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Hello buddies. Yes, I know I have been out of the blogging scene for the last couple of months. Been keeping very busy. But now I am back and will fire interesting posts and some new finds. One of the new finds is

What is

Well, in simple words its a freelancing site. A website where individuals offer their services, buyers buy them as desired and pay of work completion. But what makes the model interesting is that, everything on sale is for $5. Yup, also this is not like a traditional freelance site where a client posts his project details and freelancers bid. Here freelancers list there services known as ‘Gigs’ and clients can hire them as required.

Fiverr.comMore on Gigs

So as I mentioned earlier a Gig is nothing but a service offered by a freelancer. The gigs are varied and some utterly crazy. Its really amazing to see what all people are ready to do for just $5. Some of them are real funny as well.

Here are the Gigs I have put on offer on the site.

How to get started?

That’s pretty simple. Go ahead and register on the site. Then list out your Gigs. Add details of what services you are willing to offer for $5 and submit. Once done the services will get listed with hundreds of others and you will be available for hire.

If a client comes looking for a service they need, they will hire you and pay once job done. When you create a gig, keep in mind to set a realistic delivery time, as it gives the client an idea of how much time you will take. Also, there is a feedback system followed here which helps rate services, so the work-around time matters a lot.

You can also become a client and order for any of the services. There is also a section in the sidebar where people mention what kind of services one is looking for if the same is not already available on the site. This helps individuals to connect to buyers and offer exactly what they want.


Creating an account is free. But for each Gig that is successfully completed, charges individualls $1.

eWebBuddy Verdict

The concept is fun, quick and interesting. And there are some really crazy things that people are ready to do for just $5. The model appeals to clients as well, as they can get small jobs done at a very low price. The design is simple, clean and appealing. But one cannot hope of making a living out of the site, as I do not feel the price is worth the work done. The site promotes cheap labor, though its upto an individual to post a Gig that defines the pricetag $5, often competition pushes them for more.

My suggestion, be a part of the site as its fun and you can provide small, quick services at a reasonable price. But whatever gig you post, please keep in mind that it should justify the price tag. Also for clients it is great that they can get work done at a low price.

Go browse, explore and see how crazy life can get!! 😉

Piyush Agarwal
Piyush Agarwal is a part-time freelance webdesigner who loves to play with design and the web around. You can check out his designs on Technix Designs. He is also into Theatre and Photography.

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    What is Gigme5?

    Is a market for both buyers and sellers where a variety of mini jobs (gigs) are offered for the flat rate of just five Dollars.


    To provide platform for both buyers & sellers who:

    1. Need fast cash for small tasks getting completed.

    2. Need an extra $500 – $1000 per month.

    3. Want to get rid of those “little extras” that come along each month.

    4. Want to being in control of own destiny …

    5. Think that “Enterprising” is chic


    5 $ GIGs : Mini jobs (gigs) offered for the flat rate of just five D

  2. Dear Piyush – Nice article, one of the better breakdown of Fiverr and the new “$5 micro economy” concept out there. I see others have posted links to their site above, and thus I will add mine to the mix also. Over at we have a 5% residual referral program and $10 and $20 gigs. I’d love it if you would join our site too.

  3. Thanks for writing about my favorite site, I can’t tell you how many gigs I’ve both bought and sold there. It can get dizzying, and I’m always looking for the next big thing. That’s why I started my BestOfFiverr blog. We profile the top sellers and we can show you examples of what they do because we buy their gigs. Check it out, aspiring Fiverr sellers.

  4. facilitates global mico job trend that brings together people with marketable skills with those who need them. features a user-friendly interface where members can post jobs, called gigs, that they’re willing to do for up to $100. Micro working is basically freelancing on a much smaller scale. allows people to make money online using a super simple business model. Basically, you offer to provide a service or perform a specific task, and people pay you a fixed price to do it for them. That’s it! Visit us:

  5. Hey Piyush can you suggest few gigs which people need the most. And what services do you offer at Fiverr? Did you make any money out of Fiverr

    1. Hey vijesh, I did make money from fiverr but quite frankly, not substantial. Overall I would say, if a gig requires you to spend a lot of time then it’s not worth the returns. The competition is tougher than other freelance sites and money is way lower. But if you design your gigs well, it can still add some dollars to your monthly income.

      To get a hang over the trend of most popular gigs, would recommend you to check out the above link. It’s quite varied but you can def find a trend in favor of you interest.

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