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How to get Furniture on Rent in Bangalore- 7 Best Options, Process and Tips

The world is getting smaller by the minute, and it’s no longer farfetched to change cities every few months. Sometimes, its work that takes you to another town; at other times, it’s the need to get away from it all. But one thing that doesn’t like the movement is your furniture! Say, you’re moving to Bengaluru to pursue your Masters or take up your dream job. But your favorite armchair in the living room would much rather stay put. Does that mean you need to sit on your suitcases? Or spend a fortune shopping? Thankfully, no. Enter: the possibility of getting furniture on rent in Bangalore.

This article has been written by Deboshree who loves to relax on her mahogany sofa while sipping that hot cup of tea and penning her thoughts.  Stories delight her and she tell them as often as she can.


Do People Really Rent Furniture in Bangalore?

By the dozen! Interestingly, here are the most common reasons for renting furniture:

  1. Moving into a rented accommodation
  2. Getting a job transfer
  3. Short-term stays for personal or professional reasons
  4. Getting dead-bored of the furniture you already have

Reasons 1–3, of course, emanate from the hesitation to splurge on a temporary abode. But the last reason, too, is swiftly becoming popular. That couch has been here since Noah brought his ark out, and the wardrobe is so antiquated that all your interior décor looks weather-beaten.

Is Furniture Rental Cheaper Than Making a Purchase?

While this is debatable, renting often turns out to be cheaper than buying (even on EMI). Let’s sample some numbers from an ET Wealth Study from 2017. If you rent a bedroom package, you’ll typically pay INR 1000–1,200/month. If you purchase these items, you’ll need to pay around INR 35,000. The difference has a high opportunity cost—you can invest it to earn interest, use the earnings to pay rent, and, eventually, purchase the items at a depreciated cost.

In this context, it isn’t difficult to understand the growing “economy of sharing”, especially in metropolitan cities. In recent times, many people in Bengaluru have started using websites to rent everything from washing machines to self-driven cars.

Get Furniture on Rent in Bangalore: Process & Providers

The idea of a new dining table to impress your in-laws sounds good? Here’s the basic process to get furniture for rent in Bengaluru:

  1. Go to a trusted website (list below) and select the furniture/appliances you need. You can select individual products or choose complete packages.
  2. Select the rent duration. While some providers let you rent even for one month, others have set minimum durations.
  3. After ordering, you may have to submit documents like identity proofs, salary slips, etc. You may also need to pay a security deposit (refundable) along with the monthly rent. Some providers let you pay the rent online using a popular digital wallet.
  4. That’s it; your furniture will be delivered to your home. You can extend the rent duration as required.
  5. Whenever you decide to terminate the rent, contact the provider and ask for a pickup. After the furniture is picked up, the security deposit is refunded. Some providers let you purchase the furniture at the end of your rent-period.

Best Websites For Furniture on Rent in Bangalore

It’s crucial to rent only from reliable, authorized providers. Bengaluru has several options, which is why we got our hands dirty and consolidated a top-list for you.


1. Furlenco

  • In-house, contemporary designs with free relocation, deep-cleaning, and damage waiver up to INR 10,000
  • Minimum rental tenure: Three months
  • Deposit: One month’s rent

Hands down, Furlenco is among the best furniture rental services in Bengaluru, offering brand-new, high-quality furniture starting at only INR 999/month. At this affordable price, you can get a queen bed, a foam mattress, a bedsheet and pillows (with covers). If you want complete packages, check out bedroom sets starting at INR 1349/month that include a single bed (with mattress, bed-sheet and pillow cover), a nightstand, study table, chair, and wardrobe.

With Furlenco, you get trendy furniture home-delivered within 72 hours, paired with matching furnishings. You can also avail of a free relocation service (annual) across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida and Hyderabad. This is in addition to free deep-cleaning and maintenance. Talk about cozy hours spent sipping coffee on the sofa, zero sweat about spills!

Offer – Get upto Rs.1000 off your 1-month rental by using the code – PIYUOWGK or by clicking here.

Rent furniture from CityFurnish

2. CityFurnish

  • Good quality furniture and appliances at affordable prices
  • Minimum rental tenure: Variable (usually three months)
  • Deposit: Variable (usually 1-2 months’ rent)

This is among your cheapest options for renting furniture, with packages as affordable as INR 799/month. At that price, you get a single bed (with mattress) and a bedside table. If you need appliances for your home/office, CityFurnish offers good-quality televisions, fridges and washing machines on rent. A semi-automatic washing machine can be rented at INR 459/month while a fridge-and-washing-machine combo is priced at INR 1469.


3. GrabOnRent

  • Large inventory, multiple options for all things home
  • Minimum rental tenure: Three months
  • Deposit: Variable (usually one month’s rent)

This is one rental service that ups the game by letting you rent not only furniture and home appliances but also gaming consoles, stuff for house parties, laptops, the works! Think of anything you need at home that you’ve been hesitating from purchasing, and chances are you’ll be able to rent it from here.

The furniture packages at GrabOnRent start at INR 999 at which price you can get a single bed (with mattress), a bedside table, a pillow (with cover) and a bedsheet.

Offer – Get Rs.1000 off your first order by using the code – piyu2ab5b8clicking here or


4. PepperFry

  • Stylish designs at zero security deposit, no need for KYC
  • Minimum rental tenure: Six months
  • Deposit: Zero

This is the place to go if you seek stunning, statement pieces to elevate the décor of your home by several notches. Along with one-of-a-kind items, PepperFry has another triumph tipping the scales in its favour: zero security deposit! Indeed, you can rent some ravishing pieces like vintage chairs, coffee tables and cabinets at prices starting from INR 139/month. Along with free delivery and assembly, PepperFry also assures topnotch quality and rentals attuned to the tenure (longer tenures entail more savings).


5. RentSher

  • Instant go-to rental for tenures as short as one day
  • Minimum rental tenure: One day
  • Deposit: Zero

Welcome to the go-to place for your event-furniture needs—yes, when your parents suddenly decide to visit your bachelor pad, it’s a huge event! At RentSher, you can get customized rental products for all kinds of occasions, including housewarming, birthday parties and day-to-day life, without stressing about your money being locked-in for several months. You can rent all sorts of things beyond furniture—televisions, laptops, party chairs, even baby strollers. Their rental packages start at INR 199/day for home appliances and INR 350/day for events.


6. Guarented

  • Smartly designed furniture combos for different-sized apartments
  • Minimum rental tenure: One month
  • Deposit: Variable (usually one month’s rent)

If you’re on a shoestring budget, you’ll love the furniture combos here—they start at only INR 410/month. Guarented has thoughtfully put together apartment packages such as 1BHK combos that include beds, mattresses, wardrobes, a fridge, and even a washing machine. Combos like these start at a reasonable INR 2129/month with better prices for longer tenures. The appliance combos start at INR 900/month for a fridge-and-microwave set.

This provider has an edge in terms of warranty—it offers an additional six-months warranty if you “rent to own”.

Offer – Get upto Rs.500 off by using the code – PiyJYY2 


7. Rentomojo

  • Smartly designed furniture combos for different-sized apartments
  • Minimum rental tenure: Three months
  • Deposit: Variable (usually 2-3 months’ rent)

If you’re comfortable with a somewhat long rental period, Renotomojo offers free relocation across eight cities, free annual cleaning, maintenance waiver up to INR 1000, hassle-free return on delivery, and a cool provision to (cheaply) buy your rented furniture after 12 months. An apartment package starts at INR 2,765 a month and includes a bed, a mattress, and a three-seater couch.

It also offers a thirty-six-month tenure with the unique provision to swap your furniture every 12 months—for free! If you need to opt out early, you can pay a settlement fee (the difference in monthly rental rates).


Things to Remember Before Renting Furniture

Before signing the dotted line, check that:

  • The vendor is trustworthy. Go through reviews and recommendations.
  • The delivery time is guaranteed.
  • Unsatisfactory items will be returned at no extra cost.
  • The vendor assures new, good-quality products.
  • The vendor has a large inventory offering the latest designs and trends.

With furniture rentals, you no longer have to live like a nomad until you get that hallowed house of your own or save up enough money to own the latest trends in home décor. It’s a simple, straightforward approach to living comfortably without complicating your life with EMIs or sadly making your peace with jaded furniture.

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  1. Hello PIYUSH,
    I had booked a furniture from cityfurnish for my brother marriage 3 months ago and their delivery system was awesome.
    thanks for providing the so many list.

  2. If you are in need of Furniture on Rent, RentOld is best option for you. The quality of the furniture is best in class and that too at reasonable rental rates. You can shift homes easily without having to worry about the logistics. Would definitely recommend them!!

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