto fits their business model perfectly. Not only do you get to utilize rental cars from the company but you can also put your own car up for the rental service. Recently while changing houses, I asked my friend who lives in Electronic city if I can borrow his car. It seemed much a better option than hiring a Taxi for three rides that it would take for moving. I told him I would pay for his fuel and his dinner. What he suggested was, save a bit of cash and get a Drivezy self drive car delivered at your doorstep at half the cost. They even offer a split payment option, flexible pricing and above all – no DEPOSITS!

myles Self Drive Cars

7. Myles self drive ( |Website: Yes | App : Yes| User Rating : 3.5|

If you have ever had a suit tailored to perfection, just for you, then you would definitely love Myles self drive cars. Suited particularly to Bangalore, with a variety of plans for Nandi Hills, Shivanasamudra waterfalls or Chikmaglur. Just give them a call and make a booking. They have you covered with their expert navigation system, which will act as your personal guide. No security deposit needed. With 38 model variants to choose from, Myles self drive will be a custom fit to your needs. Not to forget the attractive discounts they offer on the website and app!

Avis Self Drive Cars

8. Avis Car Rental ( |Website: Yes | App : Yes| User Rating : 3.9|

New to the city? Ever wanted a personal chauffeur-driven hassle-free tour of the city at a leisurely pace? Well, Avis offers just that. A guided tour of the city, either on self-drive or on a chauffeur driven service. No security deposits, affordable and flexible plans and attractive discounts. Avis self-drive cars are the choice to take if you’re planning a trip for a short duration. If you’re still unsure, their website’s compelling deals will surely change your mind.

Jiffy Cars Self Drive Cars

9. Jiffy Car Rental ( |Website: Yes | App : No | Phone : Yes| User Rating : NA|

Picture this: You are at the Airport. The taxi asks for an exorbitant amount of money. Instead, you would like a car that you could self drive, finish all your chores around the city and reach your destination at a lower cost. Wouldn’t that be something? If you need a car in a Jiffy, Jiffy car rental services is the way to go. Not only can you pick up the car from the Airport itself but you can also drop the car at the respective drop centers located conveniently around the city. No internet? No worries! Jiffy offers a phone-in option where you can just call and book a car for you.

savaari car rentals

10. Savaari ( |Website: Yes | App : Yes| User Rating : 3.7|

Although Savaari car rentals do not offer self drive cars, who else promises you a car in less than a minute? Yet, only the booking part is done under a minute, you can expect the car at your doorstep in a couple of hours. A hot favorite among the tourists who want to go around the city Savaari is also the choice for Outstation, local or Airport auto rentals. luxury car rental fleet includes Mercedes E class, Toyota Camry and other cars like Toyota Corolla.

So without any further ado, pick up that phone, download that self-drive app and rent out that car for your next city drive or weekend getaway. Find a service, which suits your needs, and let us know if you agree with our list. Do you have an experience you would like to share? Don’t forget to comment below.

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  1. Informative collection. Nowadays, it’s been an evolutionary change in rental services where the self-driven mode is enhanced and people started adoring to these type of services.

  2. Exactly, why buy, when you can rent a self-drive car? This is a very informative post, thank you for putting these all together! 🙂

  3. Self drive rent a car are best when you know the place. But if you are just a stranger, just pick a cab or rent a car with driver. Just to avoid any issues getting from point to point.

  4. Nowadays it’s very essential in everywhere that every people will get easily self-drive rent a car. Nice article and very useful.

  5. “Yes, it’s time go for a self-drive rental choosing from range spanning hatchbacks to sedans and luxury cars to SUVs, and you will never be calling for a cab again!
    Nowadays, Booking rental cars is far more convenient option! Thanks for the list!”

  6. Hai, Recently I visited Bangalore. I booked a vehicle at Mylescars, This site provides self DRIVING service, and I spend Rs. 5000, I saved Rs.1500, by the time I use the offer from Saveplus, and I saved my pocket.

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