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Top Ways to Rent a House in Bangalore – With or Without Broker

Are you new to Bengaluru? Looking for a bigger place to move into the city? Work is too far from home and shifting to a new house is the only option? Well, we get you. Looking for a 1 bhk for rent in bangalore without brokerage can be quite a pain. We all have wasted quite a few weekends canceling plans and compromising sleep because of extensive house searches. Finding a good abode is a big priority for the urban population. However, when you do start to look for ways to rent a house in Bengaluru, you can get confused. Let us give you a quick guide to kick off your search on a flat for rent in Bengaluru.

This article has been written by Anamika Jha who understands the pain of looking for the perfect house at rent in Bangalore. She is hoping she can make the process a little easier for some of you through this article. 

Looking for House for Rent in Bengaluru? Get Variety with Aggregators

We suggest exploring property aggregators like, and others. Here’s a reason why. All of these sites have multiple listings of properties from a particular area of the city, in this case, Bengaluru. Sometimes these listings are by brokers, some are by owners. You have the option of applying filters, like price, area, with or without broker while you look for a house for rent in Bengaluru.



housing-best-ways-to-rent-a-house is one of the platforms that can help you with a house for rent in Bengaluru. Once, you are onto the website, the search bar gives you the easiest way to look for a property in a certain locality. If you are looking for something specific, they have a handpicked collection based on your priority like owner’s listing, bachelor friendly or great commute.

Advantage – This site boasts of verified listings by property posters. Not only that, once you have the final results of your filtered search, the ‘price graph’ helps you compare and make the best decision. It also works in close collaboration with & Proptiger to offer numerous choices. Choose app for quick access.

Screenshot of Dashboard



This is another destination for folks looking to buy or rent a house in Bengaluru. Currently helping people find rented flats in more than 23 cities in India, offers options based on size, budget and property type. In Bengaluru alone, one can choose from more than 10 thousand plus listings.

Advantage – The advantage quotient with is the number of well-reviewed properties. Also, you can choose to go with top agents for a house for rent in Bengaluru. You can also download the app to get notified on your search.


99acres-flat-for-rent offers a plethora of renting solutions in Bengaluru. It covers all major projects based on residents’ review and popularity of the location. It also gives you a budget preview of the property for you to make an informed decision. is also to be found on both ios and Android app.

Advantage – Apart from plenty of coverage on why go for renting in the city to which factors to consider, offers an exhaustive dealer contact list. This list is a result of your preferred area or location and most of these contacts are accessible for free.


magicbricks-rent-an-apartment covers almost all real estate solutions under the sun. If looking to rent a house in Bengaluru, you can break down your search with specific locality, property type and budget to begin with. The result will showcase all premium properties in the area of your choice. You may choose to go for agents suggested by the site.

Advantage – Popular and upcoming projects are featured in detail. All amenities in and around the project are highlighted. Once having shown interest, makes sure a follow-up contact helps you seal the deal. An app is available too to keep your search active, 24/7.



At, you can easily break down your search with independent properties or projects. At the same time, you get to know the status of the home e.g. whether it is ready to move or not; also, the size and approximate rental cost involved for the same.

Advantage – With, one can join forums and groups for detailed information on properties. Not just that, there is assistance on how to procure home loans, if one is interested in buying a property. Its availability on app is another advantage point.

Options to Rent a House in Bengaluru without Broker

Are you not very comfortable with the choices suggested before? Well, then, we suggest a different approach. This is equally innovative and works wonder for people who are very specific in their search for a rented flat in Bengaluru.


rent-an-apartment-in-bangalore is quite a favorite with the crowd in metros. People trying to find a house for rent in Bengaluru trust Nestaway because it takes heed of the issues at hand. So far, it has helped bachelors, couples, friends find accommodation that is independent, secure and brokerage free.

Advantage – With Nestaway, you have the option of choosing a sharing room, full house or even a single room. The process is a 3 step thing where you search, get an assisted visit and decide to move-in. It is dedicated to renting solutions, hence, no seller options.

b) Homigo


A new concept of co-living or sharing spaces have come up and Homigo is your destination for that in Bengaluru. With these urbane spaces, Homigo offers utilities, in-house laundry, great community, and even furniture. Well, if you are not fond of their furnishing, you can always rent your own.

Advantage – Homigo is not just an option to rent a house in Bengaluru without a broker, it is also access to a very modern and self-sufficient way of living. Especially catering to the needs of the current population, Homigo is trying to redefine rented spaces with Wi-fi, security, housekeeping and relocation services.



At, you can speed up your search with at least 3 localities at the same time. If you are a resident of Bengaluru, shifting to Bengaluru from an Indian city or abroad, the platform has a solution for all. In fact for NRIs there is a special feature, where if you are tenant or owner, the site provides solution for your property (by filling a query form). is no doubt a very sorted way to rent a house in Bengaluru without broker. It takes care of rental agreements (this document can be created online and delivered to home), helps with finding movers and packers (within & between cities) and in generating rent receipts as well.

d) Quikr & Olx


Hop onto a classified site like Quikr or Olx to look for flats for rent in Bengaluru. It has been found that owners (not broker/ agents) prefer listing their property via these. This way one can avoid the hassle of a middle man handling the delicate conversation and rent house in Bengaluru without broker.

Advantage – Out of the two, Quikr as a platform not only gives residential options for flats for rent in Bengaluru, it has Paying Guest options too. So, if you are one looking for that category, this could be helpful.

e) Social Media

Explore social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp groups, where you can drop in your own query with details or access information already available via posts. Word of caution here would be to avoid revealing personal information on chats or comment threads and rather go for direct messaging/ calls.

Some popular Facebook groups for your search:

Another way of doing it through social media is to put out a personal query post on your Facebook account. You may also proceed with queries on Whatsapp groups that you are a member of.


Advantage – People know you well here and will relate and respond quickly. Closed groups with common interests have been found to be of more help in finding renting solution in the city.

f) Personal Contacts

If you are a bit old school at heart, you can always go the personal way of looking out through close contacts.

Advantage – People who know you would know your likes, dislikes, preferences better too. Hence, putting a word out through a known circle will only leave you with trusted options.

g) Brokers

Yes, this is the least preferred method but if nothing else works, this definitely is helpful. A lot of brokers don’t do their job well and are basically scouting for portals mentioned above. So make sure you find a broker who is looking at helping you and not just making a quick buck.

If you do approach a broker/ agent, make sure all your requirements are clearly understood by the provider. In this scenario, be ready with personal identification card at your end like Voter Id/ Aadhar card (If new to Bengaluru, check this space on how to get one). Also, do not hesitate in requesting registered Id of the broker, before you pay an advance on the lease.

Advantage – Even though people shy away from choosing brokers, the benefit of finding a rented place through an agent puts your mind to peace. Also, you can make the broker liable to make sure the property is reviewed and made ready as per your need. Negotiation can play a key role here.

h) Own Search

Not a very popular option these days, but there is no law against this. Yes, if you are not short on time and have a few evening walks to spare, go looking for your own kind of place to rent in Bengaluru.

Advantage – If you are lucky to strike a conversation at a To-let or leave your interest query with an RWA, there are chances of finding the right home. The bigger benefit certainly being the assessment of property at your own leisure and ruling out brokers completely.

Bachelor, couples or family, any of the above methods can be helpful in your search for a house on rent in Bengaluru. For any further questions and comments with regards to this topic, we encourage you to connect via comments on this post.

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