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Make Video Chatting Better and Brighter with Skype Light

With the launch of Google Plus Hangout and Facebook Video Chat, Video chatting is now getting more common day by day and so are the problems related to it. Skype has been a powerful and popular IM tool which made video chat better and faster. But among the problems faced by all users, one of the biggest one is lack of clarity in picture quality. Most of the times, the blame goes to the camera quality but that’s not entirely true.

Recently I took to video chatting quite regularly with friends and figured out that the main reason for a lower quality video output is the lack of idle lighting at all times. Yes these days, some webcam do come with their own LEDs but even they are not very effective specially if you are interested in chatting late in the night. Most of my friends were facing this issue and it led me to hunt down the perfect solution for this. Tada…and I found the solution to Skype Light. An amazing product which enhances the picture quality by leaps.

What is Skype Light?

iPAD Light by Glowzi
iPAD Light for Video Chat

Its a video chat light that can be attached to your laptop, monitors and iPads. It provides seamless lighting and brightens up your surroundings thus giving you a superior picture quality. It is such a simple yet effective idea that you be left amazed. I bet this product is so amazing that it can become a feature on the upcoming MacBook Pro models.

Where to buy and how much?

Its a patented product by Glowzi and available for just $24.99 for a laptop and $19.99 for an iPAD. One can make the purchase online itself. This revolutionary product will simply transform the way you skype of video chat. The company even provides a 60 day money back policy.

Check out the video below to get a better idea of the product. You will love it for sure…

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