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Go Trekking with Bangalore ASCENDers

Enjoy trekking, exploring nature and going on adventures? If yes, then you should definitely join ‘Bangalore ASCENDers’ – a non-profit Trekking group of 1400+ members. If no, still join as you get a chance to interact with many interesting people and take part in other activities as well. Experience community power! šŸ™‚

What is Bangalore ASCENDers?

Bangalore ASCENDers is an on-line not-for-profit trekking group, primarily consisting of like minded working professionals across geographies. This group was formed with the purpose of promoting trekking and other adventure related activities amongst the younger generation. The group engages on weekends in trekking, cycling, and being part of eco-conservation drives and other social initiatives. All the events are organized by the interested, committed and capable group members. Expenses are shared amongst the participants leaving no room for profit making. The group has grown into a strong family of 1400+ members over a period of 1.5 years.

Why the group rocks?

  1. An actual non-profit organization; hence trek/event cost is much cheaper than other similar organizations.
  2. Socially responsive group.
  3. A platform for public and friends alike.
  4. Maintains its own Blogs site were hoards of trekking and other related information is readily available.
  5. Scope for volunteering and honing your organizational skill

How to Join?

Membership Cost: 2 minutes of your time.

Join @ http://www.bangaloreascenders.org.

Bangalore ASCENDers in action

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